2 councilmen find city's role in deal inappropriate

Two Toledo councilmen yesterday questioned the wisdom of a proposed deal meant to help move along the eventual redevelopment of the nearly vacant Southwyck Shopping Center.

Officials in the Finkbeiner administration revealed yesterday that the deal includes spending $1.5 million to remove asbestos from the closed Dillard's store on top of the already publicized $1 million price tag to buy the building and an adjacent parking lot.

"We really have to address Southwyck, but we are doing this the wrong way," council President Michael Ashford said after the plan was reviewed at a meeting of council's economic development committeeyesterday.


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I mentioned in a thread not long ago about the Dillard's beuilding being a toxic nightmare, including the asbestos that is litteraly sprayed all over that structure.

Hydrolic fluid has leaked for years from the power lifts, (escalators/elevators) into the substrate and ground. lead paint, asbestos, oils and fluids are just the tip of the iceberg.

Ah, but you can bet your ass that despite all that, we're gonna buy it anyway - then dump millions into whatever it takes to fix it up - because CARTY wants it.

Lets hope he never sets his eye on the fiberglass tower!

with only Ashford voting no...Thank you Michael Ashford!

However, Dillin's commitment to purchase is contingent on many more things than just the clean-up of the Dillard's building. It requires another no-interest loan for cleaning up the Montgomery Ward store ...


It wasn't too long ago when the Mayor was against the use of taxpayer dollars at Westgate for clean-up. How is this any different (outside of the city now being the "owner" of this property)?

The only real difference I see is Carty is behind Southwyck and Elizabeth Holland (and Jack Ford to a degree?) was/ were behind Westgate. Is this another example of taxpayer-funded trophy building? Will any of the area streets be renamed "Carty's Way"?

Curious as to what others think.

This is so incredibly stupid! At least Ashford stood the common sense ground. I swear, the longer I 've here and pay attention, the more nitwit they all look.

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