Lets Invite The Juges To Visit The Third Most Livable City

It appears that anyone who says anything negative about Toledo is viewed as being apathetic and their words are perceived as whining. I believe if an alcoholic or a drug addict wants to cure themselves they first have to believe they have an addiction. We have to first realize what we need to fix if we want Toledo to begin becoming the Toledo that the delegation who went to London presented to LiveCom. I suggest that donations be obtained so that we can pay for some of the LivCom judges to spend several days in Toledo so they can outline what Toledo must do to match up what was given to them in the presentation with what is actually here. Hopefully the judges will leave us with ideas about how we should begin being this reality and vision they were shown during the hour long presentation. Please comment if you think this is, or is not a good idea.

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... that the first thing they'd say is:

"Where are all these windmills you said you had in this 'green' city?"

... followed quickly by:

"Where are all these waterfront activity spots you told us about?"

Eventually they'd realize that they were just lied to, and that Toledo is a rusty and run-down city in the US Midwest, suffering hugely from capital flight, political corruption and public apathy.

As I speak, there are some people completing a video with still and motion pictures of the Marina District, vacant buildings, unattended, abandoned landfills, city owned vacant lots with high weeds and garbage, streets in ill-repair, the junk yard you see when you come across the 75 bridge into Toledo with the run-down public housing just to the West of the highway, decayed neighborhoods on the West, East, North and South side of town, the non-existence of a downtown area, the packed room at the Source showing a multitude of people trying to get a job, crack zombies roaming the streets, interviews with moms and dads who can't feed their families, etc. Also, there are unbiased interviews with the people from outside Toledo who will speak about the successes their community have had that Toledo took credit for. What is the intent? The video will be sent to LivCom so they can see how they have been hood winked. Of course if the City of Toledo wants to give the award back and publicly apologize to the LivCom committee there will be no need to send them the video. The video should be ready to go by mid January. Maybe LivCom will be more responsible the next time when a mob of charlatans arrange a boondoggle and feed them a bunch of bologna.

PS, the group says they are going to try to film a herd of deer on River Road.

Anyone who wants to provide photos and footage to be included in the submission to LivCom, please use the attached email address: tyrakindword@yahoo.com .

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they would look at the entire region. Europe is used to regionalism. It is standard practice there.

When Malmo won first place, a key ingredient in their victory was the bridge that was built connecting Malmo to Denmark. (Maybe we should have included the Ambasador Bridge to Windsor in our presentation).


... is just too large. The bridge connecting Malmo to Denmark is this one:


... and we must note it connects the CITY of Malmo itself. The Ambasador Bridge connects Detroit and Windsor, NOT Toledo.

I hate to break the news to you, Lew, but there is no "Lake Erie West". A Toledoan can move about 10 miles north on average and be in ANOTHER US STATE entirely. That means a significantly different legal regime. In order to effect the regionalism silliness you imagine, you'd have to get Ohio and Michigan to consider the OH-MI border to be a special zone not sovereign to just one of those states. I've never heard of any states doing that, other than treatment of common waters like the Great Lakes.

This thing is, Lew, you're not accepting that people are leaving Toledo's legal authority since they find it rank and disturbing. If you try to force regionalism down their throats, not only are you failing to fix the rank and disturbing things that they fled in the first place, but you're basically stealing their tax revenue.

Do you want to actually see Lake Erie West become a reality? Good. FIX TOLEDO FIRST. Holes the size of Toledo only work for donuts, not regions. Once Toledo stops showing that it's depraved and/or insane, it can joins the rest of the communities around it in building or finding a more harmonious regional character. Businessmen tend to naturally get together to find mutual advantage ... but not in Toledo, since Czarty and his Czrazy Czouncil Czrew will steal whatever advantage you manage to engineer. Remove the insanity and depravity from the environment, and businesses will tend to work together more.

This satellite shot shows the Oresund bridge hitting Malmo:


... and this map confirms that:


This is not a "regional" claim for Malmo!

The Oresund Bridge connects Kastrup, Denmark and Lernacke, Sweden.


"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

... then the map shows the bridge grounding near Malmo enough to count as Maumee, comparatively. That's a heckuva lot closer than claiming the bridge to Windsor or the windmills near BG.

The point is, Toledo's "regional assets" are slim. The assets it does possess serve as well now as they did when industry started to seriously flee Toledo. Hence, these assets must be discounted as "non-performing" (akin to too many Toledo mortgages).

Since scientist haven't discovered any life or cities in this Solar System doesn't that make Toledo the 3rd most livable city in the Solar System?

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