Faith doesn't matter or does it?

Romney Plans to Address Concerns About His Faith


"Suspicions about Mr. Romney’s Mormon beliefs, which many conservative
Christians consider to be heretical, have dogged his candidacy since it
began, with many polls showing that large numbers of Americans would
not vote for a Mormon candidate. The announcement comes a week after Mike Huckabee,
a former Baptist pastor whose rise in the polls in Iowa has been fueled
by evangelical Christians, began running a television advertisement
that describes him as a “Christian leader,” which some viewed as a jab
at Mr. Romney."

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Several of the people I know who have lived in Utah are a little concerned about the idea of a Mormon President, because of the way the Mormon church controls everything that happens in that state. (If you are a non-Mormon business owner, you constantly fight an uphill battle. Or so I've been told, anyhow.) But their concerns come from the political actions of the Mormon church, not any issue with the religion itself.

(I've never lived in Utah, so I can't say one way or the other...just passing along those comments from people who have lived there. Even if Romney were elected, I don't see the Mormon church getting the political power nationwide that they have in Utah, so that's not a huge area of concern for me.)

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