Garden of Eden being in Missouri

Bill Keller's take on Mormonism....

"If you are coming afresh to the Mitt Romney Mormon controversy
(he made a big speech today at President Bush's father's library in
Texas) and you wonder what all the fuss is about, take a look at this
little message aimed at his wife Ann, whose father was from Wales, and
was presumably not a Mormon."


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As an aside to this, the first headquarters (capital?) of the Mormon religion was in Kirtland, Ohio, a few miles east of Cleveland. Founded in 1831, Joseph Smith and his followers build a superb church, which still stands (now the Community of Christ). Not too many know about the connection of Ohio with the Mormons. If you ever get over toward Cleveland, tour the church which is a great example of early 19th-century architecture. It's well worth the visit.,_Ohio

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