follow up - Mom receives 6-month term for melee at Golden Corral


DA-HANG!! awful big chunk out of your life for wanting to act like an idiot in public!!

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More than I thought would happen. Probably gave her that knowing she would do maybe 2. I need to find out who the judge was. We need more like that.
Of course if she had a lot of money she wouldnt be doing time, she'd be paying through the nose.



for taking an out of control child into a public place, refusing to meet your obligations by having birthed that child and then beating the daylights of an elderly woman who was bothered by it?

I'd have said 5 years. Easy. The goal of the process at this point is to teach this woman not to misbehave like that in public and that world does not exist to accommodate her and anything she happens to desire to do in public. And that if anyone shows a desire to ask for respect she can just beat them up?

I don't believe 6 months will get the job done.

But that's just my opinion :-)

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Now who takes care of the kid for 6mo?

Not that mom was doing such a stellar job in the first place - Im gonna guess that whoever gets the kid, he'll be better off...

GRANDMA will take care of the kids .Anyways, that's who is raising black kids these days.

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

"All evil and unhappiness in this world comes from the I-concept."

GRANDMA will take care of the kids .Anyways, that's who is raising black kids these days.

Interesting statement by richbuckeye, as is the fact that apparently four people on here liked it so well they 'voted' for it.

Interesting statement by richbuckeye, as is the fact that apparently four people on here liked it so well they 'voted' for it.

OK, and we're up to....6!!! Do I hear a 7?? Come on, folks let's keep that good 'karma' flowing!

So, the mom goes to jail for protecting her child from an attacking adult?

that I have seen - where did you get that JK? I only saw just the initial statements though - maybe something was published since then?

The story as I recall is that the child was screaming and carrying on and the mother was ignoring that it was happening. The two ladies at the other table asked the mother to quiet the child, or maybe shut it up. The mother beat the hell out of one of the ladies, an elderly lady, for saying it. This incensed the people around the occurrence and apparently a full scale riot broke out.

That happens sometimes, people get so aggravated by things - like the advent of permissive parenting where parents do no parenting and you have to listen to out of control children, that it is a sore spot.

Then you see someone actually have the nerve to say something to one of these parents and be assaulted b/c of it? I'd have been pretty riled up too. And while I don't advocate physical violence - some people just make it so darn appealing.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

That's a pretty generlized statement richbuckeye - can you back it up? (that more black kids are being raised by grandma? than white kids?) Pretty offensive statement. The beaten up woman gestured with her knife in her hand, but I don't believe for a minute she was pointing or threatening that lady's bratty kids. The violent mother also accused the woman of racial insults - the woman had said her kids were running wild like animals, and the violent mom tried to turn it into a racial thing. Seems to me, kids of any color can be accused of behaving like animals. kirk - those kids weren't being threatned - it's an excuse the mom used to justify her actions. This woman isn't going to jail for protecting her kids - she's going because she violently beat up 2 women (one elderly), broke ribs , put them in the hospital. Out of control anger issues. I agree with katie - 6 months won't do the job. It's sad when kids witness this crap - & that's where they learn to be bullies & beat people up. Kids need to learn they can't take the law into their own hands, and that violence isn't the answer. They sure don't learn that from moms like this. (and we wonder why there's problems in schools as far as discipline.)

I think the sentence was too light. That woman can do six months easy, and she'll get a welcome home party when she gets out. I'll bet she doesn't do more than three months total.

The elderly woman she attacked is 90 years old and uses a walker. The other victim is in her fifties. The thing that really angers me about this entire situation is that since the attacker is black, everyone is very carefully not saying anything about racial prejudice or hate crimes.

While MSM would like everyone to believe that the attack wasn't motivated by racial prejudice, I don't believe that for a second. The attacker didn't see a threat to her little children; she saw two white women demanding that she quiet her screaming brat and decided that she'd had enough of whitey. And, since she is younger and stronger than they are, she would teach whitey a lesson and get a little pay back at the same time.

I think the prosecutor should have aggressively pursued this as a hate crime - that is, if you can prosecute black on white violent crime under the hate crime law, which may not be possible.

