Karyn McConnell-Hancock Saga (Was Pregnant local attorney reported missing) - updated

Original posting by paulhem - BREAKING from The Blade
"A local attorney and former city council woman was reported missing by her husband late Wednesday night, police said. Karyn McConnell-Hancock, 35, who is six months pregnant, was last seen at her office on North Michigan St. about 9 a.m. "
Anyone remember the last time she was in the news?

SwampBubbles news round up:
Updates 12/09:
COBB COUNTY, Ga. (FOX 5) – A pregnant Ohio woman who disappeared Wednesday was found safe Saturday morning in Metro Atlanta. The woman turned up in Cobb County near Six Flags amusement park saying she had been kidnapped. Hours later, her car was found within walking distance of the park.


Missing attorney case full of odd twists

Ohio lawyer going home after abduction
While McConnell-Hancock returned to Ohio Saturday, her Chrysler 300 will remain in Georgia to undergo processing.

Attorney Reported Kidnapped, Flies Home
ATLANTA (AP) -- A pregnant Ohio attorney who was found in Georgia after she went missing for several days has flown back home to Ohio.
Karyn McConnell Hancock, 35, boarded a plane Saturday afternoon at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, said Sgt. Dana Pierce, a spokesman for the Cobb County police.

Toledo lawyer says she was kidnapped
The FBI, which usually investigates kidnappings, especially those that cross state lines, has turned the investigation back over to Toledo police.

On Good Morning America:

Karyn's husband said that it was related to the phone calls to Karyn and threatening phone calls to Karyn's dad. Said she was abducted at gunpoint.

12/10 Update
Family friend of McConnell-Hancock is one who found car in Atlanta

It also was reported that Rev. Lawrence Hancock was not happy with the local media since he had asked them to leave and they did not, he stated that he would not be giving them the exclusive interview when Karyn did talk, that he would give it to CNN or BET since they had not followed his wishes.

Citing NBC 24's posting of the police report:

McConnell Hancock's car was discovered within walking distance from where she was found near here at Six Flags amusement park near Atlanta.

The man who reported seeing the car had been a groomsman at the Hancocks' wedding. Dejoun Windless grew up in the same South Haven neighborhood in Toledo as Lawrence Hancock.

On Saturday morning, while Ken English called 911, his cousin, Keith English, calmed her down. The Barnesville cousins, ironworkers for Superior Rigging, let her sit in the front passenger seat of their Ford Ranger until police and firefighters arrived.

She kept crying and wanted to call her family, said Keith English, 45.

"I said 'Look lady you are in good hands. It's all going to be alright, you're with us,' " he said.


McConnell Hancock, who is six months pregnant, appeared to be in good physical health, but remains shaken by the experience in which the abductors allegedly waved a gun in her face, her husband, Lawrence Hancock, bishop at the Final Harvest Church, told "GMA."

"She said that they did not really harm her," Hancock said. "She said they weren't really interested in her at all. They were just trying to make her suffer based on some case they believe my father-in-law before he became a judge had something to do with," he said.


FBI, police seeking answers in kidnapping of local attorney
Toledo police and agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation have spent the afternoon interviewing a local attorney regarding her recent kidnapping report.


Father of the Toledo lawyer thinks he was abductors' target

"I think she was not the target - I think I was," Toledo Municipal Court Judge C. Allen McConnell said. "I think it was over something that happened before I became a judge [eight years ago]."

The judge attributed his suspicion to "strange calls" he received during the last month, but said he had no idea who the callers were, or any details about the case that may have triggered an abduction.


Bishop Lawrence Hancock, Karyn's husband, said, "The gentleman actually showed her a pistol, so she went with him."

McConnell-Hancock says she was then blindfolded by two men and a woman and put in a white van. She says they stole her black Chrysler 300 car as well. Bishop Hancock believes the kidnappers just wanted to make her suffer, along with her father, who is a local judge.


Court TV Discussion Board on the incident:

'm sure I'm missing a great deal (I sure hope so.) Since no one else will ask it, I will: how much of this story is affected because she's African-American and a woman? Has that meant better coverage or worse coverage? Why?

New Carin' 4 Karyn Blog to bring kidnappers to justice

Rewind: Runaway Bride Case

12/17 Update
Officials in Cobb County, Georgia have released the 9-1-1 tapes from the day Karyn was found.

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this doesn't turn out as bad as it appears.

No, please enlighten...

just a link to an old thread on TT.

Not that that has anything to do with what's happening now. I hope they find her soon. My heart goes out to her family. They must be so worried.

Hiya "MickeyC"

Lawyer sued by ex-client who says she took his cash

Attorney Karyn McConnell Hancock was sued in Lucas County Common Pleas Court yesterday by a former client who claimed she negotiated a settlement for his car crash but never gave him the money.


I, also, pray for her safety and her family.

This seems kind of petty to be brought up today.

Why bring up the negative stuff right now.

I hope that she and her baby are alright and that she will be reunited with her family soon.


in threads that interest me or in which I respond.

Again, I just pray for her safe return.

her husband mentions in the story of her disappearance that she was being harassed by a former client, and was receiving strange calls.

I'm sure TPD is all over it.

I was replying to your post with the link to Toledo Talks that is over 2 year old.

My post got insert under Paul's.

the PP's question. THAT was the last time I remembered her in the news. I didn't even know she was being sued by someone else.

Yes, it would be pretty petty of me if I came on here and said "yeah, she's missing but you remember what she did, don't you?" Good Lord, I was answering a question.

I thought that some of this might jog someone's memory and, well, you never know...

Also, it does give you a little more context, as a news consumer... Well, I tried...

Keep checking the link. The Blade is updating this story with new information.

My heart goes out to her family. I hope that this story has a happy ending. She, her baby, and the rest of their family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

...I hope she's found safe and reunited with her family soon.

Let's hope everything is OK.

Let's hope her husband had nothing to do with her disappearance!

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

Is there something that brought that up or just speculation?

I suspect it was just brought up because in any missing persons case the spouse has to be considered, if for no other reason than to rule them out completely.

I've heard absolutely nothing that would even remotely indicate that the husband had any involvement, and frankly I would be extremely surprised to hear otherwise.

If foul play was involved, I think the angry client would probably be the best lead. (just my personal opinion)

I just hope it is a case of her becoming overwhelmed with everything, and deciding to be alone for awhile. Hopefully, she'll know how concerned everyone is about her and come home.

In today's story, which will be updated immediately if there are new developments, this seemd to jump out at me.

Josh Bey, who at one point during last night’s vigil got on his knees and prayed, said it’s important not to lose hope.

He said Ms. Hancock, whom he has known for several years through the church, is a strong woman with a “beautiful spirit.”


Hopefully, the police will be able to find something on security cameras, I bet there are some around her offices or where she was parked. Maybe they will be able to see if she was alone when she left.

I too hope that she just needed to be alone and that she will contact someone in her family soon. The longer that she is missing though, the less likely that this is the case.

toledoblade.com update

The FBI confirmed this morning that they are assisting Toledo police in the search for Ms. Hancock. They were contacted yesterday, said Scott Wilson, spokesman with the FBI’s Cleveland office.



The husband has now reported that there's some luggage gone missing along with one of his credit cards.

Very strange.

13 has been breaking in, latest said she was kidnapped by 3 people. Found west of Atlanta, I think. She flagged a motorist down.

She was unexpectedly kidnapped but took luggage and hubby's credit card?

