This takes the cake for the week

Ben Konop driving without insurance And Karyn Hancock faking her kidnapping....

One hell of a week in this shithole we call Toledo!!!!!

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umm..there is one difference.

As much as I am not a fan, I have to tip my hat to Ben for stepping up to the plate and accepting responsibility and paying the bills.

Mistakes are mistakes. Im glad to see ben manning up and holding himself accountable.

The difference between these two cases lies in two things - intent, and accountability.

Agree w/Brian and Billy.

Also, it doesn't appear that he had chronic disregard for the law - there was evidence that he had a policy in effect for most of the year, and the policy lapsed due to forgetting to pay a premium. Sure, that's still not the optimal situation, but I still view it as a step up from someone who deliberately avoids purchasing insurance at all.

And, as Brian said, he's taking financial responsibility for his mistake.

I'm not the biggest Konop fan either, but he's handling this situation as well as can be done under the circumstances.

What if he would have seriously injured someone in the accident???

I don't think we all would be so forgiving, of his "lapse of coverage".

And isn't it a law that you have to drive with insurance in Ohio??

If that was me and I hit someone without insurance, I believe my car would have been impounded and I would have had my license taking away on the spot.

buddy, I sympathize so badly about wanting Ben tazered and aggressively assulted while being taken into custody, but in all fairness, I was pulled over once for rolling through a stop sign on Striecher and Stickney by Woodward and was cited for that and the following:

No corrective lenses
No registration
expired plates
seat belt
plates not registered to car
no insurance
no drivers license in posession
and two other things that elude me because of time, but nonetheless, after receiving all 10 tickets and signing them, I got them back and the officer told me to get this car home.

So with total disclosure, I can't begrudge Ben.

Brian, I've always admired your total sincerity and openness about your transgressions. Admirable, indeed.

We've had a lapsed insurance policy before. (Due to an oversight, not wanton disregard for the law.) Unfortunately, we happened to "get caught" during the brief time it was lapsed.

There certainly are financial penalties for it, but its not as bad as what you're envisioning.

As long as a person pays the appropriate penalties, I don't think its that huge of a transgression. The purpose of the auto insurance is to make sure that if you get into an accident, the other person gets compensated. If you have the financial means to compensate the other person, then the end result is still effectively the same.

(Actually, people who have enough assets can register w/the Secretary of State and *not* be legally required to purchase auto insurance. You have to sign some sort of waiver accepting financial risk for the outcome of any accidents. Technically, my husband and I qualify to get that exemption b/c of the value of the equity in our home. But, I don't want to put our home up as collateral, so we still purchase auto insurance.)

learned a long time ago two things. Admitting the truth/full disclosure disarms the opponent.
trying to use it against me will blow up in your face and wreck havoc on your credibility.

Keeps things exciting, no? :)

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