Mayor Fires Chief of Police to Get Promotion for Her Son

I gave a few news people this story, and they sat on it - did nothing really. They didn't think it newsworthy enough I guess, or perhaps they just weren't that good of journalists to see past the 'not available for comment'. I do not know mayor Brown - I don't want to know mayor Brown. She's a horrible human being, who told Chief Gulch she prayed to God, what to do - so she's saying God told her to fire a good, honest man to promote her son.

The mayor of Oregon, Ohio fired Police Chief Gulch because she wanted her son to be promoted to Sargent, over others who scored higher, and were higher in line for this promotion. He explained to her it was not fair to those higher in line, and she asked for his resignation, which he did not provide, so she said she 'prayed', and then fired him. What is interesting, is that the new temporary "Chief", is the mayor's close friend, and he plans to retire in a couple of years, which will help the mayor's son slide into Chief . Also interesting - the new Chief jumped rank, from Sargent to Chief. There's a couple of disgruntled Lieutenants out there. The mayor required Chief Gulch to sign a gag order to never speak about why she fired him, and to promise to never work in Oregon again - in exchange for 6 months pay & medical insurance. So when the media says "he can't be reached for comment', do not assume it's because he did something wrong. Mayor Brown is in her second term - so she's milking the system while she can.

Her original story to the media, was the morale was low under Chief Gulch. Not true. Many officers have called his home, very upset (some in tears) - they are stunned & angry, and know what happened & why - but they can't speak out because the mayor can also fire them (and she would). Same with the City Manager & CIty Attorney. The media asked for examples of how he lowered morale, & the mayor couldn't come up with one. So now, she's saying there was poor management under Chief Gulch - again, not true. Chief Gulch is the most ethical, honest, moral, kind, God fearing men I know. A look at his resume shows how highly trained he is, awards, commendations (he is head of Homeland Security in Lucas County, has been through extensive terrorist training - once in Turkey). He is more highly trained, skilled, educated, experienced than the new chief is (who, word has it, is a jerk, not nearly as capable, & is probably disgruntled because Chief Gulch doesn't bend rules for cops ... meaning him? Be interesting if somebody pulled records for the last few years to check on that - they may be surprised at dirt they find (not dirt on Chief Gulch). His resume outshines most other officers in both Toledo & Oregon.

I kept my mouth shut, because I didn't want to jeoprodize his medical care or pay - but I did NOT sign a gag order, and I noticed that other people he knows have posted similiar comments on other sites, so my posting here isn't likely to do any more damage. IF this mayor even thinks Chief Gulch blabbed to the media, she will wipe out his medical insurance & pay - so he's said nothing, and won't. But this is destroying a good man's spotless, 40+ year police career. I can't imagine the officers will be able to respect a man who had to get his promotion with his mama's help, because he clearly wasn't able to do it on his own. Oregon officers know what the real score is, what's really going on - they aren't stupid. The mayor doesnt want the truth out, because it can hurt her political career. For the record - Chief Gulch worked the German festival for years, start to finish, daily - for no pay. He patroled the streets on Halloween for no pay - because he cared about Oregon, Ohio. He brought in Christmas dinner to the dept. every year for the officers who had to work. He invited the offfcers to his home (along with the mayor, City Manager & City Attorney - & they came) for Christmas dinners. He was extremely well liked, and stood for something good & solid. Chief Gulch is devastated, that people believe what mayor Brown & this new chief are saying. Chief Gulch has only reprimanded 3 officers in 10 years - hardly a morale killer. Somebody posted on channel 24 website that 'he couldn't run a town, how could he expect to be sheriff (when he ran)?" Horsefeathers. Chief Gulch is not a political person - he did not run for sheriff to climb the political ladder, but to try to make the jail safe (it's a disaster waiting to happen, and he can prove it.) But Toledo is a union, Democrat town, and the unions always back the democrat, and Telb runs under the Democrat banner, so Tom didn't have a chance - although, it was a very, very close race - given that he did not have the money other candidates had, and he ran a clean, fair race. So many false presumptions out there.

At any rate - I just want the truth to be known about this. Mayor Brown is a disqusting human being, and if she thinks God thinks well of her, she's going to be hugely disappointed. (I"m not religious, but she says she is, said God told her to fire Chief Gulch).

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Starling, isn't Oregon where the cops are always putting up those DUI checkpoints that stop 350 cars and find one or two miscreants? I read about them in the Blade all the time. Who's responsible for them? Hope it isn't your boy. Whoever it is SHOULD be fired.

as for a character witness for Tom Gulch, you're spot on starling02, Tom is everything you've stated and more.

And, you evaluation of morale mirrors my own observations the last time I was there and before that. That's why I found the "official" story so hard to swallow/believe.

Maybe he'll be free to comment AFTER he's officially retired and can no longer be threatened by having his well-earned benefits held hostage..

As for my experiences with Tom, I've never found him to be interested in anything other doing what was right and he always strove to make morale one of his highest priorities....

Hooda Thunkit

Pete, this comes directly from somebody very close to Chief Gulch: "That is run by a grant given by the State. There are 2 a year, one in Oregon and one on Navarre Ave in Jerusalem township. And I don't know about you, but I am glad they do it. I don't want to be out driving when drunks are on the road. The State pays for it, it is a joint effort between multiple agencies."

Those checkpoints are not something Chief Gulch made happen, they just ARE. I can see why people assume he'd maybe have the power to make such an expensive decision, but no. So it's not fair to say you think he should be fired for something he has no control over. Learn the facts before you make such accusatory statements.

Take a pill, Starling. I didn't accuse Gulch of anything nor am I seriously suggesting that "he should be fired". I asked some questions that expressed my displeasure about the Oregon police tactics of wholesale checkpoints which net very few criminals. If he's responsible, then shame on him. If he's not, don't worry about what was essentially an off-the-cuff remark about the DUI blockades.