She was kidnapped but told people she was going to a court date that was never scheduled?

Somethings not adding up.

Regarding the luggage...

The news article also said that none of her clothes or personal belongings were missing from the home. If you were packing a bag to leave voluntarily, seems like you would actually put something *in* the bag.

For all we know, the "missing" piece of luggage could have been loaned out to a friend or family member, and her husband just wasn't aware. I could easily see that happening in my household - I loan a piece of luggage to my sister and don't mention it to my husband. He'd never even notice it was "missing" unless he had a reason to go look for it...not like we keep tabs on our luggage until we have an immediate need to find/use it.

Guess more details will come out eventually and then we'll know the truth. But I think that there's still a feasible explanation for the luggage...especially given that there were no clothes or personal belongings gone along with it.

Either way, I'm sure her family is relieved that she and the baby are safe...regardless of why she was actually missing in the first place.

Its a good thing she's alright.

I wondered out loud to a friend who's in a position to know more of the scoop on this 'missing person', after I'd seen her photo flashed on the Nancy Grace show on Court TV last night. Something doesn't feel right to me - she claims 2 men & a woman abducted her, but she was able to take luggage & credit cards - then they wait till they all get to Atlanta to make her get out of the car (without taking her credit cards)? Motive? Why would anybody abuct a woman who is 6 months pregnant & transport her several states away & then let her go with no apparent reward or motive? There's more to this than meets the eye, is my guess. Anyway - my friend implied that this woman is being indicted for theft of money from a client (she is a lawyer). Makes me wonder if she just figured her ass was in a sling & she took off - and perhaps realized she won't get too far, and concocted this 'abduction' story. My wondering is just speculation of course - remains to be seen. But there's been several faked abductions in the last several years so it's not impossible to consider. When I first heard that this woman was missing, my first gut feeling was that something didn't feel right to me - no reason, just the gut feeling.

The Blade today says that she used her credit card about 15 hours before she was found (when her 'abductors' let her out & presumably stole her car). Curiouser & curiouser. So her abductors let her & the credit card go? This is sounding more & more to me like a woman who screwed up hugely, is indicted for theft of a serious amount of money (to say nothing of the possility of being disbarred over this theft) - knows her ass is in major trouble - and takes off, only to have second thoughts. She's a lawyer & knows full well she'd have a problem starting fresh - & concocts this abduction story. I also found it interesting that she said her abductors were 2 white men & a black woman. Interesting, simply because Judge Handwork told us in a Tort Law class (with much humor) about the BBHS that people blame crimes on (Black Bushy Haired Stranger). Being a lawyer, she knows this - and made the men white, and only the woman abductor black. Again, I am just thinking out loud - and if she was truely abducted, I apologise, and will feel horrible. There's just too many things here that don't add up or feel right.

If this kidnap story were the real case, wouldn't you think there'd be a flood of news articles with "be on the look out for Two white males described as... and a black woman described as..."

I'm with Starling - Thank God she's alright, and I'll apologize if I'm wrong, but - fishy, fishy, fishy...

Where's Paul Harvey when we need 'the rest of the story??'


"The FBI, which usually investigates kidnappings, especially those that cross state lines, has turned the investigation back over to Toledo police."


I'm sorry - I erred - I said she used her credit card 15 hours before she was found - when it should have been, she used her credit card the night before she was found. At any rate - where's the motive? Car theft? Then why take a 6 month pregnant lady (and a lawyer, no less). To get a baby? She wasn't far enough along for the baby to stand a good chance of survival if they wanted to 'seize' the baby - It may have survived, but odds would be slimmer. I don't buy that at all. I'm guessing in addition to what I've guesses, is that she left her car where it'd be found, and found another means of transportation to get her to where she was found - thus, making it look like her car was stolen from her. Kidnappers & car thieves who let the victim go free & don't take her credit card with them, after they 'allowed' her to use it at an atm? Nah.

It does seem awfully strange that they kidnapped her, drove her to Georgia and then just changed their minds and let her go.
There's got to be a lot more to this story.

Finkbeiner is using this charade in an attempt to ingratiate himself to the black community. He must think they will forget how he did Perlean Griffin and vote for his fake, sorry ass in 2009. Fat chance.

I am sure people are afraid to voice their true opinions. There are far more questions then there have been answers. I have never known the FBI to turn a kidnapping over to the local authorities, especially when the local authorities are many, many miles away from the where the kidnapped victim was found.

Who processes the car for DNA, fingerprints, etc., the Toledo Police Department? If so who pays for them to go to Georgia?

While no one wants to be insensitive and everyone is relieved that the young mother is safe, I am sure that there are people who want to know all of the details.

It is very intriguing to me that the race of the three kidnappers was reported to be two white men and a black woman. Is there any other description?

In this post 911 society there is technology (cameras, cell phone tracing, etc.) that can bring this situation to closure for the public that wants to know.

Several times along the route to Georgia, they had to stop the car for gas and piss breaks. Surely the "victim" recalls the names of these stops, or their general locations, which would result in surveillance video at some of them. And wouldn't the FBI chase those down, rather than the TPD?

This story as it's developing smells like bullshit. If I'm wrong, I'd PAY someone to tell me how.

Tibbles covering right now. Tone is skeptical...tag line is "Was minister's wife abducted ?"

No comment from Lauer or Meredith.

Tsk, Tsk. Only in Toledo.

Many reports said the car was being examined by local law enforcement and/or FBI in Georgia...and the forensics will be turned over to TPD...

Thus far I don't see things as adding up.

However I've heard some scuttlebutt about cash advances and embezzlement as well but those are just rumors and I am treating them as such thus far.

One thing is for sure this story is at a very least interesting.



Now her daddy Da Judge is saying he thinks his daughter was kidnapped in retaliation to something he did before he was a judge - 8 years ago.

What, they took the better part of a decade to get their guts up??


It's called Cover Her Ass.

And, her judge daddy seems to suddenly remember something 8 years ago, & said he got some strange phone calls - but for the life of him, he didn't recognise the voice on the phone & can't remember what event it may have been, or who it involved. So he's saying somebody took his daughter when he himself was the targe, out of some revenge or payback that he seems to think has motivated this - but is clueless who'd want to seek revenge or a payback on him. It's convenient for her what her daddy remembers & doesn't remember. And if he can't remember, there's no way of figuring it out. And she was found only 1 1/2 miles away from her car - not too far for even a pregnant woman to walk (but she could have found other means). This all smells like a big old cover-up for a woman in trouble with the courts & financially - to say nothing of her embarrassment of it all - who maybe freaked out & ran away, only to have second thoughts & concocted this story. OR, perhaps she had this kidnapping story already planned before she left - who knows?

I also found it interesting why she described her abductors as 2 white men & 1 black woman. As I said in an earlier post -my first thought was, that it reminded me of what Judge Handwork had said in one of my classes (eons ago) - the common joke among police & lawyers alike, of the shady description of the BBHS (Black Bushy Haired Stranger) - or simply, the Bushy Haired Stranger. He said that was the description most often used when somebody was describing a fake criminal. Maybe she didn't want to make it look bad for blacks, and so made the 2 men white. But wanted it to look intimidating enough so she added the black woman.- Or, maybe (and this is a huge leap), she was hoping that everybody would believe (when they never find the abductors) that this black woman planned to seize her unborn child for herself (also black). Hard to say - I bet a shrink would have a field day with it though. More realistically, she probably made it up as she went along -lots of thinking time on that long drive to Atlanta.

