LA Times is calling CNN a Corrupt News Network,0,4122002.column...

The LA Times is calling CNN a corrupt organization because of the Republican YouTube debate.

Their rational is because very little time was spent on the Iraq War and over 30mins on immigration when only 6% of the voting public thinks of it as a major issue.

I don't hold the Times view. By listening to conservative radio it appears immigration is going to be a huge issue at least on the Republican side. Likewise the Republican party hasn't seen the huge swings of opinion toward the Iraq war as Democrats have.

However I think the problems with the debate don't reflect a "Corrupt News Network" but rather problems throughout media as a whole. We trust that a journalistic outlet will do it's research. When they don't it hurts all the media. It's the reason journalists are viewed as less trustworthy than politicians and insurance salesmen (actual fact). The LA Times is even more wrong for it's attack.

The media is the less regulated of any major industry. In fact it's one of the only industries that is allowed self regulation. CNN actually faces more scrutiny than the LA Times because of the FCC. Granted this scrutiny is lax at best. However it is because of cases like this that I believe there needs to be some committee instituted universally of all print and broadcast media that should create some standards under which all can operate.

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Besides the lack of illegal employer questions, they also failed to ask questions on education. Did they cover global warming or energy (I can't remember)? I'd like to see them spent entire debates covering a single issue. This month, they'll debate economy, next month education, etc...

Oh--here's the reason why no global warming questions were asked at the debate:

Tonight at 8 pm EST, CNN will air a Republican presidential debate, live from St. Petersburg, FL. A full-page advertisement in today’s Washington Post states that the debate is being sponsored by the “clean coal” industry

But I'd argue that those issues even less Republicans care about chris.



Education, healthcare, global warming---these are issues republicans don't care about?

All Republicans care about are gays, guns, God and brown people...

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