By the way, nothing just "is". People make it happen. (Maybe, your guy did make it happen now that I think about it.)

I've never lived in Oregon, but somehow I still managed to have a weird experience with Mayor Brown. Didn't know much about her prior to that, but I definitely came out of it with the impression that she's a person who abuses her "power." (whatever "power" the mayor of Oregon could

I used to work for a large health insurance company. A woman who happened to be Mayor Brown's friend had a question that she wanted to ask of the insurance company. (A relatively simple, easy to resolve question I might add.) Instead of the Mayor's friend just calling to ask the question herself, good old Mayor Brown called and the first thing she said when I answered the phone was "this is Marge Brown, Mayor of Oregon, and I calling on behalf of my friend "Jane Doe."

She became quite upset when I informed her that I couldn't discuss her friend's policy with her, due to federal HIPAA privacy laws. (Medical stuff can only be discussed with someone on the policy or someone who the policyholder has designated in writing, in advance as an authorized contact person.) Once again she repeated that she was the Mayor of if that somehow gave her a free pass to violate federal law. lol

Its not like her friend had been trying to resolve an ongoing issue or anything like that...the call from Mayor Brown was the first call ever made regarding that policy. I told her that if her friend called directly, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions she had. Once she realized that I wasn't about to violate federal privacy laws

Sure enough, I ended up talking to the friend was something so ridiculously simple that it took all of 2 seconds to handle, once the friend bothered to call for herself. I couldn't figure out for the life of me why her highness the Mayor of Oregon felt it necessary to throw her weight around and intervene. lol.

Anyhow, ever since that incident, nothing you can say about that woman would surprise me...I'd guess that the only reason she bothers to be a public official in the first place is to give her something to hold over people and feel like she has some kind of "power."

Pete, those checkpoints are decided on & paid for by the state. Tom has no input as far as I know & have been told.

Sarah, the mayor of Oregon does have a lot of power & she abuses it. Her license plate reads "Mayor" (big ego). The Chief of Police, The City Manager & City Attorney are all 'at wil' employees & can be fired by the mayor. Legally, there are a few things the Chief had to have done wrong (or given cause) to fire him, and the mayor can't find a thing - that's why she keeps changing her story to the media. First, she said he was fired for low morale. Then when pressed for an example she couldn't provide, it changed to fired for poor management. Now, it sounds like she's saying Chief Gulch is retireing of his own free will - thus to shut the media up & stop the questions. Just watch in about 2 weeks & her son will be appointed to Sargent, and the "temporary" Chief will be made "permanent" Chief. Wait another 2 years when that permanent Chief retires & the mayor's son slides into Chief (bi-passing rank of Lieutenant, just as the new Chief has done. The Channel 24 reporter said on tv that she spoke to many officers in Oregon, but they declined to be interviewed on camera - they know the mayor will fire them if she even thinks they said anything.

By the way, "at wil employee' means that Chief Gulch gets no pension from Oregon. If I understood correctly, he's not able to collect his pension from Toledo Police for 2 more years. I think it's horrible that that mayor can destroy a man's reputation & career so easily - and all to promote her son, when he's not even next in line & didnt score as high as others did for Sargent. I hope she sees these posts, and I hope her political career is destroyed. She claims to be religious (she 'prayed' for what to do & God said to fire Tom so her son could be promoted). IF she's religious, and IF there's a God in Heaven - I'd think God wouldn't be too happy with her. She does abuse her power - she lords it over people. She's also known to make public racist comments (despicable comments). A friend I have told me one she'd made to her that shocked my friend, it was such a disqusting thing to say (I wont betray my friend, too much at stake - but it was highly negative towards blacks.)

starling - I may have underestimated the actual power she has in Oregon as mayor. (I come from a small-ish town in another state, and the mayor office was pretty much a powerless figurehead. lol)

But she doesn't have as much power as her ego likes to make her think - certainly not enough to coax me into breaking federal law for her.

Sounds like a real piece of work though, and after my conversation with her, what you're saying doesn't surprise me in the least.

I know some people that work for the city in Oregon and they said everyone is acting like it is a big secret and only talking in general terms about Gulch leaving. I do hear there was an letter that the city received anonymously and that was why he was fired.

Why would a "simple" retirement or poor morale excuses not be followed with a comment from both the mayor and the chief. I don't like the "no comment" stuff, sounds like they are hiding something.

What did he do wrong that would result in firing him and paying him at the same time. Show me one job in the city where everyone is happy-go-lucky.

I'm Mayor Brown fired the Chief to get her son to a sargent???

What's up with sargent stager? I never have heard of him. How did he get the promotion? Why isn't a lieutenent promoted?

Anyone have the scoop they want to share????????

BTW, I taked to Chief Gulch at the GAF this summer. He was very cordial and always seemed very honest and sincere with me about the issues facing Oregon.

If the mayor is clearly waffling in the media, and those affected are either to corrupt or too scared to comment to the media, and then a wholly unqualified person gets a larger position ... then what else is there to say, except that Oregon is getting the government it deserves?

Just because Oregon is "whiter" doesn't mean it's immune to dysfunctional organization.

Carty and Marge are cut from the same cloth.

GZ, Oregon is definatly "whiter". Did you ever notice that there are no people of color on the police force?

I even remember some residents complaining to the mayor that they didnt want a habitat house built in thier city becasue it would lower their property values.

I still the consider Oregon the "Eastside"...