It was my understanding that the FBI turned the case back to the local police because they don't really think it's a kidnapping - but they still have to treat (pretend) it as one. No idea though. I think if she staged this, the best thing she could do is just admit it, and apologise. They had a bit of sympathy to the Runaway Bride (oh, freaking boo-hoo). I think if she continues this charade & was not really kidnapped, she's going to end up looking very foolish, and making her judge daddy look foolish as well.

Ahh- Clarice. I knew you were out there. Love your perceptions. Keep on digging. More to come!

(takes bow)....(thanks)....What is disturbing to me if she did fake her abduction, is that diminishes future abduction reports. Since the Runaway Bride fiasco, it seems more & more people tend to wonder if other reported abductions are for real or not. And in the case of a true abduction, police apathy would be a sad thing. I know that most of the time when a spouse disappears, the police often work under the assumption that it's more a domestic case than a crime. I know when that girl reported the 'rape at UT ' that never happened (after the Runaway Bride incident), most everybody I know didn't believe her from the start, so I'm sure the cops had doubts as well. I would hope in any reported abduction, the police take them all seriously until proven otherwise - but there's been so many falsely reported crimes like this, I can see why they'd question them. I pity the genuinely abducted person who people assume is faking it.

...if WSPD's crack team of talk show hosts could get to the bottom of this debacle so we can put this whole mess to bed.

for all the links to the news stories.

I am surprised that 24 didn't block out the personal info from the police report. I know it is public record but most stations/news outlets don't put out phone numbers and stuff like that.

I'm sure there will be more info to come, thanks for keeping us up to date.

...now he's gushing blood so bad from falling on the sword. I wonder how this will affect his job?

I wonder how God is going to look at all these participants in this drama now? All those people posturing for face time on the teevee, praising her for the kind person that she is.

I don't think He thinks too kindly that a bishop kinda sorta LIED!

By the way, has anyone seen Carty near a church lately?

Another thing...

If it turns out that she faked the incident, it makes me angry to think about all the public money that was wasted searching for her. (Police and FBI resources, etc.) In addition, of course, to the fact that any faked abduction detracts attention/resources away from *real* missing persons cases.

Does anyone know if a person who pulls a stunt like that (alleged stunt, I should say) could be ordered to make restitution for the police and other expenses? I'm not familiar with that aspect of the law, but it seems like it would be a fair thing to request. (Of course in this case, if she did fake the abduction due to her financial woes, there probably wouldn't be any money to repay.)



I am waiting to with hold judgment, but I have my suspicions. I agree with the resources point.

I know if I get kidnapped over something my dad did 8 years ago, I just know my kidnappers are going to set me free near an amusement park and leave my car in a highly accessable area with the doors locked where a friend from my hometown can "accidently" find it, just to teach daddy a lesson.

Then have it "found" just as I'm lifting off the tarmac on the plane that's taking me away from the crime scene.

Has Grissom answered the BatSignal®?

with this story. I think the truth will shake out (hopefully) soon. It took a month before the runaway bride was charged. The family initially believed her. I am not saying it did not happen, but the family will be on her side regardless. It is a strange story that could have happened, but it does not look like it.

Let's hope that Toledo police will be transparent and will get the truth out there. I hope there is no attempt to cover anything up. It is serious if you are kidnapped or if you are alleged to be kidnapped. As Sarah said, there were tremendous resources spent looking for her.

For some reason, I am glad it is a national story because we should find out what really happened, you can't hide it. I know the Atlanta Journal Constitution keeps looking at it and they are not afraid to file public record requests. I took a quick look at what the Internet had and this story is everywhere.

There is one person who knows what happened for sure. Regardless, the person or people responsible for this will need to be accountable for their actions - either the kidnappers or Karyn.

To: BrianInVeroFL - The Fink attends so many church services during an election year that he takes the next three years off from attending churches. Why bother?
No one votes for mayor during those three years. His churchgoing ways will resurface in 2009. Bet.

Somebody asked if this was reported differently (better or worse) because she is black - I fail to see why that'd be relevant. It is getting stranger by the day, as brianinflorida pointed out. A friend from her hometown just happened to spot her car? And now, the abductors not only stole her & her car, they also had a white van. So they drove two vehicles to Atlanta? Pretty pricey - gas for two vehicles, and why would they do that? Motive for taking her car when they already had a van? And if she was really kidnapped at gun point, I'd think her first phone call would have been to 911, to call a cop. But maybe those two guys who consoled her had already done that. Another curiosity - she's a lawyer, and a lawyer without a cell phone is probably a rarity nowadays. She clearly had her purse (with credit cards) - so I wonder where her cell phone was? Is it possible to track people via their cells if the cell phone is dead? There's just too much that isn't adding up - it's nonsensical. They abduct her to make her suffer for payback to her dad 8 years ago before he was a judge (notice how quickly she grabbed onto the motive her dad tossed out?) - three people risk going to prison for kidnapping, gun specs, car theft, assault - just to make her suffer over something they're angry at her dad about 8 years earlier? But her dad can't imagine what or who it would be? At any rate - I'm sure the cops are checking her car for prints, etc.. I bet if they don't find fingerprints that connect to anybody outside of family, friends or co-workers, she'll say they wore gloves. Has she said who was driving her car & who was driving the van? Was it the two men with her in the car while the woman drove the van? Or, was it the woman & one man who drove her in the car while the other man drove the van? Or, the woman drove her in the car & the men drove the van? Was she blindfolded the entire time? If so, then the abductors must have been the ones to use her credit card at the atm, so they'd be able to lift prints off it, right? If it was her that used her credit card at the atm, then the blindfold was off, and she should be able to give a pretty good description. While I'm glad nobody died or got hurt in all of this, I just hope some innocent person doesnt end up getting dragged into it, based upon her descriptions & the need to save her own butt. If it's proven she faked this whole thing, then I think she should be made to pay the costs of the investigation, just like the Runaway Bride. And I think they need to get more serious in punishing false crime reports.

I also find it interesting that her dad wont' talk to the local media now, and will only talk to CNN - national news? Sounds to me like daddy is wanting to milk this for all it's worth - big time tv news coverage. He's beginning to sound like an attention whore.

this is sad that she was even elected in the first place, but I am glad the voters actually had the brains to get her out of office.



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

Great questions and observations,02.
You'll fly to the top of your class at the academy if you choose LE for a career. Or are you already in LE ?
Unmask yourself, Clarice. Are you an investigator with a local P.D.?

Is going to report the kidnapping was a hoax, she recanted her story and the investgation is closed.

What the hell....

Time to march on city hall!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... What a hoot!

yet none of the media are reporting this "confession".

What, this town shut down at night?

man oh man oh man oh man....BET and CNN are gonna be pissed.

Will Carty be front row?

Will Dad shield her from what could be a giant shitstorm?

Will the prosecutor/TPD be strongarmed into not charging her?

Does Cobb County like it when pregnant women wander into their woods crying KIDNAPPED??

And what's up with the two white men thing? How did she make her wrists red? (her husband said he saw the marks from the abductors tying her up)
Can someone also tell me that if she stole $10k from a client, why was she not charged criminally? Would that happen after a civil case? Most people I know would serve jail time for stealing $10k.

How tragic that she thought that this was her only option.

I'm sure that she will be held accountable and restitution will be made for most of the money the TPD and others spent on this case but the time involved will never be regained.

