Eric Babos web site claims his innocence in the murder case of John Riebe on Dec. 15, 2004 in Sylvania,Ohio

Eric Babos still claims his innocence in the murder of John Riebe who was found murdered on Dec. 15, 2004 at his home located on Talmadge Road in Sylvania, Ohio


The family is still looking for information to set him free and clear him of this crime.

This is the website created on his behalf.

On August 5, 2005, Eric Babos was found guilty on the charge of murder.

There was no weapon ever found.

There was no blood evidence.

There was no eye witness.

No gunshot residue was found on a police swab taken of his hands the night of the murder, when he went to the police to help because John Riebe was his friend and employer.  If you think he washed his hands think again, the transcripts show over 1000 mineral particles they did find.

Trace amounts of gunshot residue were found on a left sleeve taken two weeks after the murder. Eric is right handed and transference is highly suspected.

Eric Babos was sentenced to 18 years to life in the Ohio prison system. Your help could gain Eric's release, reuniting him with his family, enabling him to be a viable part of his son's life.

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Look at GSR Tests in A Different Way

GSR tests should still be done, but done more carefully and for different reasons. The police do not take steps to prevent cross contamination, and many times they do not test at all when they really should. The next big problem is that police do not view GSR tests in the correct light. The ideological problem is that police and prosecutors are in the conviction business. Generally, they do not care about evidence that tends to prove suspects innocent.

If the police can catch someone quickly after a shooting and take the necessary steps to prevent cross contamination, and if the person still tests negative, this should be compelling evidence that the person in question is innocent.

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