Tom Gulch is a decent and honest man. He is torn apart by this. He & his wife have been married for 30 years and he has cried 4 times, when his wife's dad died, when his mother died, when his brother died and when Mayor Brown fired him.
He doesn't have the greatest of social personalities, doesn't know how to entertain or tell great stories and he cannot golf. His smiles are rare because he's very shy & serious, but when you get one it is a genuine one. He is serious about life and I can guarantee that he was seriously concerned about the safety of the Oregon Citizens. I can think of no politician that can say that in this city.
There is not one politician on Oregon's (or Toledo's when he was Captain) city council that can say that Tom let their son or daughter off because they were "special". I guess you can guess which councilman called and asked that Tom "Drop" the charges against their child and Tom refused. Why should the child who's parent isn't a politician get charged while their friend who has commited the same mistake walk away without a blemish? Tom told the Oregon officers that if his wife or any of his children were caught breaking the law they should do to us exactly as they would any other person. That is the way a police chief must be. They cannot bend the rules for anyone.
His wife wants to say all sorts of terrible and bad things about the Mayor, but it will not change what she has done to her husband. He is a good man. He cannot "retire" and he will not be able to "retire" in May. They City put his pension in an Anuity and he cannot touch it until December 2009. See what being Ethical and good gets. Oh, by the way..the Morale investigation occured "AFTER" she fired him. Tom & Vicki have the 6 questions asked and not one question was about Tom Gulch.
Now before she comes out with saying that she can promote anyone, at any time, and doesn't need the Chief to tell her who to promote... How does "OREGON MAYOR PROMOTES SON, OVER 1st Candidate, to Sgt" sound as compared to "I don't do the promotions, the Chief brings the recommendations to me." The first isn't too good for the political future.
He is not allowed to work in the City of Oregon at any job...He is not allowed to speak out about what has happened to him in any public way. I am sorry about going on like this, but the Mayor has done a horrible thing, both to Tom and to the Citizens of Oregon.. Again I will say, I know he is not perfect, but he was a good Chief who tried very hard to protect both the citizens and the officers from harm. Oregon will have to work very hard to come up with a man as dedicated to the office as Chief as he was."
Also, I learned since then, that Monday they took away 127 hours of Tom's vacation..not to be carried over..not to pay him for it..just took it off the list at the city council meeting. I just hope that no one ever does anything this horrible to the Mayor or Council. His wife cannot stop crying, she's never seen Tom so distraught - devastated, in tears. After Tom dedicated 10 years to Oregon they are treating him like a wicked witch. I could understand it if he did even one thing to deserve it.

Joe Public wants to know about the anonymous letter.
It said that an officer had an affair and the girl bought him a car and that same officer lost a portable radio. That an officer walked with a book on her head had her hair braided and arm wrestled another officer on duty. That an officer posed for a calendar. An officer was not held accountable for a DUI in another jurisdiction. That Tom stopped a car for driving erratically. Funny thing is the same witness was the only one who saw all these things so we can only assume that he was the author of the anonymous letter. Guess which officer was the one who was the only "witness" to anything.
The officer who posed for the calendar said the word "bitch" course it was a Harley Davidson Calendar and she is a gorgeous girl. She had on a jacket over a tank top with shorts on. No reference was made as to her occupation. I guess it would be better if she were ugly since she is a police officer.
So the Mayor told Tom to investigate the arm wrestling and the walking with the book on the head. So he did a very thorough investigation. So thorough in fact he knows who the writer of the anonymous letter is. Since the only persons to witness anything were the Mayors son and his friends....we can only assume they had to be the writers of the letter. The officer who had the affair had it "PRIOR" to Tom coming on the department. The Mayor had to drop the anonymous letter guise because it implicated her son.

The whole ironic thing about this is that he treats his mother like crap. He has no respect for her at all. She may think by doing this he will love and respect her, but he will not. It will only end up making him despise her in the end. Don't say any of this on the sites. But the anonymous letter had very little to do with Tom.

If Tom were a thief a carouser, unethical ..anything that would be bad I could understand her bitterness and the way the mayor fired him...but by using an ambiguous charge of Low Morale..she has made people think he had to of done something really bad to be fired. But the truth is he is so straight laced he would never dream of trading his fruit of the looms for boxers. He doesn't drink, not a drop....he gets red in the face is a girl smiles at him. He drove all the way back to a carry out to return a quarter....He never even takes a discount from the resteraunts.



. If Tom Gulch know about these why is this man working for the city of Oregon.

Because he knew Jeff's mom could fire his ass in a heart beat probably, but I will ask that question & get back to you.



I have to ask for answers on a lot of these questions - from the person who knows the facts, and will post the answers as I learn them. I don't claim to know the inside-out of how a police dept. is run, or city politics, or even Oregon (I do not live in Oregon). I am not venting just to vent - I am trying to help make the truth be known, the best as I can - in this hodge-podge, back & forth way. I'm also a little confused about this letter in question - I don't have all the details, but have asked for clarification (yet to come, it's late). What I have already posted, has come from a source in a position to know the truth, the facts - much of it was copied & pasted from emails sent to me (with permission to do so). And lest anybody presume that Chief Gulch is emailing me, they would be presuming wrong. Chief Gulch has not spoken a word about any of this. He wouldn't, and can't do that. The best I can offer right now, is 'more to come'.

..then the lawyer Chief Gulch secures should be able to locate and utilize this information, along with other things unavailable to "Joe Public", to defend the honor of this "politically shafted" Chief.

Where was the City Attorney throughout all this?

It would stand to reason that if starling is correct about the City Attorney being directly accountable to the mayor as an at-wil employee, then he may want to maybe keep his job safe and secure to the detriment of the citizens of Oregon. Another question to pose: Does the entire City Council know what is going on? From the Toledo Blade reports, it looks like that we caught off guard. Just curious.

