While the Mayor rows the boat, we should be expressing our opinions

Erie Street Market's future debated

City Council sets Jan. 2 vote on facility

The Finkbeiner administration is asking for authority to provide for
management of the market through 2008, accept an operating budget, and
create a new fund that would be used to receive revenue and pay bills.

"There are no taxpayer dollars in this ordinance," said Andy Ferrara, a
city economic development specialist. "It is purely the acceptance of
revenue, rents, and paying bills."


A budget Mr. Ferrara presented to council yesterday predicted the
market would end 2007 with $42,802 in profits and finish 2008 in the
black by $306,148.




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Can we beleive what Mr. Ferrara says? He has already been found guilty of lying about where he lives.

Andy is to Real Estate what Britney Spears is to motherhood.

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