Mental issues, Health issues, or just old fashioned bull?

McConnell-Hancock a no-show in court

Karyn Mconnell-Hancock (KMH) pulled a no show in court today, instead sending in her lawyer with a note saying she's having problems with her pregnancy...

My bullshit-o-meter is red lining dangerously.

The conspiracy theorist in me is wondering now if the whole kidnapping lie was just a made up stunt to make her look nutty enough to get off what appears to be a felony embezzlement rap with an insanity plea.

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I heard she couldn't keep her appointment at court. The failure to stand before the judge to explain her unprofessional responsibilities as a lawyer is what is at issue not the fact she is pregnant. It really isn't going to matter whether she comes before the court she will loose her license to practice law when all is said and done. She is either an out and out crook or not mentally competent to act in the capacity of a lawyer.


short of bedrest, I can't think of anything that would preclude her from simply testifying. At least it sounds like the money has been refunded to the boys.

Has there been any criminal charges brought against her over this money?

Oldest legal strategy in the book.

Give her time to scrape the missing money together (daddy, oh daddy), make nice, and POOF! It will all just ... GO AWAY....

No need for nasty criminal charges, she's 'one of us'.

Where is this book, and will burning it help?

that she didn't have a problem driving alone to Atlanta with that child all cramped in her womb like that.

But now that's she's had a couple of weeks to stretch out, well, ya know.

This chick is psycho. I bet it's in her pop's genes.

... as being psychotic. It's sociopathic, to be sure, but full of such cold calculation that craziness doesn't seem to be a part of it.

Remember, we have a Supreme Court judge blatantly drive away from the detaining Ohio State Patrol. Was that psychotic, or just very calculating?

because she actually believed that she would get away with it.

I certainly hope she's enduring public ridicule cuz it's apparent her lawyer has her back in court.

Funny how her lawyer won't let Karyn take the stand. It will be out of the McCloskey Playbook, "Claim the 5th, claim the 5th, etc."

Her little "white boys kidnapped me" adventure may end up being swept under the rug, but if you're holding your breath waiting for an apology for Karyn's obvious racial slant on her escapades, you'll die blue.

Which is why, in my opinion, she should be reminded of how pathetic a human being she really is.


"we have a Supreme Court judge blatantly drive away from the detaining Ohio State Patrol. Was that psychotic, or just very calculating?"

No, that was just being sh*tfaced. But the good ol boy system let her off in a way none of us would have as well...

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