Dispatch: On the brink: Toledo

This great link was posted by Fred in another thread. I shuddered when I read "Leaders say manufacturing remains the answer for city." I studied history and the first thing that ran through my mind was when Ohio and the area said that "canals are the future silly, we don't need railroads." While there is a push for clean energy, we need to keep pushing for new niches. I hope that they misunderstood what our leaders were saying.
Since 2001, $4.2 billion has been sunk into new auto facilities: $1.2 billion by Chrysler in the Toledo North Assembly Plant, which makes the Jeep Liberty and Dodge Nitro; $2.1 billion by Chrysler in Toledo Supplier Park, where parts suppliers from Germany, Korea and Canada are connected to the plant that assembles more than 580 Jeep Wranglers a day; and $900 million by General Motors in its Toledo transmission plant to build new 6-speed models.

But in the age of global competition, especially in the auto industry, good news can be fleeting, as it was for Baumhower when he learned that the 750-employee third shift at the North Assembly Plant was being slashed because of weak demand for the Nitro.

You can read the rest of the great series at:
Quite some refreshing reporting dealing with the real issues that face us and the State.

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"shuddered when I read "Leaders say manufacturing remains the answer for city."

So what's the answer? New leaders maybe?

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