COSI will cost taxpayers, open or closed

NBC 24 was first to report that city and county leaders are looking at a possible taxpayer-funded bailout of the cash-strapped science center. COSI would need about a million dollars to stay open, but you might also be surprised how much it would cost you if they closed it down.
Keeping this building between 40 and 50 degrees won't be easy or cheap.

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So Riverfront property, smack dab in the middle of downtown is a liability??

Only in Toledo.

Tear it down. After that it won't cost anything to heat and cool it.

"The mayor's office knows maintaining the building is necessary, but no money has been budgeted in the mayor's 2008 spending plan. The mayor's office is confident they'll find a tenant for the building, but there's no telling how long that'll take. Until then, maintaining the building could mean thousands of tax dollars, up in smoke.

Because of the types of grants used to fix up the building, the city can't just sell it. It has to be used for an educational or arts-related project. The only way to lift that restriction, according to the mayor's spokesman, is if the city repays about $9 million in grants."

Sure we all know the Mayor is confident, but does the confidence translate into a real tenant, any time soon or does this become another Erie Street Market.

From my recollection, we got $11 million about 10 years ago - and today we still owe $9 million on the thing that would have to be repaid before we could sell it?

Okay - so even if this is correct, would that facility go for $9 million so the city could be rid of ownership and the grants would be repaid?

Can the site for that much? Probably not.

Would it...not likely.

So we are stuck maintaining another enterprise that set sail and sank.

Is it really just a bunch of people who seek to complain about the city for no reason other than to complain or is it that reality has dope slapped us once more.

I thought the tax payers were already paying for utilities at COSI. With the place closed, I would think that the bills would be cheaper. What am I missing here? the city paying utilities was to water and sewer... pretty sure the city wasn't paying for the electric...

hasnt cosi already said they cant afford maintenance and upkeep? that's gonna fall on someone's head, and most likely it's us.

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