Nearly all Hispanics born in U.S. fluent in English

Marisol Jimenez, 42, was born in the United States to a Costa Rican mother and an American father. Her first language was Spanish until she went to school and began speaking mainly English....[more]

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"Nearly all Hispanics born in U.S. fluent in English"

Now trade off the word hispanic with any other race, and trade off "US" for any other country, and wouldnt you expect the same?

'Nearly all americans born in france fluent in french'

'nearly all brit's born in portugal fluent in portugese'

'nearly all italians born in spain fluent in spanish'

Why is it that we think it's newsworthy that people born in this country speak the language? And moreso, why do we continue to spend so much money to accomodate people who refuse to learn?

I think it's newsworthy because the report debunks the myth that we're being taken over by immigrants, and losing our cultural identity in the process.

But if they were born in the US, they aren't immigrants. :)

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