Mad Jack
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I agree mad. But I'm not so sure she was striking out because the women were white - I think she was just so self absorbed in chatting with her friends or relatives, having a good old time, she didn't want to be bothered with taming her kids, or taking the time to take the noisy little one out out of the restaurant to calm him/her down. It's my understanding she was having dinner with her brother & several others, and at least 2 or more little kids being very noisy. That has nothing to do with skin color. I was in Krogers a couple of months ago, and this little 3 yr old (or so) white girl was screaming/whining loudly for so long, I checked out where the noise was coming from. Her brother (about 5 or 6) was quietly pushing her in the shopping cart - her mother was an aisle over, oblivious to it all. That child screamed for at least 20 minutes - I left, but God knows how long after that it went on. I felt sorry for her brother. All of them were white. Some people just shouldn't be parents.

So, if someone orders your kids to shut up and then comes over to your table and physically invades the child's space, while the other one is waving a knife you can do nothing until that person injuries or kills the kid, right?

That didn't happen.

the victim didn't get up and invade anyone's space (at least as I read the story in the Blade).

If your kid is screaming at the top of his lungs and you refuse to do anything about it, and I tell you to shut him up from the next table, that's not illegal. If I tell your kid to shut up from the next table, that's not illegal either.

If I happen to do so with my silverware in my hand (which is the case, lets not make it out to be some knife fight) - so be it.

The woman who got sentenced was wrong on several levels.

The woman who got sentenced was wrong on several levels.

The right to swing your fist ends where the other man's nose begins. Moreover, it's just plain wrong to attack a 90 year old woman who must use a walker to get around and can't defend herself.

I'd like to see this female ape put away for a lot longer than six months.

Mad Jack
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I as well believe the woman was wrong. but remember the Golden Coral is a family restaurant which means there will be kids of all ages present. If you want quiet dining with a continental flare, go to Chez' Rober' in Philadelphia. I have been to the Golden Coral and have experienced children screaming, running around, rubbing their little diseased hands all over the serving spoons, etc., but I never once thought of the idea of screaming at them or their parents. I once flew to Australia from Los Angeles. I experienced 14 glorious hours of someone's kid screaming. According to your logic, the parents don't have their child under control and everybody around them should scream at the parents and the kid. Maybe what the 300 passengers on my flight to Australia should have done is to strap on parachutes on the kid and parents and kicked them out somewhere over the South Pacific.

The whole thing reminds me of a story I was told about an incident in 1950's Georgia. A man and his new bride were walking down a country road when three men in a pickup truck stopped to harass them., screaming slurs and making obscene gestures. After about five minutes, the three men in the pickup truck stopped and approached the couple. One of the men from the pickup truck had a shot gun in his hand. One of the men said, "that's a nice looking woman you got there, boy. She needs to come with us to see if she's as good as she looks. The man speaking pointed to the woods and said, "over there. Be nice and this won't take long." The woman's new husband grabbed the double barrel shotgun from the third man and ordered all men to stop and get in the truck and drive away. The three men did so. Later that night the three men and some of their buddies went to the bride and groom's house carrying rifles and a rope tied in a noose, but the bride and groom weren't there.The brides mother was there and told the group of men that the bride and groom left earlier that day to visit an uncle in Detroit. The group killed the bride's mother, tied the noose around her feet and strung her up to a tree in the front yard. Before the men left they burned down the house.

So what's my point. My point is those of us who weren't there don't know what happened. I will say this. If someone is violently gesturing or threatening my children I will rip their pancreas from their stomach and eat it right in front of them.

Sorry, James, but the news items were fairly inclusive. We do know what happened, and it didn't justify putting the beat down on some old lady. She didn't threaten the child. Period. That's a fact that you just have to accept.

You need help with your anger-management issues, James. Seriously. Your proposed reactions as you're describing them are criminal and you'll just end up in prison. Don't end up in prison just because you can't control your adrenaline high.

I do think a 6 month sentence is fairly steep, however. I don't recall reading that the now-convict had a criminal record of any kind. The advanced age of the victim must have been a strong factor in such a sentence.

Dear GuestZero:

It is very simple. Do not attack my children and I have no reason to commit a criminal act.

It is indeed very simple. Your children in the Golden Corral case would NOT have been under attack, thus your reaction would just make you a criminal.