This much, I know is fact - the CIty Attorney & City Manager are both, also, 'at will' employees & have to answer to the mayor (can be fired in a heartbeat). Given this, I also have to wonder if this is perhaps the reason that Toledo's Police Chief is firm in his stance that Toledo is a very safe place to live, anywhere in the city - is he not also, at the beck & call of Carty & could perhaps be protecting his job from this same fate (Carty seems to be on a mission to prove Toledo isn't turning into a cesspool - and his employees are expected, I imagine, to echo his sentiments or faith his wrath)?

Answers rolling in, bit by bit - I hope they help & you all understand it (I don't always).

"Tom didn't know because he never got the reports from Toledo. If any officer from another jurisdiction gets in trouble in Oregon Tom calls the Chief of the Department and tells them what occurred. Tom was never made aware of it. "

And -
"If Tom is not made aware of things that happen outside the Oregon Jurisdiction he cannot know about it.
I cannot say for sure if Jeff was up for promotion at that time, but I do not believe he was. Maybe he was looking towards the future, I don't know.
The City Attorney works for the Mayor. Paul needs his job, too. Both Oregon and Toledo have a "Strong Mayor Government" We voted this form of government in. There is not a soul that has more power, wait I mean ANY power in this sort of government but the Mayor. I guess it is ok if you do not have a Mayor that is power crazy. The problem is that once some people get that sort of power ; that they start abusing the power.
Jeff hated Tom because he could not get his way around there. The Mayor was angry with Tom because he had to do an investigation into Jeff.
Honestly do you think anyone will be able to control Jeff at this point? No Chief that gets in there will be able to touch him. I feel sorry for the other officers.
I am not going to say names, but the gentleman who got the promotion DESERVED the promotion. He is well liked; and a man of color. He earned the promotion; it was not given to him. He was number 1 on the list....with Jeff and another officer being tied for number 2".

This was posted on Channel 24 website (since removed) -

I had an experience with Chief Gulch. Some things people do are very telling about their character. My only experience was at a fund raiser, a dinner for a mission for hopelessly drug addicted men in Toledo. Mayor Ford was invited. He did not come - but Chief Gulch came. He sat through a testimonial from a man who was recovering and applauded him.

He came and gave his time and his own money to the mission.

That tells me alot about his character. I think that nepotism is at play in this situation and someone who's just won an election and is on a bit of a power trip. Too bad that a good man got in her line of fire.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

An update about the forementioned promotion - I misunderstood. Here is the explanation I was given, and it speaks also to the question of why no blacks on the Oregon police dept. -

"No, Tom promoted the HISPANIC male, NOT BECAUSE HE WAS HISPANIC, but because HE REALLY EARNED THE PROMOTION. The mayor wanted to BYPASS the Hispanic. She is angry because Tom promoted him over her son. The only reason there are not Black officers on the Oregon Police department is that a black man has never put in for a position. They do not seem to be interested in working here . Tom went to 2 black churches in Toledo and asked for candidates to apply. Oregon is only 1 percent black. That is too low. Oregon hired a black case worker for the Achieve program and she was excellent. She moved upward and onward. I don't think the city has a black employee now. I am not certain. It was important to promote this Hispanic officer for 2 reasons one he deserved it; 2 he earned it. "

"Oregon is only 1 percent black. That is too low."

What does that mean?

I Think it means it is too low to get a large number of applicants compared to the other races in Oregon. Oregon employees can live outside the city and therefore is why recruiting was done in Toledo.

I have received and email from an investigative reporter at the Press and she is very interested in this story as it unfolds. She said there is alot of rumbling in Oregon saying the mayor is unhappy with the chief for not promoting her son, but everyone has to remain off record. How bad is it when someone cant tell the truth openly for fear of retaliation from their boss.

if you get enough people to stand together, it would be difficult to "run the city" with no employees.

Then we'll get our pandamonium.

This Jeff loser sounds like he needs to be ostrasized from his fellow employees and let him hang himself.

Marge-In-Charge sounds like she needs to lack control over something so we can watch her snap.

Just like Carty.



"Police officers, I believe, aren't allowed to strike, so I don't know what you mean. "

Does the condition called "The Blue Flu" ring any bells?


I think it's comical to watch a community coward away from a pathetic used up worthless mother that throws a juvenile temper tantrum about her piece of shit child who amounts to nothing but a useless wart on society's ass.

So what if she's an elected official. She can be recalled, right?

It is becomming quite apparent that there needs to be some sort of psychological profile done if you're going to campaign in an election to "run a community".

And I think Marge and Carty are proof to that.

What she meant about the 1 percent blacks & the number too low, also means that Oregon would like more blacks to live there, and to apply for these positions.

The annonymous letter referred to - was a set up as I understand it, by the mayor's son, and there was a demand to stop the investigation on it (if I understand correctly). The city attorney & City Manager probably were not in on it. But the mayor demanded the investigation be dropped, and changed her reason for firing Chief Gulch from 'low morale' to 'poor management'. There's a whole lot more to do about that letter than meets the eye. I honestly dont know why there's been no recall of this mayor. Her son seems to be a horrible, nasty person - and it sounds like his time as a police officer has quite a few blemishes. It also is becoming apparent, that there's been a long line of firings by this mayor - anybody who disagrees with her is at risk. I am amazed so many people cower before her. Her son just strikes me as a pathetic mama's boy who can't get a promotion by earning it - mama has to snag it for him. I can't imagine how other officers will be able to respect somebody like this.

After sitting back reading the articles in the paper and the comments posted on this site I can not believe that after serving 10 years on Oregon's police department and many years as a TPD officer with a great record could EVER be treated in such a manner by whom ever!!! Come on we as adults should be ashamed of ourselves what are we teaching the young adults growing up into the world today? Should we teach them this is O.K. ? Look don't you think that if TomG. lowered the morale of the men so much and things were not working well (Tom's work ethics) for Marge Brown an Tom why weren't meetings called and Tom be approached with this or these problems way before this! It's not like your talking about a corrupted man her or a man with no morals or something my god I use to respect the city Of Oregon but shame shame............ Very Concerned!!

