More than 100 fight in mall movie theater

Several Toledo police officers quelled a fight Tuesday night involving more than 100 people that began inside a movie theater in Westfield Franklin Park mall, police said.

No one was arrested and there were no reports of injuries, police said.

Toledo police Officer Steve Skeels, who works part-time security at the mall, was outside the No. 5 theater about 11 p.m. when someone told him people were fighting inside, police said.

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Sounds like Carty was involved.
Keep crime numbers down by not arresting anyone at Toledo's premier (only) mall....

be solved by government .
Our government was set up for those that can govern or control themselves.
These young people have not learned self control , either by submitting to the authority of God , or a higher principal than their own self gratification.
Long term, this kind of behavior will only increase unless people agree to self restraint which has been an important reality in our society for generations.

Anybody remember the term 'social contract' ?
We agree to forfeit some of our freedoms as human beings and collectively live under a set of rules. These rules are better known as 'laws'.
If these rules are violated, penalties are prescribed.
That's the politically correct way of saying it...
I say,
Round up the bastards and ship them to DYS. (Department of Youth Services)
The message will be sent.

Only when you read the article do you learn that "More than 100 people began running down the escalators and the steps leading out to the parking lot..." and that "Officer Skeels observed several people fighting and reported that an unknown male began swinging his fists."

One guy threw some punches and a few others were shoving and talking smack. That's far from 100 people fighting in a movie theater. Do the Blade editors even read their own stories anymore?


"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

To Handboner -
Do you even read YOUR own comments before you post them?


" When I say Handbanna, proceed to blow me" - el mahico

For being such an uppity mall Franklin Park is surely lagging behind in security if there was a brawl involving that many people.
Didn't have an issue with a group fight in their food court not so long ago as well as another fight at the movie theaters?

saw a movie there last night, a 7:20 showing of Charlie Wilson's War (btw, pretty good flick).

I certainly didn't notice large security presence. Didn't learn about the Tuesday night fight until I read it on here.

I've said it before here and other local blog-sites: including movie theaters at that mall was a recipe for disaster. No theaters, and that mall's locked down tight shortly after the 9:30 closing.

sounds as though, with more than 100 people on the periphery of the actual fighting, that scene could have really gotten ugly real fast, which is the very last sort of pub Westfield needs. The place is a ticking time bomb with the theaters.

"One guy threw some punches and a few others were shoving and talking smack. That's far from 100 people fighting in a movie theater. Do the Blade editors even read their own stories anymore? "

If you would have heard this coming in first hand over the Trunk Tracker, then you would have thought there were 100 people fighting because that is exactly the way dispatch reported it. I heard that call that night and it is not the first time I've heard of problems at Franklin Park theaters involving more than 50 people. In fact there are crowds of more than 50 kids fighting in various places, at any given time, all around this city. Very few times do I ever read about it in the paper or see it on local news.

Isn't this the second time where a fight has occurred at the theater?

It's the second time you've heard about.

i was at the mall last night and it was JAMMED packed with teenagers.. like thousands
i think the big problem is, there arent enough entertainment options for these kids.. not enough community centers and places for them to interact
since all of the other toledo malls are basically dead, we have ONE location in the entire city of toledo for all of the teenagers to congregate.

though i fully agree kids are getting a little crazier each year, i think we'd all be better off if we offered them more ways to expand their horizons. maybe im over thinking this.. but it'd be great if our community gave them more options

...are probably a good idea, but only if it's something they'd be interested in. I'll bet a lot of them got gift cards for presents and they're at the mall using them. If that's the case, even having other options wouldn't result in less of them at the mall...

Sometimes I think the malls are the new 'community centers' of our society...

I think the problem more revolves around entrusting children with an adult mode of transportation. That being said, I was shocked to find how huge was the student parking lot at Clay HS in Oregon. When did children become such pervasive owners and drivers of cars? Are these irresponsible little cellphone-yappin' SHITS really filling the road that much? {shudder}

I blame the Bank of Mommy and Daddy, naturally. It all comes back to the inherent foolishness of the parents.

there are plenty of kids too young to drive being dropped off there by parents and picked up at 11:30, midnight, whenever the 9:30-9:45 movie is ending.

For the record, I'm the over-protective (some might say) parent of a 14-year-old, and there's no way in hell she'd get picked up there that late.

"Sometimes I think the malls are the new 'community centers' of our society" ???.....
Sorta replacing the towne square of yesteryear?

Boy, that was an original thought, carty.

...yes, replacing the towne square of the main place people gather, meet up, etc...

I never claimed it was an original thought, just that I wonder about it sometimes.

Carty???? You must explain what the reference to Carty is about...I don't get it.

Now if they were armed, none of this would have happened.

... the tradition of the age of majority? It's as old as the right to self defense.

