Plugging the drain of brain's

Toledo-area network aims to fight 'Brain Drain'

Event set up to link young adults, local groups

Since his first term as Toledo's mayor, Carty
Finkbeiner has stressed the importance of retaining recent college
graduates in the city.

Part of his effort now to combat "Brain Drain," the flight of homegrown
college graduates, is promoting the Young Professionals Initiative - a
group he spearheaded last year.


"I have made a commitment to the young professionals of Toledo," Mr. Finkbeiner said in a statement.


"Last year, I offered to assist these individuals in their professional
careers. However, it is important to not only develop professionally,
but personally as well."


I e-mailed the Mayor last year about his plans and what he had in mind for older displaced workers, his response was that he is concentrating on the younger person.

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It's my understanding that EPIC was formed in part to stem the "brain drain". It was also my understanding that the group ( some 700 strong) was made up of young professionals, ages 25---45. Is this a younger group?


Opportunity along with money will keep the brains here. Opportunity and money will also attract quality people from elsewhere. CF is full of it. Look at what he pays his own young assistants, peanuts. After four years of college his young assistants can make more money working at COSCO handing out food samples. CF has to practice what he preaches. He wants the brains to stay here, but he wants them here as cheap labor. Two years ago my nephew graduated from BGSU. He is now a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Why? No opportunity and no money in Toledo. He wasn't interested in using his college education to become an assistant manager at Mickey D's. Real jobs, good pay and good opportunity will keep the brains here. Toledo's bad weather, crumbling infrastructure, and intolerant attitude will not keep the brains here.

James - would your nephew have set up residence in this area if he could've found a decent job??

Im betting he would have - if you look at the research, you'll find that overwhelmingly, MOST people tend to stick near home if given the choice.

You can blame it on the weather, the lack of trendy bars, or whatever, but it's all BS. The lack of JOBS is what's causing the brain drain and nothing more. If the local politcial machine is sticking by their guns and saying that MANUFACTURING is what will turn toledo around, then look for the drain to continue.

Both for young grads from local colleges, and for the city as a whole.

My nephew and his parents were deeply saddened when he had to move to Atlanta. This doesn't just pertain to him or recent grads. This brain drain from Toledo has been going on for decades. Does anyone remember the Toledo Program called Native Son? It was a program to try to keep Toledo grads in Toledo twenty, thirty years ago. Toledo grads kept leaving. Why? Because there were few opportunities and poor pay. Its the same old Toledo Tale.

Check out Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has terrible weather just like Toledo, but they don't have a brain drain. You can actually drive over the streets without tearing-up your car, there are things to do and great places to eat, and people are more tolerant and respectful of each other. What a novel idea. They don't have a City administration that tries to create a cast system either.

Check out Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has terrible weather just like
Toledo, but they don't have a brain drain. You can actually drive over
the streets without tearing-up your car...

Minneapolis had an eight lane bridge collapse this summer. Say what you want about the time and money overruns on the MLK Bridge, at least it's still standing.


"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Mr. Hand banana :
The Bridge in Minneapolis was a Federal project, not a City Project. The Feds are managing that situation. We are blogging about the City Of Toledo and the brain drain not the structural stability of Toledo's bridges. Good opportunities, good jobs and good pay will keep our brains here. When the brains stay, services and recreation for those brains will emerge. There will be places to go and things to see and do. Because of that, more brains will stay and other brains from other places will come to Toledo. Before ya know it the economy will be one of the best in the USA and maybe the world. It will not happen if the dumb shits keep running things.

Why does this sound so famillar to me. No need to answer - just being facetious!!

the fundamental bottom line is there needs to be an opportunity for these "brains" to provide their services within a community which "supposedly" affords them the ability to do so.

The other fundamental bottom line is Toledo/Lucas County consistantly fails to provide a venue which will allow these "brains" to flourish.

I mean, we already know Fun King Carty is too stupid to figure this out, especially seeing he IS the Fun King Economic Director of Toledo.

