there’s one thing he expects in return for the money

"County policy casts light on appointees’ donations
49 of 250 serving on boards gave to commissioners’ campaigns since 2004

For Joe Swolsky, there’s one thing he expects in return for the money he gives to local political candidates.

“That means if I have a problem or I want to do a project, they’ll talk to me,” said Mr. Swolsky, a Toledo developer.

three Lucas County commissioners — Democrats Pete Gerken, Tina Skeldon
Wozniak, and Ben Konop — approved a resolution last month to create
more public transparency with campaign donors and the access they get
to politicians."

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Jerry Jones, who is the head of a business consulting firm and a member of the Lucas County Improvement Corp.’s executive committee, brought some of his clients to the LCIC for help obtaining government grants, loans, and other assistance.

"Two Lucas County commissioners — Ben Konop and Tina Skeldon Wozniak — are uncomfortable with Mr. Jones’ dual roles because of Ohio ethics law, which prohibits a public official from benefiting from private business interests “seeking to do business with his own agency.”"

I would say a pay-to-play system is alive and well here, because this is the same thing that Gerken and others said was happening in Columbus.

Gerken seems to be very defensive these days. I wonder what is next?

Dirty Arena dealings is what is next.

Get the popcorn ready!!!!

...Gherkin...$295,000 means nothing.....I think what is creating these really bad "red flag" bruises is Tina Skeldon Wozniak jutting her chest forward towards Petey.

As Maggie can attest, nothing moves in this county unless it's a 2-1 or better. I've seen trash passed by the Dems with Maggie dissenting with LOGIC and REASON, and those of us that's been watching a while, you're asking yourself who gave Tina her spine before Christmas?

Johnny Hildo will call it "re-alignment", I call it "posturing". See, for the last 4 years, Tina's spine was nothing more than Pete's forearm. Tina would look at some of the crap Pete plopped in front of her, but she knew...she knew.

2-1, 2-1, Pete thrusts out his bulldog to square off with Benjamin.

From the above article: “If you’re looking for a situation where there was a conflict, there’s no conflict because that was my client that I brought to the LCIC,” Mr. Jones said. “And if you guys do anything to say that there was a conflict,u’ve got a problem.”

Looks to me TIna got her gift early this year, but I can just imagine how confused she must be trying to figure out how to use it, seeing it's been a while since she had one..

Going to be an interesting LCIC this Holiday season....

that the thread about how WSPD is bad for Toledo took off and owned this site, but this thread, with a County Commissioner and his nefarious intentions, sits idly by while the public is consumed by two on-air talent doing nothing but selling advertising and a self-entitled lawyer that was kidnapped under a cloud of suspicion..

Yep, nothing is going to change.

Pay to play - well let's really put some transparency in our government.

This step to have those appointed to county boards and their family members disclose financial contributions is laudable. Look what we have already found out.

Why not take this to the next logical step. The same transparency should be found throughout the operations of the county commissioners. For example, it makes sense that when the county awards bids that you also know if there is a connection via providing a contribution to elect a commissioner. When bids are submitted, make it mandatory that the company or organization bidding on the service identifies all principles in the business and any contributions made by the principles or their family as well as through any affiliated corporate PACs.

Such a step would certainly identify (if the company is honest and there should be penalties if they lie during the bidding process) any potential conflicts of interest and eliminate any public suspicions that favoritism is involved. If 'pay to play' exists, it would be much more difficult to propagate in the future!

Finally, have an annual requirement that those doing business must file a "economic interest" form showing all business transactions and contributions.

Does any county commissioner have the courage to propose this? What about elected officials in other government entities?

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