At any rate, bringing a gun to a fistfight is never appropriate when you have to defend your actions in court.

Why does everyone blame Carty for everything wrong in the city? Must be the same people who blame Bush for all the ills in the world. Its easier than coming up with sound reasoning and real resolutions I guess.

The REAL problem is these kids are not taught by their parents to be considerate and respectful of others. You could give these kids a million things to do and they will still find trouble. The problem is bad parenting that results in kids being disrespectful, inconsiderate, cocky, prideful, arrogant, etc.

I can hardly walk through the mall with my wife and kids without at least one cocky highschool aged kid staring me down as if I should be intimidated.

American kids are stupid....and most of them learned stupid from their parents.

"For the record, I'm the over-protective (some might say) parent of a 14-year-old, and there's no way in hell she'd get picked up there that late."

McCaskey, i think if there were more parents like you out there that actually watch their kids and take an active role in their lives we would not have as many problems. good for you, for being over protective! :)

I just try to slow down the head-long sprint toward adulthood that happens with too many kids these days.

...overprotective at all. Reasonable is more like it - to expect that a 14-year-old would not be allowed to be unsupervised until such late hours. And just because "every other parent does it" doesn't make it right.

While she may not like your rules, at least she knows you care enough about her and her well-being to make and enforce them.

LOL, you trying to butter me up so I vote GOP in Nov.?

We'll have fun in 2008 with all the political stuff. I love presidential election years. Interesting stuff practically every day.

Also, since I'm dispersing whatever bubbles I get, keep on the lookout for some coming your way. You already received a couple.

You, Mr. McCaskey, are what some of the younger generations would consider a 'dweeb'.

While you smother your 14 year old daughter, all the while congratulating yourself for 'slowing' down' her maturation process, consider this; She detests your overbearing interference, and that interference will come back to haunt you.

Also be mindful of my knowledge of your 'contribution' to nc, and it's very purpose to derail Clarice. I'll be having you for dinner. Hope you like fava beans.

I really don't think not allowing my daughter to hang out at the mall's theaters until almost midnight is smothering her, but thanks much for your...ummm, valuable input.

McCaskey, well being called a dweeb is better than having your daughter in with the wrong crowd doing things she should not be doing. i'm sure you've been called worse. years from now i think she will thank you. thanking you for her focusing on her grades in college rather than drinking, so she could get a good job. thanking you for teaching her what is expected of her to be a respectable active part of society. thanking you for not letting her stay out all night and getting herself pregnant, or catching some STD . you're such a dweeb! :)

i was smothered as a child, i'm 30 now, and i was only aloud to go out on saturdays after i turned 16 and until 11:00. i was aloud to talk on the phone for 30 minutes a day. i worked 25-30 hours a week starting at age 15, and i was active in sports. i never got involved in drugs or drinking, my parents kept a very close eye on my sisters and i. i'm not saying they were perfect God knows they screwed up in many ways, but keeping a close eye on us was not one of them. now, i have three children ages 8, 4, and 1 and i will continue to keep a close eye on them guiding them through their childhood. so, i guess McCaskey, i'd be considered a dweeb as well, better to have considerate children then wild ones.


Cut the crap! If you bring your children up with the proper sense of values, teach them some self-respect, and then trust your own parenting skills, you CAN let them go to a 9:45 movie at the mall and be picked up when it is over.

It's when you snoop and try to cover every base that they will begin to deceive and trick you, and fall in with the wrong crowd.

For every 'wayward' kid that hangs at that mall, I'll bet there are 50 that are great kids and can be trusted to do what is right.

on fixing your double and triple posts

Its not the good kids going to the 9:45 movie that are the problem, its the teens that behave like wild animals that are.
We keep our kids home because we care about them and their safety because of the parents out there who seemingly don't and let their kids run wild.

What, pray tell, would you suggest I do then, dogg?

Remember - according to Urban Dictionary, characteristics of a dweeb exclude geekiness.

So who fixes yo' 'puter? Sho ain't chu.

i'll take my chances on keeping an eye on my kids.

"It's when you snoop and try to cover every base that they will begin to deceive and trick you, and fall in with the wrong crowd." when did i say that?

who cares what the urban dictionary says, has nothing to do with the topic, and why resort to name calling anyway, aren't we all out of grade school?

i used to lead a Bible study for senior high with 20- 25 kids, and the ones that were the most wild the parents didn't have a clue where they were, or what they were doing. one of the wilder ones is in college and within a few weeks got herself pregnant and had an abortion. her parents let her run wild and do what she wanted, so she's doing the only thing she knows what to do. she has no respect for authority because she was never taught it. her parents didn't show her that they loved her by setting boundaries that would have helped her to grow to be a respectable adult. i'm not saying she's not responsible for her own actions, but she was not guided to make better decisions. another scary thought is both of her parents are teachers.

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