And Fun Jester Brian is too wrapped up kissing Fun King Carty's ass to catch what that moron Fun King Carty misses, so for Fun King Carty to have the gall to say, ""It is my hope that not only will those who participate in this event find personal growth and ownership in Toledo, but this will offer another outlet for socializing and networking professionally", shows me how OUT OF FUCKING TOUCH WITH THE COMMUNITY THOSE IN CHARGE MAKING THESE IDEAS ARE! .

Now how in the fuck do you suppose the "brains" are going to make the money for "socializing and networking professionally" in Toledo if they got to go to fucking Wood County to accomplish it?

I'm still waiting for a business-friendly government to step up.

Fun King Carty, the resolution to prevent brain drain is to provide jobs and a stable environment within the community to support your dream.

That will be 35 fucking thousand dollars.

Bunch of blithering idiots.

Part of our difficulty with "brain drain" is our limited scope in identifying the problem. Also placing the blame on one person or one segment of our community limits our understanding of the extent of the problem. The majority of the city will have to accept some responsibility. If you disagree, you may be part of the problem.

Daniel Pink wrote a book called "A Whole New Brain" in which he describes how a new way of thinking is emerging in areas in segments of our culture that are flourishing. It is a short, simple and concise read. The problem, as I see it, is that, collectively, we would have to change our thinking to retain and attract the demographic we going after. Yes, we have to become the people we are trying to attract. Currently I don't see this happening. Toledo suffers from "stinkin thinkin".

The one remarkable thing I remember from the Ford Administration is when he held a meeting in which he invited the entire city. The speaker was Richard Florida, author of "The Rise of the Creative Class" The author sold hundreds of books that day. I was amazed, not at the number of books that were sold but at the number of people who hadn't read this book. The buzz didn't last long. The only thing I heard about this book after the meeting was a negative critique in one of our local newspapers. To incorporate these ideas required that we change. We didn't.

For anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the changes that are occurring and the type of thinking that is becoming dominant, I suggest you read "Cultural Creatives" by Paul Ray and Sherry Anderson.

Ben Konop is the one politician I know who read the "The Rise of the Creative Class". (not the best one of its genre) The series of meetings he held in various high schools showed promise. Yes, I know that some people criticized him. Stinkin thinkin. How low do we have to go before we change? Stay tuned.

Why would a UT, Owens or BG student stay in this area even if there were nonmanufacturing jobs? The city does it's best to marginalize them.

I went to UT for 4 years and everyone I went there with moved out of the city because they were treated like second class citizens. And each of them had a job opportunity here.



Say you're a native son/daughter, and you want to stay in the area after graduation from college. You want to attend either BG or UT and commute.

So - what do you major in so you can stay in the area?

And just to make it more difficult a choice, lets say you do NOT want to go into education.

...many local engineering firms are doing very well. They aren't necessarily doing work in this area, but many are very busy throughout the nation and the world.

Pre-med - dentistry - while you may have to go to a different school to finish up, you could plan to come back to Toledo where a significant number of dentists are close to retirement, with no replacements planned in the practices, as most of them are smaller 'mom & pop' types of operations with no children to succeed them.

Geriatrics and related areas - significant aging population with specialized needs.

You could major in Sanskrit and get a job around here, as long as you complete an internship or two. If internships aren't your thing, volunteer at a charity that is related to your major, or join a group like EPIC and network. The point is that without job experience, a degree is pretty much useless in job hunting after graduation. While students might make more money working retail during the summer, a minimum wage or unpaid internship might lead to a full time position when college is over and will at least pad a graduate's resume.


"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Funny how the older generation is referred too.
The Mayor is focusing on the younger people for the work force and neglects the older more skilled, more reliable, and so on worker.
There should be a balance for the city and not emphasize on one segment over another.

Last year this event was held at the Toledo Club. It seems to me that is a much better atmosphere for Toledo's future young professionals than the Erie Street Market.
. . . .Or did I miss the part where it said this is going to be a keg party.

Carty hears what he wants to hear?

How many "brain drain" meetings does he need, really, to figure out what he's doing wrong with his job?

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