Right now, the media and the public should back off and let the family heal but I bet every station will have a reporter stalking the family for a comment. I really feel bad for the woman and hope that she gets the mental help that she needs.

Well atleast she admitted to lieing about the whole issue before the Reverend's Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson began to stir up riots about being abducted by "two white men." God knows they can't afford to like jackasses once more for questionable race-bating.

excellent point

Attorney, minister, judge -- what kind of family is this? Well, about the judge, he is a jackass from the word go. I personally know of a young lady whom he tried to ruin her life for a traffic offense just like his own daughter committed with no punishment (driving without a license). He sent this young woman to Work Release, which caused her to lose her job; then 30 days in Stryker (six months in all).. Of course, this young woman is not his daugher, not a lawyer; just a single working woman trying to maintain a home, pay her bills, and stay off of welfare. Why is it if you know the right people in the right places, our justice system changes color? The McConnels are disgusting and a bane to the community. And who can sit in church and listen to a minister who is a liar and who knows what else. And let's not forget the victim that didn't get paid the settlement this so-called attorney received supposedly on his behalf. Someone needs to demand that something is done in this case. So she's pregnant -- so what, she'll live.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

This is the best commentary on the entire pathetic saga I've seen yet...

I think thats the worst commentary I've read on the "saga."

Really? Who are we to judge this woman or her family? Don't we all have family issues that we are fortunate enough NOT to have in the news? If all our skeletons were emptied out of our closets we would all bring shame on ourselves and families to some degree.

I think its shameful that so many people think they should even have a say in this. If History Mike's wife/daughter/sister had a meltdown and ran off...how would he feel about people writing open letters to them on their blogs?

Yes, she lied...she messed up. But, haven't we all? Its shameful that so many people seem to get satisfaction from seeing another human being go through difficult times.

Don't get me wrong...I like History Mike's blog and this one...but I don't think its right for anyone to comment on this situation other than providing encouragement for their family. Wouldn't the rest of you want the same if your family member messed up?

Finally, I think her husband handled the situation very well. Like any good husband should, he stood by his wife until all the facts came out.

I believe his thoughts on the issue, compared to others, including some on this site, are reasonable, balanced and sympathetic...to a point. I'd think you'd have a much stronger problem with some of the comments here.


I agree with you there McCaskey.

..people like you with your mentality.

That's it.

Coddle the poor baby and everything will be alright. I suppose that coddling being given to her her whole life isn't the cause of what has happened over these last five days?

Oh you all best quit cuz y'all got skeletons in yer closets. Whatever, fruit loop.

Bottom line is this. A women is in way way over her head financially, and given her luxurious accessories, car, home, and jewlery, just reinforces the hypothetical that by her staging this event, whether her husband called for Superman or not, she was always under the impression this too will be fixed by daddy, seeing she is the breadwinner in that family and her husband is a fraud.

I doubt she expected her hubby to cry out to the media to out her. But she knew her daddy would fall on the sword for her, and jeopardize his standing in the community so she can continue to live the self-entitled lifestyle she has become accustomed to.

Pretty simple.


Oh, I see. Seems like it depends on who you are and what you are in order to get sympathy in this town. Ms. McConnel-Hancock has done more than one wrong thing, with no consequences -- at least, not so far. Where does it stop? The young lady I know committed a wrong-doing just trying to get to work. The book and then some was thrown at her, where even correction officers couldn't understand why. Oh, I forgot she is not one of the elite. I do not change my opinion for someone who seemingly has no conscience as to how the effects of her actions will play out on other people.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

...how someone with Karyn's credentials and standing in the community can get in trouble with the IRS for three years in a row with a total of over $97,000 owed and STILL ain't paid on it, several clients complaining that they aren't getting their settlements, and live in a overbuilt home and drive a kick ass Benz-o as well as a 300, wear the tailor-made wardrobe, and the gaudy jewlery. Not including the use of her father, a "prestegous Municipal Court Judge", when she screwed up.

To me it looks like someone in way over their head and so not deserving of sympathy.

Funny, usually on blogs I don'tcoddle peopleand I get called a bigot. Now, I coddle and I'm called a fruitloop. Just more proof blogs are stupid.

What do you mean when you say, "Oh you all best quit cuz y'all got skeletons in yer closets." Are you asssuming I'm African-American by speaking like that? How racist.

People all over this country are in financial debt because they over spend...so what are you going to do...condemn half the population of the U.S?

Finally, people like me? You mean not injecting negativity toward a already negative situation thats none of my business anyway? Having compassion for people going through a tough time?

You are obtuse Sir... "Or as Mama done told me on the plantation when I was churnin' butter for masta" You an asshole.

Just what I have always said... don't trust anyone with a hyphenated name. Actually, this is hilarious! I have to laugh to think of all the emotional energy that went into this situation by all the people in this town. If we could harness it, ToledoEdison would go broke.

no dude, I'm from the North End and that's how I spoke when I was addressin a moron, Kooz. Has nothing to do with you being black. Is everything slang a racist comment anymore? Kiss my politically correctless ass. I'll freaking speak anyway I want, and if you can't deal with it, too bad. You pay my bills and taxes you tell me how to act. until then, avoid my posts.

Kooz, hardtime? Karyn? You're freaking kidding me. Again I mention the man who has to live paycheck to paycheck and having to steal to feed his family. I really seriously doubt Karyn ever went without a meal, let alone anything else she wanted.

Mind my own business? Musta got past ya that this here is a national story, and a huge thank you to her hubby and daddy for that. Decisions made on THEIR PART, no influence from me.

Karyn made an adult decision and it's time that she pays the adult price for screwing up a lot of people's lives for her selfish act.

If she was so worried about being the center of all this drama, she should have paid her bills and lived within her means. But because she is greedy, this is the price you pay.

You get authentic compassion from me for a deserving situation, not for a thief.

no dude, I'm from the North End and that's how I spoke when I was addressin a moron, Kooz. Has nothing to do with you being black. Is everything slang a racist comment anymore? Kiss my politically correctless ass. I'll freaking speak anyway I want, and if you can't deal with it, too bad. You pay my bills and taxes you tell me how to act. until then, avoid my posts.

Kooz, hardtime? Karyn? You're freaking kidding me. Again I mention the man who has to live paycheck to paycheck and having to steal (edit: FOOD) to feed his family. I really seriously doubt Karyn ever went without a meal, let alone anything else she wanted.

Mind my own business? Musta got past ya that this here is a national story, and a huge thank you to her hubby and daddy for that. Decisions made on THEIR PART, no influence from me.

Karyn made an adult decision and it's time that she pays the adult price for screwing up a lot of people's lives for her selfish act.

If she was so worried about being the center of all this drama, she should have paid her bills and lived within her means. But because she is greedy, this is the price you pay.

You get authentic compassion from me for a deserving situation, not for a thief.

no dude, I'm from the North End and that's how I spoke when I was addressin a moron, Kooz. Has nothing to do with you being black. Is everything slang a racist comment anymore? Kiss my politically correctless ass. I'll freaking speak anyway I want, and if you can't deal with it, too bad. You pay my bills and taxes you tell me how to act. until then, avoid my posts.

Kooz, hardtime? Karyn? You're freaking kidding me. Again I mention the man who has to live paycheck to paycheck and having to steal (edit: FOOD) to feed his family. I really seriously doubt Karyn ever went without a meal, let alone anything else she wanted.

