Help! Is there anything going on in Toledo tonight? I am scheduled to go out

with a nice lady in BG .

We nixed the zoo lights- bad weather. It would have been outdoors , walking , sights and sounds , all things fun .
So something simple ....

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I'll give some of those coveted bubbles to a good answer

Why, dear child, would you want to bring her to a cowtown like Toledo for a date?
Everthing you need in life is in a wholesome smalltown like Bowling Green. Try taking her to a flicker show at the Cla-zel on Main street, and a soda afterward, You will not regret it.

We still want to focus on news, politics and events here. ToledoTalk is the best place for life issues.


I would suggest you encourage a 'bone' like my post once in awhile to keep people laughing a little. Even Brian and Fren in WSPD do that sometimes

We're going to catch the new National Treasure sequel. But you wouldnt need to drive to toledo for that - Levis Commons and the cinemas in Maumee are both carrying it.

The Connxtions comedy club can be fun if the entertainer doesnt get all raunchy.

But why not BG? Are you driving from Toledo to BG to get her, then back to Toledo? The students are all gone from BG - it might just be a good time staying down there. And if you've never had a Myles Pizza, this is the time to try one!!

This guy has some some serious life issues if he has to go to a blogsite to figure out what to do on a date. Just trying to help him.
I'll try to tighten it up in the future.

I think the museum may still doing their Friday night events... where they have later hours. It's supposed to be a great "date" night.

Chuck, how'd it go? ... and I'm only asking for platonic results. How does a middle-aged date in Toledo proceed as a general event?

If I had to choose a restaurant for the lady's approval, I'd have to choose something like J Alexanders on Talmadge for general food and a great atmosphere, or Pepe's on Sylvania Ave for Mexican fare, or Panda for Chinese food. Is the Jewel of Toledo still open? That's another good restaurant, if Indian is your target.

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