See ya in hell starling02 and Brian from verofla. The smarter get are the dumber you are

I read a letter that suggested that maggie thurber thought that the Council has any power in Oregon. Council has no power to promote..than CAN concur with her. They can vote on things but the Mayor has the ultimate firing and hiring. When Tom's attorney wrote to the City Manager he made that clear,,,That the Mayor could promote her son any time she wanted to and did not need Tom's or anybody else's permission to do it.

IF Maggie Thurber fell for what Mayor Brown is spouting, then they are good at telling it.
(Chief Gulch did promote the highest scoring, highest in line, to sargent. The mayor got rid of him.) Also Jeff (mayor's son) would not have been promoted as a Sgt because even with one position opening he is number 2 on the list. AND MY GOSH DON"T THEY REALIZE JEFF HAS 4 criminal charges in his record and 2 immoral charges? The mayor is angry because she knows that Chief Gulch would have NEVER promoted Jeff. HE IS GOING TO GET a PROMOTION and the man should be fired.
Something bad is going to happen with Jeff. He already does not listen to his sgt. He doesn't follow orders. BUT the city has now concocted another story and even Maggie Thurber, the one person who the Gulch's I always thought could see through any wrong doing, is falling for it. Chief Gulch is not going to be heard. Only when it is too late and someone finally puts 2 and 2 together to make 4 are they going to understand.

The annonymous letter referred to, was a fake - by the mayor & her son. The mayor demanded Tom stop investigating it, and she then changed the 'low morale' to 'poor management'. There is so much more deviousness going on beneath the surface that people aren't aware of - and won't be discovered, because Tom was required to sign a gag order, and other officers, the CIty Manager, & City Attorney are afraid to be fired. The mayor & Tom agreed to not speak ever publicly about this - Tom agreed to secure 6 months pay & medical coverage (he'll lose everything unless he can find another job - which may be iffy with this 'fired' over his head now.) Tom honored the agreement, the mayor did not. Seems to me, Tom has a great defamation of character lawsuit against the mayor, if he chose to do so. (I don't claim to know the law.) The referenced "investigation" never even happened until the mayor fired Tom. And, there was nothing in the investigation that tom did wrong anyway. I am stunned that all of oregon city council, & you, seem to worship at mayor brown's feet. I gave you more credit than that. have misconstrued comments I made to someone in a private communication, who, without my knowledge or permission, shared those comments with you.

As I've not posted on this topic prior to this clarification, you have no idea what I believe or what opinions I've formed about this.

As I said in a private email to you, the issue was about what I might discuss on Eye on Toledo, not my personal opinion of the situation - so let me be perfectly clear to you and anyone else reading this: Your speculation and 'inside information' aside, without either Tom Gulch (whom I greatly admire) or Mayor Marge Brown (or any other officials) being willing to go on the record, I probably won't be covering this topic on the show without other concrete information.


maggie - that's fair & honest. I'm trying to post factual comments - within the constraints I'm 'allowed' to, and given my very limited knowledge of how the underbelly of a police dept. works, I've misunderstood & haven't always said things right

But then - this from an informed source (and I am picking my words carefully, from those I have been allowed to use): "The Mayor has soul power of promotion even from Hiring on up. City council can only concur or disagree with her selection. The selection recommendation can be given through Tom, she is the only one that can promote. Council cannot promote anyone. They can only say yes or no. Council can never pick an officer from the list. If they do not like who the Mayor picks from the list they can stop the process by disagreeing, but they can do nothing independent of her."

We are both saying the same thing really. Council may disagree with her and she would have to garner their support in achieving what she wants to occur. She will have to have their support to promote Jeff. Which may be difficult if they see his record. If they know that the public has his records they may not do it.
The Mayor can fire Tom even if she doesn't like his eye color. She really did not need a reason.

They really cannot say " We heard....or we think.." Maggie's show is based presenting facts. We cannot give her any facts because of Tom's contractual agreement. Maggie can express her opinions but she cannot give an honest opinion on this because she has no facts in which to base her opinion on.
She knows that the Mayor can fire him for any reason. So there is no issue there.
Since Tom was the President of the Northwestern Ohio Chiefs of Police association and this has occurred to many Chiefs (he had to resign) I told him to put his efforts into developing a system where there are checks and balances where a strong Mayor could not just fire a Chief for no real reason. Absolutely a Mayor should hold a Chief responsible, but if there are no reprimands; no complaints; nothing in a Chiefs personnel file there should be a justifiable reason for the firing


Yours in Service, Jane Public

A new user, had posted an excellent comment on this thread recently -( a few nobody even saw). Now, those comments have been deleted, and all that remains are "X's". I It was an excellent comment. I had already emailed that comment to a close friend (who's very close to the source & pro -Tom Gulch & anti - Marge Brown. So I still have a copy that I'd like to re-post here. I think it's information that the pubic should be aware of. But I will wait a day or two before doing so - If I don't see any requests not to re-post it, then I will.

For what it's worth - the website already has copied & pasted almost ALL of the comments that were posted here on swampbubbles - so any comments that were here, can be read there as well. (which I am considering sending to the site. Unless asked not to.


Jane deleted her comments. It was her decision.


It seems that the only thing worse than having a mayor or somebody in some kind of power, who appears evil and vindictive, is actually saying something about them. Not sure what happened to First Amendment rights - but I do understand the fear that surrounds this thread.

I dont see why anyone is scared. Marge Brown is a joke, she has no power over me, and I will continue to talk about the unethical, crooked woman she is...she knows about this set of postings, and I know she knows about I have called her to have her check both of these out. I have let her know people know the truth behind the story and it is all going to come out and I hope that she can cover her ass as well as she thinks she can.