Mind my own business? Musta got past ya that this here is a national story, and a huge thank you to her hubby and daddy for that. Decisions made on THEIR PART, no influence from me.

Karyn made an adult decision and it's time that she pays the adult price for screwing up a lot of people's lives for her selfish act.

If she was so worried about being the center of all this drama, she should have paid her bills and lived within her means. But because she is greedy, this is the price you pay.

You get authentic compassion from me for a deserving situation, not for a thief.

no dude, I'm from the North End and that's how I spoke when I was addressin a moron, Kooz. Has nothing to do with you being black. Is everything slang a racist comment anymore? Kiss my politically correctless ass. I'll freaking speak anyway I want, and if you can't deal with it, too bad. You pay my bills and taxes you tell me how to act. until then, avoid my posts.

Kooz, hardtime? Karyn? You're freaking kidding me. Again I mention the man who has to live paycheck to paycheck and having to steal (edit: FOOD) to feed his family. I really seriously doubt Karyn ever went without a meal, let alone anything else she wanted.

Mind my own business? Musta got past ya that this here is a national story, and a huge thank you to her hubby and daddy for that. Decisions made on THEIR PART, no influence from me.

Karyn made an adult decision and it's time that she pays the adult price for screwing up a lot of people's lives for her selfish act.

If she was so worried about being the center of all this drama, she should have paid her bills and lived within her means. But because she is greedy, this is the price you pay.

You get authentic compassion from me for a deserving situation, not for a thief.

... that HistoryMike penned his own letter to this bitch on his blog, and so it's time for me to do the same:

"Dear Bitch:

Thanks, for yet another clown (i.e. YOU) putting Toledo on the national news for yet another shameful episode of bald-faced lies and nuttiness. Try to get yourself abducted FOR REAL next time, Karyn.

Sincerely, GuestZero."

I don't know, but people in this kind of squirrely position are usually so screwed up that they end up having to compensate for one shameful episode with even MORE shameful events. When you live in a powerful family, you are fairly well insulated from realistic consequences in the first place, which just lead to these sort of otherwise unbelievable circumstances.

Without evidence, I'm guessing -- fuck, I'm BETTING -- that she went down to Georgia to have an affair, and it went bad, so she had to cover it all up somehow. That's about the speed of how these types of people operate.

With a few more of these folks in positions of influence, we might as well just elect Opal for mayor next time. Why not? Let's go FULL INSANE for that touch of honesty.

It's getting old, having every little comment turned into a racial thing. This has nothing at all to do with race (and kooz, where's your outrage that Karyn implicated 2 white men & a black woman?). I"m also weary of hearing how people hope poor Karyn gets the mental help she needs. I am sick to death of people's bad behaviour & poor decisions being blamed on 'mental health'. Yes, I'm sure that stress is what motivated her actions, but I think it's more that she freaked that she was seriusly in trouble with the law, the irs, seriously in debt, & the possibity of being disbarred that finally came to haunt her. Yes, we all have skeletons in our closets - but most people do not fake kidnappings, or steal thousands of dollars from people who were entrusted to us, or keep living an over-the-top expensive life knowing the financial wolves are at our door, or commit acts that we know will cause irreparable damage to our parents & spouses reputations & careers just to save our sorry behinds. I have tried to imagine how I'd react in her situation - and honestly, there'd never be one moment I'd ever consider faking my own kidnapping & embarrassing my family that way. (She also did not bother to pick up her 3 year old child at day care the day she split - day care called her husband because nobody came to pick the child up - that she neglected her child speaks volumes to me.) But I digress - yes, we have skeletons. However - I think there's an important facts n this case that makes it a bit different than the average person. There are 3 people involved with this (Karyn, her judge daddy & her 'bishop' husband - what on earth makes him a 'bishop'?) who, by their very title's & professions, are in positions that invite trust, if you will.
1. Her father is a judge, who with a slam of his gavel can change a life forever - and we are supposed to presume that a judge will speak the truth & uphold the law. Yes, a father will try to protect his child, but he could have been supportive without fabricating stories about an 8 yr old vendetta against him that he has no memory of. If he's ever up for re-election, I"d never vote for him based upon his behavior in this alone.
2. Her husband - He also could have shown support without fabricating lies. I read that she'd made 2 phone calls to him, so he had to have had some idea she wasn't abducted - he also knew about her irs woes & liens, her debts, & the lawsuit (and her fancy pants lifestyle & cars). He stood alongside his congregation in prayer for her safe return. A man of God who lies to cover his wife's behind? (I am not a believer, but it's stuff like this that convinces me more & more what a hoax it all is). And his lies went pretty far - to where he saw marks on his wife's wrists? I kept thinking, what if she gave a description, and 3 innocent people had been picked up for questioning? Even if they couldn't pin a crime on them - it'd still be time out of their lives & fear in their hearts. There's a lot of people doing prison time over false witness reports. But he'll probably regain faith from his congregation by apologising & asking them to pray for him & his wife.
3. Karyn - People should be able to trust their attorney - and she's clearly shown she can't be trusted. She's supposed to be trusted to advise people, but she couldn't handle her own life messes. In the Canons of Law (Ethics) , it is illegal to take money from clients wrongly - I think it's grounds for disbarment. As a lawyer, she knows full well how serious filing a false crime report is, and how far reaching it's consequences would be. She had to know how damaging it'd be to her husband & father.

Yes, we've all screwed up, and it's easy to play armchair quarterback here. We've all probably had frightening financial times in our lives - even to the point of wanting to hide. I remember well, such a time in my life - suicidal over the financial mess I'd made, convinced I'd mucked things up for my hard working husband, etc. But It'd never enter my mind to do what Karyn did, to drag innocent people down with me - family no less. Even at my lowest, I knew damned well, that I was the one to blame for the messes - and I sure didn't go out & keep spending & buying expensive cars, etc. I'm still not sure if Karyn took off our of panic & stress, or if she was planning to just never come back again. As a lawyer, she'd know how to do that. But if she's a good lawyer at all, she'd know that the police aren't stupid. All of this leads me to think she's not a very good lawyer at all, I certainly would never retain her. This just feels more & more like a privilaged woman who's grown up used to having her daddy fix things for her. And it makes me more disillusioned about the people we trust in the court system. It makes me more disqusted with 'churches' that have preachers who live in a high degree of wealth, but attempt to council the masses about things they've never had to deal with. (and there's a lot of white preachers more guilty of this, so don't throw the racial 'thang' out).

I guess I"ll reserve my opinion on all of this until I see how they handle it now. Will she have to pay the costs of investigating this 'crime'? Will she be charged with the crime of reporting a fake crime? Will her & her husband downsize their lifestyle to make financial amends?

I was thinking about this case today, reading these sympathetic posts and it made me wonder. If this was a guy who was wrapped up in taking money from a client, in major financial trouble- who took off for greener pastures, would we be saying "oh, poor Steve, he had a meltdown, he just couldn't take it". NO. absolutely not. I believe the tone of this thread would be much tougher on a man for doing the same thing.
One more thing---I asked a question up above- does anyone know why she hasn't had criminal charges brought against her for the $10k stolen? I am guessing because the client had not filed a police report. Is it common for that to happen *after* a civil case? Or is it possible she could totally avoid criminal charges over that? (I realize she could lose her law license though).

brought in such instances in order to recoup the money and damages. Criminal charges might include restitution of the original amount of money claimed to be stolen, but that's all - no damages. So, since the man is seeking I think about $50,000, he wouldn't get that in a criminal charge. The presence of a civil suit doesn't prevent the bringing of criminal charges...though, in some cases, civil suits are delayed for the outcome of a related criminal case.

