Mayor wants $100,000 neighborhood analysis

Where does all this money coming from? First it was the $35,000 survey, now the $100,000 one. When will he get a clue? They keep telling us they NEED more money, but yet they come up with hair brained ideas like this. Will there be yet another levy for this as well????

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This is irresponsible leadership at it's finest. This Fink just likes to spend money, as long as it is someone else's money.
During economic times like this, a REAL leader would be implementing a financially conservative agenda.
This clown of a mayor spends our money like there is no tomorrow.
But with his own money, he is the biggest tightwad in Toledo. Ask anyone that knows him. If he would only apply that same sense of frugality to the public money...

This is a way the Administration can say,"Look how we are improving Toledo!" even though what the Administration is doing has no substance or benefit. I worked with consultants and study organizations for years. If you pay them the right amount of money, they'll say anything you want. In this case the Administration does not want to rely on UT's study. Why rely on one of the finest educational institutions in the world. I bet UT may have qualified people to conduct the study and since the City of Toledo is not paying for the study the Administration won't have much say about what the study concludes.

Take his sorry ignorant ass for a ride off the beaten friggen path. There are THOUSANDS of miles of roads Carty can look at himself. Besides, I'm sure there are quite a few yellowbellies that would enjoy Carty wandering around the community instead of issuing asinine orders from behind Brian's mass up on 22.

Spend that $100,000 in diesel fuel and tires and drive the friggen transmission off that bus.

How fucking ignorant can one person be, really?

And this is the Economic Director of the City of Toledo.

Laughing...can you hear me? I am lauuuuuuuughing!

I don't need a study to tell me what I think is wrong. Cut taxes, get school board members that actually care about improving the schools (not writing columns and hosting TV shows), work with some of the organizations that receive property taxes and try to get them to lower their tax amount, get rid of some of the rules and regulations that drive people nuts and when someone does need help from the city service, give them world-class service. This one was free :)

The Mayor is still clinging to the notion that the census is wrong and wants to spend our tax dollars to prove that the census figures are wrong. Ludeman and the Mayor has been unwilling to accept the census fisgures.

Just think, January 1, 2008 we only have 24 months of CF remaining.

Where exactly is he growing the stash of money for all this inane crap anyway? A "Need" for the 3/4%, a need for a "trash" tax, that is pure garbage etc. If Council approves this 100thou for him I am going to scream at the top of my lungs until the glass in 1 gov falls out of the walls. This is pure foolish spending!

Here's a hint Finkbeiner, go back and count your outrageous decisions...that ought to keep you busy a while.


That really is crazy

I told you all that once enough people left the city, more insane politicians would make it into office, and then the real spending spree would begin. Once the recall effort failed, Czarty knew that there's literally nothing he could do for 2 years that anyone cared enough to call him to account for (except for pissant little things like slammed doors and dogs at work).

The Great Toledo Government Spending Spree is getting into swing. Since you voters refused to put sensible men and women into office, and instead chose recognizable names just to "play it safe", then this logically follows. Toledo's city government is LITERALLY out of control. There will be spending events in 2008 through 2010 that will literally make you scream when you read about them. Why not? Czarty will remain in office, no matter what. Hell, he's got a good shot at being RE-ELECTED, no matter what! Those who sanely dissent find themselves in such a fury that it's just easier on body and mind to move away.

The arbitrary and unilateral imposition of fees and taxes has only begun.

I'm packing my bags as we speak, brother.

"Holy smokes," the mayor exclaimed about 438 Manhattan Blvd. "That one looks like it was bombed. The roof is falling in."

Mr. Finkbeiner led an assemblage of city leaders and directors through the neighborhood near the new $7.2 million Rosa Parks Elementary School at 3350 Cherry St.

"Today, for me the biggest learning experience was that we have this brand-new school and right around it we have these run-down houses," Mr. Finkbeiner said."

"I think every mayor should take some time to do this kind of thing," Mr. Finkbeiner said.

And how long have you been a mayor, Carelton? And you're just figuring this out now?

You go out wandering in the community and you'd find PLENTY of places to plant the $100,000 worth of flowers you purchase and plant with the savings of doing your job yourself.

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