Ford on Unigov: Get rid of economic king pins

So now we see Oregon Mayor Mary Brown taking on County Commissioner
Ben Konop over LCIC’s search for a new economic guru. We
probably will never have a real shot at regionalism until we
have a major crisis in this area and I mean MAJOR!

You should know that you pay extra taxes for all of the duplication
that goes on in Lucas County. We do not need 28 economic
king pins in Lucas County – the 22 cities and villages, the
Regional Growth Partnership, the Port Authority, the UT
economic leader and so on. Plus with Federal Express leaving
for Wood County and Marine Stamping closing (a lot of
Toledoans worked there) and the third shift going down at
Jeep, what economic stuff is really happening? Yet you pay
for about two dozen economic leaders. Think about it.

Don’t forget the Chamber of Commerce. They have a director and
staff that you pay for through the cost of goods and
services which pays for the member ship dues of businesses.
I hope everyone gets my drift.

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I think your right in that it will take a major crisis to instigate a shift. For some time we have been hearing about the unsustainability of many of our traditional systems by many leaders of the consciousness movement. It is unfortunate that time and time again people will resist change until they are forced to. It can be said that in the process of change that the greater the resistance to change the more severe the crisis has to be . Change will happen. It is up to us as to how much tumult we will experience. What has been understood in the consciousness movement for sometime is how interconnected we truly are. We have the formation of quantum reality in science, epigenetics in biology , the non-locality in healing practices, gurus, spiritual leaders and futurists. The one common thread of these diverse modalities is our interconnectedness. Although I don't like the term Unigov I think it is inevitable.

I've met Mayor Brown several times. She seems to well understand that she represents the people of Oregon, not the slavering politicians of Lucas County which are merely Toledo-centric by political design (for example, people like Konop and Ford).
The point is, you are NOT "pay[ing] for about two dozen economic leaders". The people of Oregon are paying for their own mayor. This mayor had a voice with the LCC, since Oregon is a bona fide municipality of Lucas County. In other words, there's nothing wrong here. What IS wrong here is the Unigov push of pols like Ford, who continue to lie to the public about what Unigov actually means:
"One of the local press guys undermined the concept by calling it “unigov” too much rather than a joint venture which is what it really was."
Unigov is how Toledo intends to milk the rest of of Lucas County in order to support its spending addiction. Whenever you hear Ford say "Unigov" or allude to such a thing in other terms, you should visualize a junkie wrapping his arm in surgical tubing and then tapping to find the vein. You know what happens after THAT.
Fuck Ford and fuck news items like this. Unigov is the sure doom of the people who sensibly chose to vote with their feet and MOVE OUT OF TOLEDO. But Democrats don't really respect democracy -- be it based on polls or dollars -- and so we get Ford's nauseating sentiments.




Unigov is more of the same, except the political boundaries are moved to the county lines. True regionalism can be found at The web site is out of date(ran out of money), but the description is sound. For more up to date info., go to Toledo Talk; click on Lake Erie West in the right hand column; and then click on Lake Erie West on the left(aboveSEED).


Even tried to bring it over here in a point and click format so people could get out there easier... I came away thinking that it's a super concept, but that it will never happen with the current bunch we've put in office - it does not fit with their own private agendas, AND it would involve working together amongst themselves, and with other communities. I cannot see that happening. Not with our current council, the current batch of county commissioners, and mostly with the moron mayor we have.

If Ford thinks there were/are too many economic development entities, agencies, chiefs, staff ... why did he create a NEW one in the LCIC? Why not let existing entities like the RGP or Port Authority (which do economic development in a multi-county area) take on any additional responsibilities he wanted the LCIC to perform? Answer (imho): Because they're not government controlled ... and the LCIC was all about control - and who gets to decide - and who gets credit.

nothing is getting done. I think the region is large enough, that all of those organizations can thrive if they work together to sustain and develop our region. By doing so, the organizations involved will either continue or new organizations will develop. Change is about getting people together to talk about what is possible and then ACTING on our ideas. The problem is too many plans and no action.

good point!

Watch what happens in December;
Follow the COSI initiative led by the private sector.
Keep an eye on Sylvania as the month unfolds.
And, Billy, there is a way to get the Lake Erie West stuff over here. Have Chris contact Jr..


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