Oregon's Rodeo bar cited for improper conduct for drug possession

The Rodeo Bar and Grill has been cited for having human growth hormone and syringes at the bar.

The Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Ohio Investigative Unit has cited the bar with improper conduct for drug possession and improper conduct for drug paraphernalia possession, officials said Friday.


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Family apologizes for accident

The family of a man charged with five counts of vehicular homicide in the deaths of a Parkville woman and four children in a car accident in Toledo, Ohio, on Sunday night issued a statement this morning apologizing for the accident.

"As a writer who comes from a close and once happy family, we all would like to express our remorse and the absolute concern for the tragedy that has happened," Theresa Gagnon wrote in the statement on behalf of relatives of the accused, Michael P. Gagnon.

"A tragedy such as this one shows how fast life can change, or in all situations, turn around unexpectedly," the statement says. "The sudden and devastating loss of such innocent lives, those that did not have the chance to make much of an impact upon those outside of the immediate family, is a loss of unbearable tolerance."


Wonder if there's any connection between Officer Jeff Brown's 'beefing' up over the last year & the text message to his Rodeo Bar owner friend & the confiscation of the growth hormones & syringes. Many people had noticed & commented on the fact that normally slim Officer Jeff Brown had begun to 'bulked up' over the last year or two (might also explain his temperment too). Just thinking out loud................................(wonder if Mayor Marge Brown knows what her son is really doing).

There is a rumor going around that the Oregon Police Officer "Jeff Brown" stopped the driver before he got to taco bell AND let him go. You remember the officer was texting the bar owner that night. First why when he was on duty was he texting. He should have been working. Earning his taxpayers dollars! It was a busy night and he was texting his friend, the owner of the Rodeo Bar. That in it's self is BS. Well, rumor has it that Officer Jeff Brown knew ALL about what was going on and stopped the Bar owners cousin and then let him go! I would think as a favor to him and or the bar owner. Lets remember that the bar owner and officer Jeff Brown are good close friends! I hear that the driver told officer Jeff Brown that he would just go get some food and go back to the hotel. And Officer Jeff Brown let him go as he had not radio-ed in the stop. Well we all know what happened next, don't we. Well, this Officer Jeff Brown is the Mayor's son. Read more about this Officer and Merge Brown at www.MargeBrown.com ..

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