The people who are afraid, are the people mayor brown can fire - any & all Oregon police officers, the City manager & city attorney, Seems the city council cowers at her feet. As for non marge brown employees - the truth is the best defense. Nobody's posted lies about her here - much is public record. She'd have to prove we posted lies (I think). At any rate, rumor had it that Mayor Brown was trying to snoop into IP addresses to see who was posting the comments - thus, the deleted posts. I don't think they could access IP addresses here, unless they had a court order, and I doubt it'd happen. No way would Chris divulge that, or identiy information.

Off subject, but marge brown related - letters to the editor of The Blade mentions her regarding the coking plant in oregon - harshly. I was just told that this coking plant is really in Toledo, but marge & carty will share revenues? It will pollute both oregon & toledo waters, air & destroy the skyline, create noise. Anybody know anything about this?

Well she can go a couple routes to get IP addresses, request them from the webmaster, yeah fat chance of that panning out for her. She can attempt to get a court order, which is just like any search warrant, she would have to have some sortof legal reason for doing so. Slander would be her choice more than likely, but she would have to be able to prove that everything said is lies, which they are not. No judge would allow invasion of the privacy just because she is mad that the truth is getting out. Of course she has tried to manipulate the Oregon Police Detectives to look into the website. I know if she gets my IP address I will sue her and the City for invasion of privacy...So since I know ole marge reads this site, sorry, but maybe you should try an ethics course...

The search warrant also states Oregon police officer Jeff Brown, who was on duty the night of the fatal accident, knew about Gagnon consuming alcohol at the bar.
Officer Brown was questioned by his lieutenant and agents. He told investigators he "jokingly sent a text message " to one of the owners of the Rodeo bar, Glen Murdzia, stating for him to be careful with patrons at the bar concerning drunk drivers.
The officer told investigators the owner replied "his cousin was missing." Officer Brown said he talked to the owner on the phone and the owner told him the suspect in the fatal accident was his cousin.
The warrant goes on to say the owner advised the officer that they had a family Christmas party and Gagnon was consuming alcohol prior to the accident.

Sgt. Stager was promoted t Chief instead if the 2 Lt.'s because they are both in the middle of an investigation & Stager was next in line with a clean proffesional back ground & not currently in an investigation. Also by Stager being promoted to Chief for the time being does NOT mean Jeff Brown will be promoted to a SGT. The department has no plans on promoting any officers to Sgt. In July they will be hiring a permanent chief from outside the department & Stager will step down into his previous posistion as a Sgt. & if he decides to retire then 1 of the auxillary sgt will get assigned his shift. NO ONE WILL BE PROMOTED.

How do you know that Stager is NOT part of this investigation? He may not have been involved in the anonymous letter, but he may be involved in the current investigation. I must say that terrible suggestions were made about the Lt's in that anonymous letter that just were not true. ALSO the Sgt who was slandered in the anonymous letter was reprimanded for her problem with OSP. That reprimand was approved by the City Manager and the City Attorney. She was tested for a DUI she did not register as intoxicated. So if OSP did not charge her with a DUI how can Oregon turn around and charge her? As far as I am concerned the person who wrote the anonymous letter should be charged with gossiping and passing on rumors. That is something in the Officers code. The person or persons involved in that letter ruined several individuals lives. I do not believe the writer of the letter intended for it to have the consequences that it did, but it did do just that. The problem with the person who wrote that letter was only half informed. Because Chief Gulch kept his discipline of command very private the person who wrote that letter was not aware of the reprimands that had been issued.
Also another sgt is moving into a new position that will be created. If he reads your post he will be very disappointed because he was promised a newly made position of Deputy Chief. We believe Sgt. Stager will be retiring. Let me see, with a mandatory staffing of 10 sgts...that leaves 2 spots open. Jeff Martin (a very deserving officer) should get the 1st spot...then Jeff Brown will get the second one.
This Chief and any Chief in the future will have his hands full with the vindictive/evil creatures who wrote a scathing anonymous letter about their fellow officers. Anonymous letters are written by cowards or by people with ulterior motives. As a matter of fact it was probably written by the same jealous, vindictive female who thinks it is her role in life to call the dying wife of an officer to tell her that her husband is having an affair.
The City of Oregon is allowing a small group of manipulative controlling individuals to destroy the Police Department. On the whole the Oregon Police department is outstanding. Do you think that is going to be the only anonymous letter now? Oh my gosh the Mayor has empowered the anonymous letter writer. This is only the beginning.
If walking with a book on your head or arm wrestling was a crime we would have all been charged with that crime by the age of 10!
The person who wrote the letter is a jealous, immature and insecure person.
Do you really think that another decent outside Chief will EVER apply for the job in Oregon? I do not think anyone would be such a masochist.

Stager is not currently involved in an investigation, I know that because my cousin is a sgt at the department. Trust me no one is getting promoted. The department has made that very clear. Since they were short on sgts w/ Stager gttin promoted a SRO sgt was bumped back to road sgt, If Stager decides to stay come July he will come back to th road as a Sgt, the SRO will either go back to her original position or go to a different shift. If Stager retires then an auxillary sgt will be assigned to a shift sgt. With the SRO sgt, the 3 or 4 shift sgts, & the 2 auxillary sgts there is enough to go around no matter if Stager stays or retires. And they already have 2 applicants who are both deserving outside the department as chief. I do agree with you in the matters that A) Jeff Martin is much more deserving & worthy of the posistion & B) that the letter was a bunch of bull. Please trust me when I say no patrolman will be getting promoted in all of this. And no matter if the accusations are true or not against the lts they are still part of an open investigation therefore they are not eligble for promotion. The accusations against the road lt are bull but the accusations against the addmin. lt must be true because he was hit with almost 16 addmin, violations or write ups whatever they consider them in the dept.