Somebody's going to wave something at you or yours in the course of your life. No judge or jury accepts you GOING POSTAL when that happens. Enjoy your future prison time, since you clearly don't let the legal definitions of ASSAULT and SELF-DEFENSE get in the way of your fucking adrenaline addiction.

Somebody Smarter Than You

P.S. On second thought, just stay away from the rest of us. You're a sociopath.

I've never been convicted of any crime, not even a traffic ticket. Can you say the same thing, GuestZero.

No you can't!

You know, James, if there really was a threat I could identify with your response. There was no threat in this case. Why is that so hard for you to accept?

I won't patronize a Golden Corral in any city, nor will I eat at a family restaurant, but that's my personal preference. That said, no matter where I travel I expect parents to control their children so as to keep them quiet and out of trouble. Not only do some parents fail miserably at this, but these parents often think that controlling the little cretin is somehow harmful to its development. Or something. I suspect that Robert Jobe was raised that way.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Using the Blade as a source of accuracy can be very misleading. And, it appears that someone thinks I may have an anger issue about this incident. I have no anger issue about this issue or hardly anything else. The customers that go to the Golden Coral are not exactly those you will find frequently patronizing Mancy's Old Time Tavern. What you can expect is what happened. Too many poorly educated people bunched together who think that the $11.00 they spent to eat as much as they want buys them a little patch of royalty for about an hour. On the very day the incident happened my grandsons talked me into going to the Golden Coral as a Mothers Day present to their grandmother. We missed the brawl. We left about a half-hour before it happened, but I do remember the patrons still eating when I left. Thank God the Golden Coral doesn't do background checks on its customers. If they did their business would flounder as a result of the dozens of arrest that would occur there daily. Most of the people who go there are good wholesome people, but lets face it, they would prefer Richard's Wild Irish Rose instead of Chateau De' Nuville.

You don't have an anger issue? Bullshit. You said in another posting:

"From what I have observed, African Americans are always at fault if there is an altercation with someone who is not an African American."

Being on the prowl for mistreatment of Black people, you are obviously motivated by anger.

Again, how does that apply to the Golden Corral case? No Black person was abused or mistreated. The woman now in jail may have received a harsh sentence, but her conviction is sound.

You should confine yourself to instances where Black people are genuinely mistreated.

but I couldn't. I find it interesting that the black grandmother who just had her teeth pulled was beaten by a white husband and wife tag team and the wife was given no time and the husband was given a 30 day sentence which he appealed because he didn't have any vacation days left.. I don't know what happened after the appeal.

However I do know that the situations are the same, except for the races of the people involved and the outcomes.

1.Young black mother defends her child, beats a white mother- daughter tag team while patrons of eating establishment and gets six months in jail.

2.Husband and wife tag team beat grandmother in parking lot and one receives probation and the other gets 30 days.

Is Lady justice color blind?

Taken from the Blade (cut and pasted)....................

"Paor indicted in assault of woman at school A South Toledo couple accused of beating a grandmother they thought was cutting in line in an elementary school parking lot were indicted yesterday by a Lucas County grand jury."

"Edward Calvin, 34, and his wife, Kristina, 31, both of 708 Walbridge Ave., were charged with felonious assault in the attack Jan. 31.

They are accused of assaulting Barbara Duerson, 64, of South Toledo, in the parking lot of Glendale-Feilbach Elementary School, 2317"

"And rage is the only way to describe what a Toledo couple displayed last week when they confronted a 64-year-old grandmother, dragged her out of her car, and beat her,"

"Edward Calvin asked a Lucas County Common Pleas Court judge to reconsider his sentence, saying that he does not have enough vacation days available to serve 30 days behind bars. Mr. Calvin, 35, of 708 Walbridge Ave., was sentenced to jail after being convicted by a jury in July of complicity to assault."

"A tearful Barbara Duerson said that Kristina Calvin knew she was a 64-year-old woman the day she pushed her to the ground and beat her in the face. The grandmother of five and great-grandmother of one then said that she was ashamed to be involved in an altercation."