KMH has been accused of (allegedly) negotiating a settlement from the insurance company, then forging the man's name and keeping the cash, all without the victim's knowledge.

Aside from the forgery and keeping the cash, what if this man - if he'd have been kept informed of the negotiations would NOT have wanted to settle for $10K. What if he felt his damages were worth say, 10 times that amount and was willing to fight for it.

If the accusations are true, could KMH's (alleged) actions negate this man from getting what he might really deserve?

...that'd be a question for an attorney...

gotoledogo- there was a similar case years back, when the son of the owners of Carmels' Mexican Restaurant faked his own kidnapping & demanded ransom - in the hopes his parents would pay the ransom. I don't recall what punishment he got from the courts, but I know his parents were very forgiving, and if I recall, he was back to work at Carmels shortly after. I can understand how a parent could forgive their child most anything, out of love. I could never understand how somebody could pull something like that, knowing the fear & heartache it'd cause their parents, and eventual embarrassment - all for money. I think people felt more sorry for Karyn because she was pregnant & a woman, and misguided. Pregnant is not disabled. And any mother who could leave her 3 year old child in day care - to not pick that child up or at least make arrangments for somebody else to do so, is pretty close to being an unfit mother to me. Just imagining the sad faces on my kids when they were 3 years old - seeing other parents coming for their kids, and mom just doesn't show up for them, then the day care people having to call their dad to come for them - kids are not stupid. Kids are highly perceptive, even at 3 years old. There is nothing short of a car wreck or death that would make me not pick my child up - I couldn't handle the guilt. At the minimum, she should have made other arrangements. You do not do that to a child - ever. So much for sympathy because of female & pregnant.

I am more & more convinced that her husband & father knew she was not really abducted, long before she admitted it. Which only makes them look worse. The husband saw marks on her wrists where she was tied up? Her dad suddenly remembers somebody angry at him 8 years ago & funny phone calls but no idea who or what? And suddenly, Karyn chimes in along those very lines about how she now believes the abductors were after her dad & not her for that reason? Sounds to me like there was some discussion on working out the details betweem all of them. And her husband's rants about how the media won't leave them alone (before she was found) & how he declared he'd only discuss this with BET & CNN (both national, I think - the 'big time'). Makes him look like a media whore. Isn't there a law against aiding in the perpetuation of a crime? Was there really an old friend who just happened to spot Karyn's car? And if so, will he be charged with aiding a criminal act? (Isn't it a crime to report a fake crime?) Will any of these people actually be charged over this? Or, will it all fade away or be brushed under the rug because they have legal connections other people do not?

I think Michael's article on his blog was excellent.

UGH- did you see good morning america this morning? Why do people even feel sorry for her? She's a joke! a liar (and former public official, which makes it worse!) now she is going to claim "mental problems"? pish.... what a joke, she planned this all out!

GZ - I doubt she went to Georgia to have an affair - she was 6 months pregnant, and it's safe to say, she was probably so overwhelmed at the legal & financial mess she'd made that finally came back to haunt her, a romantic get-away was probably not on her mind. I can believe she was overwhelmed, and the term 'meltdown' seems appropriate - but it's a stretch for her to blame it on emotional or mental health issues. I think that's insulting to people who really do have those problems. Everybody has stress - good stress & bad stress, stress is just part of being human. I'd bet most people in this country have emotional, financial or legal stresses bad enough they felt they were going to snap, or go into a meltdown. The difference is, the average person would not 'solve' the problem the way Karyn did. And I'd bet that of the people who did snap or meltdown & committed an illegal act, the courts will still dole out sentencing & fines - few get away with being able to blame it on temporary insanity or mental illness. (It's hard to legally prove either - if you're not either of those & just using it as an excuse.) Fifteen years ago, my son suffered such a meltdown, due to financial stress - he was barely 20 years old, naive, gullible, frightened to death he'd go to jail over a bounced check & lose visitation of his young son because he was a little behind in child suppor (his ex threatened it)t. No prior record, an honor's student, no drugs or booze ever, deeply religious at the time - he was the last person anybody thought would commit a robbery of a video store or putt-putt. The judge felt no compassion at all - because he had a clean record, the prosecutor asked for 5 years in prison to which the judge agreed in writing - and yet, the judge made him do 10 years in maximum security prison, 4 hours from home. Total 'take' of cash divided 4 ways (there were 3 of his friends involved as well) - $300. I was amazed at how many of his teachers, etc. sent letters to the judge, pleading for some compassion - his acts did not define who he was, they were contrary to how he'd lived his entire life. But we didn't have the pull or money that Karyn does. My husband is the most ethical, moral & honest person I know, but he told me that when he was 22 yrs old, he'd considered rolling a drunk, he was that desperate (he never did it). My point is simply that all of us at some time, have felt that meltdown feeling of being so overwhelmed we can't see straight. And even those who created their problems through ignorance or stupidity - they usually do not resort to illegal acts. My point, is that when they do, few judges will show compassion enough to blame it on mental health. I noticed on the news tonight, they interviewed a doctor about Karyn (don't know if it was her doctor) - discussing how stress can make people do bizarre things. No news station ever interviewed a shrink or doctor when my son was in jail waiting for a court date. I guess it's who ya know.

In the Blade today, it seems that there's more than one client angry at Karyn. Looks like she forged signatures on checks, that were supposed to go into a bank account for 3 young boys who's dad died - to the tune of about $128,000. This is a black lawyer who stole money from 3 black children, that was intended for their care. (I bet Jesse Jackson won't say a word - but if Karyn was white, he'd be shouting from the roof tops.) I don't think she went to Atlanta for an affair, and I don't believe she suffers from mental illness, as her husband has implied (emotional problems he said). I believe she just got used to living a privilaged life - she liked expensive cars, clothes & the perks she felt that were owed her - and she got heavily into debt & tried to fix it by pilfering client's money - and it all caught up with her. A good lawyer would know it'd happen at some point. And, isn't this the same Karyn who parked illegally at the courthouse & threw a hissy fit when a cop told her to move her car or tried to give her a ticket? Only people who feel they are privalaged behave that way.

What burns my underbritches, is like Bernadette Noe, she put all the pricey toys in her husband's name (cars, etc.) . As a "Bishop" (what the hell kind of title is that? Sounds like he's on an ego trip as well.), he's tax exempt (and can the irs or courts seize the expensive cars when they're in his name?) . Another man of God who lives a life of wealth & privalege, driving expensive cars - while passing the collection basket. It's things like this that convince me more & more that these men of God are simply hucksters.

A thought about her kids. I felt sorry for the 3 year old she just never bothered to pick up or make arrangements for. How can any mother do that to her child? It looks like her other child is old enough to be able to piece things together, to comprehend what his mama did. My heart goes out to him - kids can be cruel, he'll probably hear remarks or get teased in school (my grandsom was 5 years old when my son got arrested, and he went through social hell at school.)

Lastly - what also angers me in all this, is here you have a well to do family - with at least 3 members who hold a position of high authority or implied trust. Most people struggle day to day & don't commit crimes to improve their lifestyle or solve their problems. But here, you have people who are able to afford things most people cannot, and it's still not enough. Did Karyn keep spending to perpetuate the image of the successful woman from a respected family? Her husband clearly knew what she spent & what she bought - so doesnt' that make him a party to it all? And this is a man of God? I think not.

starling - I agree with you on the affair thing. At 6 months pregnant, I don't think its too likely. I think she was just taking the cowardly way out of her financial and legal troubles, instead of trying to work through them like most of the rest of us would have to do (like it or not).