If I understand correctly - Stager is a close friend of Officer Jeff Brown, and the Mayor plans to create a Deputy Chief position - to therefore, create new openings. I also seem to recall being told that Stager plans to retire in 2 years - paving Jeff Brown's way up the ladder. I would also think, that there are Lieutenants who have to be upset they were passed over for promotion - I don't think it's right to just jump rank, from Sargent to Chief. I haven't spoken to any of the Lieutenants (dont know them), but if it were me, I'd be furious.

Stager is NOT a big fan of Jeff Brown, not many people are except his mommy! There are not any new posistions being created or promotions giving out in the next 2 years & certainly not from all of this. Yes the lts are both very irriitated over the fact that none of them got chosen & Stager was promoted. Stager is a very moral, hard working, straight forward individual. Out of everyone in that dept including the lts he was the best person for the job. Hes very dependable & hardworking & respectful. The lts would've been 1st in line for the promotion but due to dept policy they were not eligble due to the open investigation. I do not like Mayor Brown I think shes a horrible human, but in Stagers defense hes really doing a great job & the whole dept is doing there job....FINALLY including both of the lts. Also 1 thing I do not agree w/, the whole calendar issue, the woman who posed for it did not personally go to the chief & ask for herself, she had the lt that she is really "close" to ask the chief & he did agree. First off she should have been more mature & responsible & went to the chief herself instead of asking the lt to ask for her, & when he did the chief should not have okayed it before talking to her about it personally.

Rick Stager is named in the investigation; public records( as I'm sure you are aware) will soon reflect that fact. Ever heard of the chain of command you idiot? Rick Stager is the LEAST moral, LEAST hard working guy on the department. Ever since he was demoted, everybody knows he has been the most disgruntled employee collecting a paycheck. He has only been at work 3 days of the last three weeks for such a hard working loser.

As I understand it, this "investigation" never even got started until AFTER the mayor fired Chief Gulch. I think that the mayor asked Chief Gulch to promote her son (over the Hispanic officer who scored higher than Jeff Brown) to Sargent (3 took the test). I heard that Gulch told the mayor it wasn't ethical, & that this Hispanic officer (I apologise, I forget his name), was more deserving of the promotion, and didn't have any disciplinary records or reprimands (unlike Jeff Brown). At that point, I was told that the mayor asked for Chief Gulch's resignation, which he did not give, so she fired him. Sounds like the mayor was clear about the fact that she wanted her son promoted to Sargent. The rest is history (or which all of this has already been posted higher up, so this is repetitious.) The investigation is bull shit. Tom Gulch is as God fearing as they come, and the most ethical, moral, kind person I know. I'm starting to think that me00 is a friend of Stager - he/she seems pretty intent on being Stager's cheerleader here.

The letter was bull but the investigation is policy with those types of accusatons, even Gulch thought so wich is why he investigated it. As far as being anyones "cheerleader" that is not the case, becuase I am very against Gulch getting fired. But Stager was asked to step up to the plate & fill in & do a good job until someone else comes in & he's doing so & nobody should be coming down on him because he had nothing to do with what is going on w/ Gulch. And if Im Stagers "cheerleader" then you must be Gulchs "cheerleader". Im a SUPPORTER of both Gulch & Stager. As far as the investigation goes Stager is NOT involved in this investigation, he was involved in a b.s investigation several years ago but he is not CURRENTLY involved in this investigation or anyother investigation. As far as Stager only working 3 days these past 3 weeks is b.s hes worked X-mas eve, X-mas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, among his regular work days. Its FACT not opinion. Im not sticking up for the Mayor & her decision w/ Tom becasue its b.s. & Im a supporter of Tom, & if somehow Tom would be able to come back that be great, but currently thats not the case Stager was asked to do a job & hes doing so why come down on him?

Yes I have heard of chain of command you idiot, but coolhandluke Stager was the next eligble person to be promoted because as I have said this before the next people in line would have been the 2 lts but they are both currently involved in an open investigation so therefore they were NOT eligble for the promotion.

Obviously me00 has no clue. You need to get your facts straight before you continue to tout your ignorance like a badge of honor. ZERO CREDIBILITY.

So what facts do I need to get straight? Hank & Brian are both curently involved in an investigation wich is why they were not eligble for the chief position that is FACT, Stager was the next one in line eligble for the promotion that is FACT, Hank was haned out 14 or 16 addministraion violations that is FACT. As far as my zero credibilty my cousin is a sgt at the dept & also I work in the Addministration Dept wich is how I know these FACTS. I have access to a lot of records not just word of mouth. Please tell me wich facts I dont have straight coolhandluke

So if we are to believe me00 works in administration (with one d), how would they know Stager showed up for work on New Years Eve and New Years Day. The FACT is that Rick was not there. That is the first incorrect fact. If me00 works in administration and has access to records that the public does not have access to, how is it that the they know what the 14 - 16 charges are? It is not public record. A public record search will not include your OPINION because the investigation is still open and therfore not public record yet. Your cousin the SGT must be telling you stories, which you are repeating without verifying and purporting as fact. Who is your cousin? (if in fact you haven't conjurred that too...)

