Toledo is 3rd 'Most Liveable Community,' judges say

Mayor Carty Finkbeiner has been in London since last week at the International Awards for the Most Liveable Community. On Monday, he and his delegation found out Toledo received third place in its category.

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He’s got to be crying in his Ale…LOL Of course we didn’t win. Much as I wish we were the “Most Liveable”, we’re not and we all know it. Close…horse shoes and hand granades. 3rd…. well, you’re right, at least it isn’t 4th, 5th. 2nd place is hard enough to accept, 3rd…ho hum.

3rd place globally; 1st place USA


Yep, gonna look REAL nice on all stationary: "Toledo, the World's 3rd Best Place 2007".

MIght I suggest next time to the Mayor, when you're vying for recognition, to actually APPLY yourself to the community and RESPECT the laws and citizenry, to STOP the hemmoraging of the departure of businesses and residents, to ACKNOWLEDGE there is a crime problem and attack it instead of having 2/3rds of the crime fighting force behind a desk, to ENCOURAGE and ACCOMODATE private enterprise to locate and prosper, and did I mention to RESPECT and FOLLOW the letter of the LAW?

LEW? Appreciate you being the cheerleader, but if ya got an oil spill mucking things up, a tarp ain't going to clean the mess up. Elect a business-friendly government, and you will see growth.

We as a community have to be very careful about credibility. Undoubtedly, CF will brag that Toledo is third in the world and first in the US as most livable City because that's the way that brain of his works. What makes him think the people outside of Toledo are stupid enough to fall for his misrepresentations and exaggerations. All someone would have to do is go on the internet and they will find that business is running away from Toledo, the administration actually appears to demean diversity, the infrastructure is crumbling in front of our eyes, property values are plummeting, Toledo ranks 47th in the US for crime, the police force is thirty pounds over weight per officer on the average, discrimination in Toledo is rampant. Gee, If I were a business man from from abroad this is exactly the type of place I'd stay away from. Toledo is not the most livable City in Ohio, let alone the US. I'd like to see CF work on realistically work on improving Toledo, rather than trying to get some award.


the police force is thirty pounds over weight per officer on the average,

OK, I'll bite on this one. Why in the world did this info come from? A survey of local doughnut shops?

Why in the world

Or perhaps where in the world....

There are statistics, but all you have to do is look at the officers and you'll want to send them to Golds Gym. On the other hand, Toledo's firefighters do a much better job of taking care of themselves and keeping fit.

Take a look at Lucas County Deputy Sheriff's. I estimate they may be 40 pounds over weight on the average. They are some chubby boys and girls.

we should just be happy for toledo instead of looking for a reason to critique it? 3rd best in the world is pretty great.

I wonder how much that cost the taxpayers.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

The articles report that all expenses were paid for the people attending.

"Mayor Finkbeiner said that delegation members were required to put $500 of their own money toward their approximately $2,000 of travel and lodging expenses. The trip is being bankrolled by close to $40,000 in private donations, with no city money involved."

I heard on Brian Wilson's wspd radio show today (Tuesday), briefly, in part - that the article in the Blade about this was a lie - that Toledo came in 3rd based on some catagory that had something to do with total population? I missed most of the discussion (in & out of my car) - so perhaps I misunderstood? Somebody please enlighten me? Wilson was talking about there being 5 catagories or something - one which was 'total population'.

Having said that, I don't believe for one minute that Toledo is 3rd (or even 10th) most livable city in this country. I don't know how they arrived at this conclusion - but given that Toledo is one of the highest in the country in bankrupsies, foreclosures, unemployment, high business taxes - I fail to see how it's possible. How do they come up with cities to nominate? How are they really graded? This trip to London & the "award" seems more like a cheesy way to make us feel good about Toledo, when in fact, Toledo is dying a very fast death.

...based upon population. Toledo was third in the category for population of 200,000 to 750,000. Toledo was not the only US city that made the finalist lists, but we were the only US city in this population category. (That fact was conveniently omitted in the first press releases on the subject.)

Additionally, we're not third in the World - we're third out of all the cities who applied ... and since not every city bothered to apply, we really can't say 'in the world." In fact, I couldn't find any information that said how many cities applied in each category - just the finalists.

And then there was the criteria which is available on the website. The judges were environmental and landscaping professionals...which tells you a bit about what criteria they were looking for. Toledo's presentation is also available to view at the website.

The presenters, presented and the judges, judged what was presented.

Which is why asked, elsewhere, I wonder what the judges would actually judge to be a finalist, it they visited the cities. much space is left in the front space of that patrol car, and the inability to see a cage behind some of these mammoth cops, but what you DON'T see is the track star in his shiny new running suit with his bright white sneakers just WAITING for you to make a break for it from the backseat of the patrol car.

But if there was a consistancy with the eight patrol officers left patrolling the streets, it is that they are a bunch of fat asses, sans the 'roid heads.

Get them out from behind their desks and EXCERSIZE THE TAXPAYERS INVESTMENT!

This whole thing reminds me of a Pink Panther movie. Inspector Clouseau, played by Peter Sellers, is clearly a bumbling idiot, but if you look at his written record it shows that Clouseau is brave, heroic, fearless, daring, courageous, a man for all seasons. I break out into uncontrollable, hyenic laughter when I think about the story that was told to these unsuspecting judges by Toledo's own Inspector Clouseau. I may never be able to show my face in London again. What is even more hilarious, is that some people refer to him as the brother of Bagdad Bob. You remember him, He was Sadam Hussein's, Minister of Information who said that there were no Americans in Bagdad while in the background you could see Abrams Tanks whizzing by.

...smiles to my face and laughter to my voice. Thanks for that.

(I will now forever see Carty in a white, belted trench coat and hat)

Thanks, Maggie. Its good that I can occasionally bring a little cheer to someone's life. I have quite a collection of Pink Panther movies with Peter Sellers, but the Peter Sellers' movie movie that really defines my buddy in the corner of the 22nd floor is ,
" Being There ," which stars Peter Sellers. In the movie, Sellers who is a gardener, is mistaken as a genius and his gardening tips are taken by power people as profound messages that will help them rule the world. The one person who knows that Sellers is a total buffoon is ignored and as a result Sellers rises to great power and influence.

The movie is kind of slow, but worth watching.

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