From what I have observed, African Americans are always at fault if there is an altercation with someone who is not an African American. If an African American tries to defend themselves or members of their family because non African Americans are attacking them, the African American is guilty of failing to be the bigger person if they keep the non African American from inflicting harm.

... apply to the Golden Corral case? There was no defense of a child going on, since said child was not under attack.

Please, oh PLEASE point out the news item where the old woman was indicted (even charged) with attacking that child.


(You might google the phrase "straw man", for what you're really doing here on this blog.)

That's precisely my point. The people who started this mess didn't get punished, only the people who defended their child. Thanks for agreeing with my position.

it was the screaming and unruly child that ended up "unpunished" in this fiasco, if you want to throw blankets out there.

Seeing that this obviously "self-entitled" mother chose to "defend" her child by serving a beating upon two "senior" people in the community, obviously uneducated in both respect and chosing a less violent solution to her madness, the terms of her sentence are sufficient in this matter.

Does the option of just getting up and leaving elude you, or are you THAT hungry that walking away from a $20 bill is worth this drama?

Well said, BrianinVeroFL.

When I have been confronted with unacceptable circumstances my first action is to step back and find a way not to deal with it, but when I can't, I will defend myself and what is mine with the fury of a hurricane. When my grandson was about four I took him on a trip to Disney World. The man seated in front of us asked if I could stop my grandson from kicking his seat. My answer, "No problem, sir." I then changed seats with my grandson. Ya see, no problem, no drama.

I have made some inflammatory statements on this site for the sake of seeing what everyone else is thinking. Here is what I really think.

The woman did not control her child and should have. The woman who asked her to control the child should have gone to the manager and had the manager determine if there was a problem and resolve it. The Golden Corral has a Deputy Sheriff on duty on Sundays and could have intervened if the plaintiff chose to let Golden Corral management handle the situation. The complaining woman's vigilante methods were wrong as well as the child's mother's physical attack. This whole situation could have been avoided, but like I said, If you have been to the Golden Corral, it is apparent that many of the customers are not exactly rocket scientists.

As I too, if cornered, would also resort to primitive measures which involve bloodshed.

But I also measure the situation.

Had the convicted chose to withdraw and leave the bill with the old folks, seeing the old folks were actually verbally interfering with the convicted's dining experence, that would have made for the proper resolution.

a) teach said old folk to move or leave next time and

b)saved herself a bunch of hassle, as well as time away that she'll never get back with her child.

But that's the armchair quarterback in me. But if more people resorted to leaving their bill with the offender, the message will soon get around....

I have made some inflammatory statements on this site for the sake of seeing what everyone else is thinking.

You can obviously do as you wish, but this, to me, is not the ideal way to go about debating and addressing topics here or anywhere else.
Now when people read your comments their first thought will be "is this guy for real, is this what he actually thinks, or is he just trying to elicit some response?"
I'd think you'd just want to present your opinions honestly and openly and let the chips fall where they may.

Whether the information I present is my opinion or not, it is someone's opinion. The inflammatory comments I've made on this particular subject are the opinions of some friends and colleagues. So, the opinions are honest even though the opinions are not my own.

According to your logic I can only express my personal opinion. I would think that every dimension of an issue must be explored if you truly want the truth. If you don't want to know what the truth is, don't ask questions. Just naively believe whatever someone tells you or what you read.

What I trying to point out in a friendly way was this: if you make comments under your screenname but those comments aren't really what you feel, but rather what someone else feels, you lose credibility with others trying to react to and interact with what you posted.

It's called misrepresentation, but if that's what you feel you have to do, knock yourself out.

... or you're just trolling, so I'm through with you. There was no defense of the child going on. You failed to produce the evidence of the charge or indictment of the grandmother's alleged attack on the child. And my "sociopath" label for you? Yeah, that's stickin'.

Being a sociopath is characteristic of being a great leader. Thank you for your support.

Lets face it, GuestZero, you are determined to believe the child's mother to be guilty, and, I respect your choice. Please understand you do not have the right to make choices for me.

I choose to believe that the woman was protecting her child from an over zealous moron who had more effective methods available to her to resolve the situation, but chose to temporarily become the misbehaving child's parent because its part of the plaintiff's innate breeding of manifest destiny. As much as you want to believe otherwise it has been written in the books of heaven that the plaintiff has tried to attack an infant and the maternal instinct from the infant's mother kicked her butt along with her knife wielding accomplice.

