Business-card ads for Swampbubbles

As promised, I've made a card for covertly advertising this site. The Microsoft Word document (hopefully, compatible with Office 97 and later) is available here:

The cards are meant to print out 12 to a page, oriented "landscape".

The text largely comes straight from the site, with a tiny edit for obvious applicability on an ad card.

The cutting is best done with one of those lever cutters, which you can find in any copy shop, and often found in offices with a lot of clerical paper handling. Careful with your fingers!

I've been dropping these across Toledo for 3 weeks already. Download, print, cut, and stick 'em in your purse or wallet ... and drop 'em like I've been doing.

(And, no, I didn't ask permission before doing this.)

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those are nice....

Spiffy, GZ. I'll see if I can drop them from an airplane this summer over the Mudhen's Stadium.

Thanks for doing this. If I get some time, I can make it look pretty and even put a logo on there. Remember this is our site, post what you think is important.

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