This is response for the ME00 comment just posted -
There isn't any sgt's cousin working in the admin dept. Also, if they go off the people in line to be a lieutenant (i.e. civil service exam list) I believe that Tim Zale is next in line to be Lt. I don't think Stager took the test.
Hank did not get 16 reprimands. The investigation could not possibly be finished. If it were about 22 people will be getting reprimands. It would be disparaging treatment to only give Hank reprimands when there is proof that several other people did the exact same thing and THEY WERE NOT COMMAND. Funny thing about throwing stones when you live in a glass house. Also Stager is in the investigation. The anonymous letter writer incriminated several people when telling on one. Those video cameras were NEVER viewed prior to the anonymous letter writer snitching out 2 people. Now every camera has been reviewed and every tape in every angle. One would be surprised what is picked up on those. And those people leaving early through the court doors as to not be picked up on camera...they forgot about the parking lot camera. I would say that 1/3 of the department is guilty of the same minor violations sited in the anonymous letter. Also what is the difference with lets say...MMMM BEING LATE FOR WORK EVERY DAY by 4 minutes or leaving early 4 minutes? Same difference. Now if the City Manager and Attorney or Mayor SINGLE out any one person or 2 people from the investigation of 762 pages...then I would think they are very much open for a liable suit for disparaging treatment. If they chose to discipline 1 person for being late or having over long workouts they had better give their reprimands equally. That investigation is public record. If I were an officer I certainly would be more upset with the anonymous letter writer than anyone else.
Also I wonder where Chief Stager was at during the crash investigation. I didn't see even one quote from him. Not even, "We are expressing our deepest sympathy for the family." Did he help at all? I mean to leave a department in charge of the whole thing without any guidance or someone to ask for advice from is not a very good idea. Or maybe that is the goal, if something gets screwed up lets hang that one on Hank to?
Hank is an excellent Lt along with the other administrative staff that you seem so negative about. He just does not fit into the plans. If the anonymous letter was not so intent and worried about who one may or may not be having sex with maybe they could do their own job...maybe they could get to work on time. These trite little things were made out to be serious and devastating. Hair braiding...arm wrestling and walking with a book on ones head..each incident lasting less then 3 minutes are not major incidents. Being late from workouts..yes that was wrong...yet it is not a serious issue. What is serious is one person spreading malicious rumors about 2 people having an affair and a to go as far as to say they were having an inappropriate relationship on an anonymous letter. There is an officers code that states that THAT one should not gossip or spread rumors. Yet the management takes a piece of gossip from an anonymous letter and holds it as truth? Unless someone actually witnessed any sexual activity between them it is simply just that..gossip. The fact is that anonymous letter was given to the Mayor and she herself was a victim of that letter. She was not named in that letter , but she allowed that piece of vial, dirty gossip destroy a police department and probably has destroyed her political career. I believe, If she states that is not the case, then the only other explanation to do what she did was to punish the Chief for not promoting her son. Either way, in my opinion she has made the worse move of her political career. She has already upset about 3/4 of the population of Oregon with her staunch support of the Coke plant. Of course if she has her sights set on being a Lucas County Commissioner she is looking at the results of the Coke plant on her campaign. You would think that the people in those lovely homes near the golf course would be upset. They get to look at the golf course....and the Million Electrical poles, the Bay Shore Sewage Treatment Plant BP and the Edison. Not only do they get their own view to the lovely industrial sites they get to smell them, too. Now with the Coke plant they should just change the name of the subdivision from "EAGLES LANDING" to BUZZARDS LANDING.". The golfers can get their daily dose of exercise along with a strong dose of chemotherapy.
Enough ranting

For starling02 & anyone else who thinks Im fullof it I am not going to broadcast my name or my cousins because I dont wont either of us to get fired next! My cousin who is a sgt for the department & I are related through marriage not blood, either way we are still family. Ive been on here stating how Jeff Brown is a jerk & a mamas boy & Mayor Brown is a witch & I know they both read this website & I certainly dont want to be on her hit list! LOL! As far as Hank goes he WAS given those addm violations back in November 07, & the investigation on Brian is a bunch of crap because it that "annymous" letter the writer or writers made the claim that he overcharged the refineries (BP, Sun) when the officers in the dept do the projects over at Bp & Sun when all anyone has to do is make 2 phone calls to pull those financial documents but the people heading the invstigation has yet to do so & its crap. And those of you who dont like what I have to say & you want to correct my spelling because I spelled administration w/ 2 d's instead of 1, well the correct spelling is sergeant NOT Sargent, its even prnted on their badges as clear as day. None of us are going to be happy until Mayor Brown is not the Mayor anymore & unfortunately thats not gonna be for a little while.

ME00, if the mayor is as vindictive a bitch as it appears she is, why would you post what you do if you're afraid of repercussions?

How hard would it be to figure out who you are in a small police dept from the context of your posts?

Billy, point well taken :) Trust me though I know how far to go when it comes to the info I post & her figuring out who I am. Thanks though.

Now that Magpie was promoted to Assistant Chief(an unecessary job description if I have ever heard of one - perhaps Stager is so incompetent that he will need an assistant to keep him out of trouble), Zale was handed the detective bureau and Jeff Martin was promoted, that piece of garbage of a human being mommas boy is next on the promotion list. You can bet your last bagel that the mayor will make sure Jeffy is promoted before the list expires.

Speaking of Magditch, How is it that the union representative for the command officers allowed a non-bargaining position to be created and eliminated a job from the command officers bargaining unit? Oh...because the job was promised to Magditch who should have protested and grieved it on behalf of the command officers union. He is in dereliction of duty as a union representative and one of the most opportunistic people out there, notwithstanding Stager being second only to Marge in Charge.

Oh and I saw in the news that Stager and Marge are being sued again. This could get interesting. I wonder if the taxpayers will call for impeachment of the mayor or firing the chief for the poor morale of the department given the pervasiveness of the hostile work environment in the police department. I almost can't type that wityhout laughing outloud. Marge has no more control over that department than she had over the third graders she taught in elementary school. Given Stager's mental age is probably the equivalent, maybe Marge should check with Starr Elementary and see which behavior modification techniques have been developed in the thity years since her retirement.



I'm looking at properties to buy one at auction, and some of these are in Oregon. That should strike a chord of fear in the heart of Large Marge. Maybe she'll clean up her act so that GuestZero won't become a vocal voter in her fair city.

Then again, shill bidders at those auctions would put a stop to my nonsense.

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