Altho the older folks chose to initiate the altercation, it was not warranted for physical violent behavior.

Had the older folk reached out and grasped the child, that would be something different altogether.

Which is why I said the convicted had the option to just pack it up and leave, but chose to, whether being uneducated in alternatives or just a animalistic response from experence, escalate the episode from a mere trading of words to bloodshed.

The convict had the choice. Now she must live with the result of HER decision.

pointing a butter knife at someone while scolding them, ESPECIALLY from a frail 50-something woman with her 80 year old mother, does not constitute a physical threat.

Altho I can image some great leaders that would tremble in that environment.

We are both proving a point. Since neither one of us was there, we don't know what happen except what we read in the paper, saw on the news, or what someone told us. Isn't it amazing how all of us can get the same information in the same way and our conclusions are totally different. In an ideal world the mother should have had control of her child. The incident probably would not have occurred and we would not be having this discussion. But, it did happen and each one of us can decide what conclusion we want to come to. I frankly am not trying to sway anyone to accept my conclusion. The mother is in jail and that's that. If she did conduct herself in the wrong manner, I hope she learned her lesson. I also hope that the moron who should had a Golden Corral manager resolve the situation now understands that it is not her right to raise someone else's children in a public place or anywhere else. Manifest destiny ended when the pioneers and the Us government slaughtered most of the Native Americans by the end of the 1900's.

For the most part I have refrained from commenting on this event and I rarely agree with Guest Zero but I have to say that this is the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long time.

The facts are the facts. I've read them in the papers, seen them on the news and heard them from people who were familiar with the case.

The mother failed to control her child and failed to repect those around her by removing said child. She helped beat up a handicapped, elderly lady and her daughter who complained about the child. The only person from whom the child needs protection is the unfit mother.

The woman was given a fair and just trial and received a sentence commensurate with the charges. She was convicted by a jury of her peers so get over it!

As for Manifest Desitny - WTH?
Definition: manifest destiny -n.
1. A policy of imperialistic expansion defended as necessary or benevolent.
2. often Manifest Destiny The 19th-century doctrine that the United States had the right and duty to expand throughout the North American continent.

I think I'm done with this thread...

Thank you for agreeing with exactly what my point is. You made a judgment and came to a conclusion based on what you read in the paper, saw on TV or what someone told you, and that's okay. I got my information the same way, but It appears we received information from people who spoke to us personally. That's probably where the difference is. The people who gave me information had a different story. In light of the rash of tag-team, non-African Americans attacking elderly African American women in Toledo, I choose to believe the people who spoke with me. They told me that the moron lady did ask more than once for the mother to shut her kid up. When that was unsuccessful, the woman got up from her seat approached the child and screamed into the child's ear to shut up. In the meantime super granny decided to put her two cents in and waved her butter knife at the child and mother while blurting out unmentionable obscenities worthy of a line of script in the movie, "Birth of a Nation.". To protect her child from the potential injuring, high decibel screams in her babies ear the mother did what any mother would do, protect her young from the attacking menace. This could have been avoided if the moron lady went to the manager and had the manager handle the situation, but because the moron lady is a product of a culture who feels they are born to rule people not from European decent (Manifest Destiny) she took matters into her own hands and found herself and her fowl-mouthed granny getting their butts handed to them. I say again, I do not condone the mother resorting to violence as she did. I do respect your right to believe what you think happened, but you obviously do not feel you need to respect what I believe. Lastly, our jails are full of people who are innocent and who are not at fault, but when we all are dealing with a system of justice where some people are more equal than others, we can expect exactly what happened.