Everyone makes mistakes occasionally, but the difference here seems to be that she has refused to take responsibility for any of hers along the way and just let things snowball until they got worse and worse. :(

I wonder if when she took off, if she actually had a plan - if she planned all along to fake an abduction (and perhaps a demand for ransom - which would have been the only benefit to her - daddy would pay & bail her butt out), leaving the state or country & starting a new life, or if she just got in the car & drove till she ended up in Georgia - where it hits her square in the face 'oh, geez, what do I do now?", and then concocts the kidnapping story so she won't look stupid. I'm sure we'll never know . I do feel empathy to somebody who's down on their luck & made bad choises - but Karyn's seem to go beyond just bad choises & crappy luck. It's not like she screwed up one time - she was pilfering frm clients repeatedly for some time now - and that I feel no pity for . My heart ached for those 3 young boys in the Blade today - how dare she rip them off? To do that to children? The more I hear & read about Karyn, the more convinced I am that she's spent her life feeling entitled & self important. I'm having a hard time feeling bad for her husband & daddy. They don't seem to be any more ethical. Its her kids who I feel sad for.

Lets see if the Bishop is man enough to follow the Bible - it's pretty much spelled right out. Check verses 4,5 and 11:

1 Timothy 3
Leaders in the Church
1 This is a trustworthy saying: "If someone aspires to be an elder,* he desires an honorable position."2 So an elder must be a man whose life is above reproach. He must be faithful to his wife.* He must exercise self-control, live wisely, and have a good reputation. He must enjoy having guests in his home, and he must be able to teach.3 He must not be a heavy drinker* or be violent. He must be gentle, not quarrelsome, and not love money.4 He must manage his own family well, having children who respect and obey him.5 For if a man cannot manage his own household, how can he take care of God's church?
6 An elder must not be a new believer, because he might become proud, and the devil would cause him to fall.*7 Also, people outside the church must speak well of him so that he will not be disgraced and fall into the devil's trap.
8 In the same way, deacons must be well respected and have integrity. They must not be heavy drinkers or dishonest with money.9 They must be committed to the mystery of the faith now revealed and must live with a clear conscience.10 Before they are appointed as deacons, let them be closely examined. If they pass the test, then let them serve as deacons.
11 In the same way, their wives* must be respected and must not slander others. They must exercise self-control and be faithful in everything they do.
12 A deacon must be faithful to his wife, and he must manage his children and household well.13 Those who do well as deacons will be rewarded with respect from others and will have increased confidence in their faith in Christ Jesus.

According to the good book, the self titled "Bishop" should be stepping down until he can get his household in order.

But I wont be holding my breath. The bishop likes the Mercedes and the lifestyle too...

I have a hard time getting interested in these Jerry Springer-type stories so maybe I've overlooked an angle to this whole thing.

I have zero sympathy, tolerance, whatever for this woman. Whatever the laws she broke, she should be held totally accountable for. Should be disbarred as well.

But, other than offering support for his wayward daughter, what transgressions has the deacon committed, if that can even be considered a transgression? I see he drives a Mercedes. OK. Anything else? Was he somehow involved in her embezzlement of clients' money and the whole fake abduction scenario?

Why is this guy taking such a hit for something his daughter did? For that matter, the husband, too. What did he do wrong?

..the word out there is the good ol' bish is unemployed.

I'm not entitled to unemployment information, but it's been posted on GCJ that the bish collects a stipend.

And you now have third hand information!



OK...thanks for the heads-up. Guess we'll see what else, if anything, falls outta the tree.

McCaskey, McCaskey, McCaskey...
You have to stay tuned in to get the whole gist of the story if you are ever going to completly understand it.
Now that the dust has started to settle, let see what we've got;
1) she relieved her joint account of $1000 several days prior to flight.(flight from the 'bish')
- she should have urinalysis done -
2) she took out $300 "gas money" day before flight from the 'bish'
3) She left Toledo on Wed. 9 a.m. - 12 hr. drive time - arrive Atlanta 9 p. m..
4) Where did she spend Wed. nite, Thursday, Thursday nite, Friday, Friday nite ? She turned herself in Saturday morning.
5) She was with 'the groomsman' gettin groomed.
6) After its all over, what they gonna do - I know - TRICK'em.
7) Drive her 300 to 6 Flaggs area, no ghetto for dis gal, no sir, - park it, lock it up and take her mile, mile and a half away and do your thang, girlfriend.
8) Groomsman 'finds' car so it doesn't really get stolen.

Bottom line- She was running from the 'bish' and needed some comfort and reassurances in Atlanta. He has really showed out these past few days - can you imagine living, supporting, feeding, and watching this player player for 2-3 years? We're sick of his style already. He is a vulture, a leech that feels a Mercedes befits him.
***** Groomsman should be indicted for being complicit to this crime *****
According to the public copy of the Cobb County Department of Public Safety, his name is Dejun Windless, tel. (678) 361-8070


I did mention the name Jerry Springer, earlier, right?

What is the "flight from the 'bish"?

The part about the "gettin' groomed with the groomsman"...okay, I think I follow that one.

Flight from the 'bish' = getting as far away from that vulture scammer as possible so that she can BREATHE.

He calls himself Bishop. But if I refered to him that way, I'd be acknowledging that self-imposed title, I would be party to his charade. Can't do it.
So I refer to him as 'bish'.
Should say 'bitch'.

I don't know anything about Karyn grooming the groomsman (although, it does fit pieces together a bit better, doesn't it?), or a need to get away from the Bishop husband. But the Bishop (God I hate calling him that, it's such an ego thing with him) clearly lied to the police to cover his wife's actions. He told the police he saw the marks on her wrists where she'd been tied up (unless, she really was with the groomsman & they played a bit of S & M, where would she get marks on her wrists?). Karyn also called her Bishop husband two times (at least) on the phone telling him she'd been abducted - when it seems he knew she'd faked the abduction, and why. It's not just that he drives a Mercedes - it's that like Bernie Noe, Karyn put it & the 300 in her bishop husbands name (he's tax exempt, being a man of God & all). He knew she did that & why, which kind of reeks of crookedness to enable to him to drive such a nice car. But I do have problems with these Men of God who live in high degrees of wealth - they make religion look bad. I don't expect them to live in poverty, like nuns - but I would expect them to live a moderate lifestyle.

In re: the marks on the wrists, I thought about S&M also. But I'm not close enough to the scenes of the crime to make that determination.. Germane to the issue would be ; at what point did she first show those marks on her wrists?
Since we know there was no bonafide kidnapping, what remains is to uncover her co-conspirators. If she had the marks and showed the Cobb County Sheriff, then reasonable minds could determine that the groomsman (who is already involved by 'finding' evidence) probably had a hand in creating that 'evidence'.
If the marks did not appear until she reached Toledo and her 'bish' ass husband, reasonable minds could conclude that, in an attempt to help exonerate the First Lady of Lies, he was in fact, the butler. Yes, once again, the 'bish', I mean the bitch butler did it. Keep up the Good Work, Clarice! Love your anagrams.

Is the 'bish' the father or the husband?

With all this talk of the Mercedes, S&M, bondage, the 'bish', (aka the bitch) the 'groomsman', Agent Starling, Clarice, yada, yada, all I wanna know is....is Scout or Carty somehow involved, or can I maybe blame it all on WSPD or the Bushes??

...The Bishop is the husband, the Judge is the father....

I'm so glad I live a simple existence.

As far as I know, her husband (the Bishop) commented to the media that he saw the marks on her wrists where her abductors had tied her up (also said she'd been blindfolded - but was 'allowed' to pull cash from an atm with a credit card) - and he made this comment a good day after she was back home. I don't know if anybody else saw the marks on her wrists (if in fact there were marks on her wrists - wouldn't surprise me if her & her Bishop husband created them as a cover-up). Her husband said he was unhappy that the local media wouldn't leave them alone (after her having involved lots of investigators, time, expense, etc. to find her) - and said in the future, he'd only talk to BET & CNN (media whore). But I don't recall reading or hearing any news person say that they actually saw the marks themselves.

a book deal and a Lifetime Channel movie deal on the horizon for KMH.
"If I were to be kidnapped, I'd do it like this"

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Some bloggers have referred to me as Captain Kirk. but since self anointing is so common place in Toledo, I shall forever more be called Bishop Kirk. I have given up my command of the Starship Enterprise and now I am in search of souls to save. By the way, does anyone remember Toledo's self-proclaimed prophet who called himself Prophet Wynn? I remember he had to leave Toledo after his failed attempt to walk on water at Walbridge Park. The platform he had installed just below the surface of the murky water wasn't stable and threw him and his dream of becoming a messiah into the Maumee River. Well, so much for self-proclamations!

Did you trade in Starship Enterprise for a Mercedes-Benz? It would only be logical. By the way, how much does it cost to join your church?

Cadillac CTS is my choice. I need a car, when I turn it on, it returns the favor.

When you come to my church please bring a copy of your income tax returns for the last seven years and I will happily compute what you owe me in delinquent tithes and the new and updated 25% tithes.

Cut the crap! Did you really earn that title of Bishop? How can I get one? As long as we are discussing fake titles, will there be a First Lady of Lies?

Absolutely. Apply at any of the online universities. In six months they will bestow upon you any degree or title you want. Just like Prophet Wynn, and the good Bishop, I have declared to the world that I am Bishop. In addition, if our Mayor can anoint himself emperor of Toledo, I can anoint myself as Bishop.

kirk - did that really happen with that man trying to walk on water?

Yes, it did happen. As I recall this happened in the early 1960's. I was about 13 years old at the time. One Sunday a group of us kids and our mentors were returning from an overnight fishing trip when the driver of the car tuned into Prophet Wynn's Sunday broadcast. During the Broadcast Prophet Wynn told listeners that he would be at Walbridge Park that next Saturday and he would walk on water to show the world that he was God's chosen one. Prophet Wynn ended the broadcast by singing the hit tune, "Money". The following Sunday it was learned that hundreds had showed up to witness Prophet Wynn's miraculous walking on the water, but the event had a terrible turn for Prophet Wynn. It appears that his co-conspirators did not correctly secure the platform that was just below the surface of the water and out of view of the crowd. Prophet Wynn gave a stirring testimonial to the crowd, proclaiming himself as God's new messenger. When he stepped onto the platform the unsecured end instantly sank and launched Prophet Wynn into the muddy waters of the Maumee River. Needless to say, Prophet Wynn's reign was over. The next week we heard that Prophet Wynn had quickly left Toledo never to be heard from again.

Agent Starling - Kindly desist from addressing the new Bishop as "kirk". Have some respect for a man of the cloth.
He is newly ordained as 'BISHOP Kirk'.
Thank you in advance for your respect.
P.S. Your anagrams are showing.

el mahico, you're funny. I'll try to remember, however, I don't always agree with bishop kirk, and I may, at those times, not feel enough awe to title him properly. A few years ago, my daughter showed me a website where they 'make' you a minister or reverend - like instantly, and you can print out your certification as 'proof'. Gives you legal rights (or so it says) to marry people, etc. My daughter has one of these certificates, as do I, but I have no idea where I put it. I thought it was a hoot at the time. But I was surprised at how easy it was -looks official & everything. Didn't have to wait 6 months or attend online classes - just fill out the form. Then too, people can call themselves anything they want, I imagine. Name changes are easy, and can be pricey - but a lot of people simply start using the new name & it sticks, without going through attorneys. And look at how many people were given lofty names at birth - Queen Latifa, Prince, /Duke, Earl, Jesus (popular Hispanic name I guess) - so why not Bishop, or Dutchess (sounds like a cat), or Princess (sounds like a stripper or spoiled teenager), or Reverend, or Pastor, or........ Having said that, it occurs to me that given my small size (100 lb, size 0), I get no respect - people don't take me seriously. But IF I added a prefix to my name, like Emperess....then maybe I would. Having said that, I think a Bishop is just the head of a diocese - does Kirk have a diocese? (whereas, Emperess doesn't need a diocese, I can just rule.)

Dear Starling02:
We all commend you being being up at 1:00 AM to provide a post for the rest of us. To answer the question, do I have a diocese, the answer is yes. I took over the diocese that Flip Wilson abandoned called "The Church Of What's Happnin Now." Maybe you and el mahico can be the first members of my new congregation. Just think, I will have 20% of the number of members Bishop Handcock has in only one day. On a serious note, Toledo appears to have more than its share of con men and snake oil salesmen. In many of the neighborhoods I go to too most of the people have one of two professions, dope dealer or pastor. Its shameful. When I see a thirty year old Bishop, how can I take any of these fanatics seriously. Probably the most outrageous situation I've encountered in Toledo is a local self-proclaimed educator was advertising on TV a seminar he was teaching entitled, "How To Be An Expert Without Credentials," or Fake It To You Make It. Just recently, a local man approached me and offered me a tremendous opportunity. For $250,000 he would sell me an oil barge in the Persian Gulf and in one year's time my investment would be worth $1,600,000. I am fortunate I didn't have $250,000 because I might have been tempted to take a chance on this ridiculous idea.

If any of the rest of you want to compete with Bishop Kirk, here's the site starling spoke of:


Silly post hole digger hats and Mercedes benz's sold separately.

My pleasure to make you smile.
I am happy that you have consented to treat Bishop Kirk with his much-deserved respect. Consider that we have been invited to become charter members of his scam... I mean 'church'. (every player got a game goin' on)
It is quite an honor if you ask me.

In re your 'small size' , wow, thats hot, but do not be dismayed. The first chapter of Bishop Kirk's training is the most important lesson in his 'HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL BISHOP, AND OTHER SUCH SCAMS" course. That chapter is entitled
'First I Look at The Purse' .
If you got da loot, all else is moot.!

Tell me Clarice- Have the lambs stopped screaming?

Agent Starling:

I went on line and registered for my ordination and they informed me that I will receive it in a couple of days. When I get it I will distribute my 144 page manifesto, " How to Give Your Shirt, to Kirk., The Consumers Guide To Finding a New Church Home and Losing Your Entire 401K in Less Than A Year."

No need for you following any rules of an Ordination for me, Bishop Kirk. If you call yourself "Bishop", that's A - O.K. with me. No proof necessary. I'm a born sucka. P.T. Barnum is my hero.
When can I make my first contribution?

P.S. Jes goin over some ground rules of your church.
Is the 'Mo' the Show, Mo' the Money' rule in effect?

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