purnhrt - I agree, that the couple who beat the woman at the school should have gotten much worse of a sentence. However - the white 'tag team' at Golden Corral, did not threaten that woman or her children. There were witnesses (heard in court) who said that they asked politely if the woman could please, quiet her child. (most parents would, or should, remove their misbehaving child till the child calms down - even if it means sitting in the car for a while - I have done this myself.) The child's mother ignored the request, and did nothing to attend to the screaming kid in the high chair - she was too busy visiting & eating her dinner to have to bother getting up to take her child out of the restaurant for 10 minutes). As I understand it, woman #1 of the white tag team told the child's mother to shut that kid up (or words to that effect, and had her dinner knife in her hand as she spoke - but she did NOT threaten that child or the mother with the knife - it could just as easily have been a dinner roll in her hand.
kirk - I beileve what you said happened in Georgia is true - and it's horrifying to know that stuff happened. But you can't compare the Golden Corral incidents to the Georgia incident at all (it's a stretch by a lot). The only thing the white 'tag team' did were verbal requests - granted, the last request was not done politely, but the mother ignored previous requests. The white 'tag team' should have asked the management to handle it. But nothing they did was illegal or threatening. I believe this mom tried to make it sound like she was responding to a threat of violence to her child, to cover her misbehaving ass. Make it a racial thing, make it sound like she was threatened - but it isn't & wasn't. Fact IS, many airlines ARE booting misbehaving children & their parents off airplanes - and those being booted off so far as I know, are all WHITE - so much for a racial thing. I've heard of at least 3 incidents in the last year of an airline removing parents & child from the plane before take off, because the parents couldn't control the brats. One child was witnessed biting his mother. Is if fair? Maybe not. But it's not fair to delay a flight for the rest of the passengers (as one of the mom's couldn't understand why the airline couldn't just wait 20 minutes till her kid settled down). No airline can or will afford to delay a flight to appease the whims of parents with badly behaved kids. Time is money - and there's too many other passengers who can't risk a delayed flight (missing the next flight, funerals, weddings, business meetings, meeting their own kids, etc.). My own kids misbehaved at Northtown mall when they were about 5 & 6 yrs old & I told them to behave or we were leaving. They didn't, and we did - I walked their behinds right out to the car & went home. They didn't do it again.

You are right Starling02, the Georgia incident and the Golden Corral incident are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but the Polish-Catholic couple who escaped Georgia had been harassed in minor ways prior to the incident and the murder of the mother.

"I believe this mom tried to make it sound like she was responding to a threat of violence to her child, to cover her misbehaving ass."

You shouldn't just believe it, Star. That's exactly what happened. The woman now in jail simply want ballistic and used a bogus claim of "defense of child". The child was in fact neither harmed* nor threatened. The witnesses are clear enough on that point.

The court system worked. The bogus claim was dismissed and justice was done, albeit the sentence seems rather harsh considering it was just a case of assault.

* Ironically, the child was harmed (mentally) instead by the absurd and irrational reaction of the mother. If the child is old enough to remember, she now must dwell on the memory of the mother going ballistic in a public place and inflicting bodily harm. I'm sure the mother will lay on even MORE damage, but indoctrinating the child about what actually happened, saying it was "to defend my baby". Isn't that how re-actors like James Kirk are created?

I guess I have a very different view of the American experience and American law. I can sum it up by this example. A man went into his garage one morning to find his garage had been burglarized. He filed a police report ,and soon after, the police caught the two teenagers who committed the crime. The two teenagers confessed but took the defense that the theft wasn't their fault. They said that the man was guilty of contributing to the delinquency of minors, because, the man had a poor quality lock on the side door of the garage were they broke- in. They went on to say, if the man had used reasonable care and bought a decent lock this crime would have never occurred.

The two teens were found not guilty and the man was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and fined $750.

This incident happened in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2006.


Shoulda given her a year. Fuck it.



"They keep talking about drafting a constitution for Iraq.Why don't we give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, and we're not using it any more".


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I have made some inflammatory statements on this site for the sake of seeing what everyone else is thinking.


The Golden Corral has a Deputy Sheriff on duty on Sundays

So where was this alleged Deputy Sheriff when the fight started? I don't believe there actually is a Deputy or any other form of law enforcement officer at the Golden Corral on any given Sunday.

As others have pointed out, there was no threat to the child or to anyone else at Sylvia Harris's table. I do not understand why that fact is so difficult to accept, but it seems that a few people are in denial. Harris is a criminal, no more nor less, and she'll serve time in jail for her criminal actions. You can bet (and win) that this isn't the first time Harris has behaved this way.

My thanks to BrianInVeroFl for his insightful solution. I think the next time that my dinner is being ruined by a bunch of misbehaving children, I'll ask the management to quiet the table down, and, should management refuse, I'll simply present management with the bill and explain that someone else is buying this meal.

Thinking about this, I'm reminded of the Country Kitchen here in Mad City which is a buffet style family restaurant. I ate there once for a business meeting, and once was enough. The rhesus monkeys at the adjacent table were a distraction – all they needed to do to complete the picture was start masturbating in public. I note that at the Country Kitchen, the patrons must pay in advance. I wonder if the place has run into someone with Brian's solution.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

The Golden Corral began putting a Deputy Sheriff on duty some time before the incident to keep people from sneaking-in and line jumping. Like I said I was there that day before the brawl occurred and the Deputy Sheriff was there when I arrived and was there when I left. I can't say that the Deputy was there when the brawl broke out because I really don't know. There were managers and assistant managers there that day and the plaintiff should have got a manager to resolve the issues. As far as the mother is concerned, her physical response to the plaintiff's verbal abuse was overkill. Everybody wants to be a vigilante, because you look weak if you have to get a manager. Everyone should remember that Toledo is a very racist community. It doesn't take a whole lot for people to let their bigotry rise to the surface and fuel a confrontation. This incident is a great example of what I'm talking about.

I doubt a "jury of her peers."

kirk - I assume a jury of her peers to your satisfaction, would be an all black jury. Well that never happens in any trial - regardless of the color of the defendant's skin. If it were, it'd be biased against the plaintiff. I doubt very much that the old woman pointing with a butter knife in her hand was a threat (or was intending it as a threat) to that child - she was seated at her own table, and unless she was within an arm's reach of that child, no threat was possible. I have to wonder if all the players were white, if kirk's thinking on this would be different. Or, if it was a white mother with a badly behaved child, and a black woman had asked her to quiet her kid or remove it. Kirk & purnhrt seem to delight in turning everything into a racial issue - when in fact, it could have happened to any mix races. I've seen just as many bad white mothers with ill behaved kids as black ones.

I don't know why you are chastising me for criticizing the trial. I haven't said one word about the trial. All I'm saying is that I have a right to form my own opinions and conclusions regardless how disagreeable they may be to someone. I respect your right to have your own opinion and formulate your own conclusions. But since you asked, Black jury s convict Black people all the time, so I don't understand why you are inferring that Black people will automatically acquit a Black person just because he or she is Black. I don't believe that's true.

In addition, you are the one who is making race an issue. I have said repeatedly that I do not agree with the defendants violent behavior. I do have a problem with the vigilante mindset that the plaintiff had. She should have gotten a manager at he Golden Corral to resolve the situation and this incident may have never occurred. I am a person who believes in cause and effect.. The defendant should have controlled her child. The plaintiff should let a manager resolve the issue. End of story.

same pot as I. Mea Culpa!

Starling: Jury of Peers means exactly that.

"""""""jury of one's peers n. a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which "peer" means an "equal." This has been interpreted by courts to mean that the available jurors include a broad spectrum of the population, particularly of race, national origin and gender. Jury selection may include no process which excludes those of a particular race or intentionally narrows the spectrum of possible jurors. It does not mean that women are to be tried by women, Asians by Asians, or African Americans by African Americans. (See: jury)""""""

under extreme or normal conditions a black mother would not tell a white woman to quiet her child. Black women are not of the privileged class to make those types of statements to a white woman. Ever seen "The Color Purple?"

3rd best Living Community

......1st best on Mother's Brawling Day!!

Golden Coral..........Better than COSI and somehow related to Manifest Destiny. Also future meeting spot of all new economic development activities.

I was wondering when purnhrt was going to chime in with her racist views.

"""""""jury of one's peers n. a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which "peer" means an "equal."

Unlike you, many people here do beleive that black people and white people are equal. Especially seince this is an incident where a WOMAN could not/would not control her BRAT. That would piss anyone off regardless of color. But as always the white woman was racist for not tolerating the noise.

under extreme or normal conditions a black mother would not tell a white woman to quiet her child. Black women are not of the privileged class to make those types of statements to a white woman

All i can is about this statement is: it figures.

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