Toledo Public Schools employee charged with sexually assaulting student

A Leverette Junior High School campus protection officer was arrested this afternoon for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old female student, authorities said. Harry Weatherholt, 51, whose address was unavailable, was charged with one count of sexual battery, said Toledo Sgt. Sam Harris, of the special victims unit.

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Dear Leverette Teacher, purnhrt and another leverette teacher:

Steven Riddle has filed a Complaint for Discovery against me with Lucas County Common Pleas Court under Case No. CI0200801115 on January 7, 2008. You can go to the Lucas County Common Pleas Court to see the court file yourself. The Complaint asks the Court to order me to “provide any and all identifying information including, but not limited to, e-mail address and ISP IP numbers for ‘Leverette Teacher’, ‘purnhrt’ and “Another Leveret’ who posted comments regarding the story of ‘Toledo Public Schools employee charged with sexually assaulting student’ from November 21, 2007 to the present on the website”.

Under the law, I am required to answer the Complaint and attached interrogatories within 28 days, which may include a disclosure of your e-mail address and ISP IP numbers or other identifying information. Such information could lead to your true identity. If you believe that you have a protected privacy interest in such information and that it should not be disclosed to the Plaintiff, please have your attorney contact me in writing within the next 12 days. Your failure to do so will be taken by me to mean that you do not have an objection to the disclosure of such information.

Chris Myers

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If you are actually a teacher, that is a horrible/nasty rumor you are putting out there and don't think you are immune just because you are hiding behind a screen name. Plus you give yourself no credibility by not saying who you are. I don't know the principal personally but I respect what he does and has done there unlike this post from you. You better invest in a lawyer if you continue to do this type of stuff. If it is not true, he has a perfect case for libel/defamation against you.


Whoever Leverette Teacher is, it would be safe to say that what they are saying is probably true. AAPA has had serious complaints about this principal. If you look through the Toledo Talk posts dated around 3/2006, I posted my concerns about this principal and Mr. Harry, the CPO now accused of sexual assault. There were red flags then and AAPA had filed a complaint also with TPS. As we see nothing was done.

I believe that Leverette is about to be exposed for what is happening to children in the school. Mr. Harry is just the tip of the iceberg.

Well I don't know what goes on inside. It just ruins a poster's credibility to post things anonymously. At least you did not hide behind anonymity with what you thought was going on. I just wish if Leverette Teacher did want to make a point and did want to get things dealt with that he/she would post under his/her real name.

Listen, how do you know that it's a she or her name who's posting things? Did you ever teach at Leverette? The bottom line, the reality: The TPS board of ed. will probably never deal with the dysfunctional problems that have existed for more than a decade. Stop trying to be so naive! The federation doesn't care either! Another sad school where dedicated teachers have to deal with more harassment than many other professions. And, further more, when pictures of students' projects were hung on the walls, all that the teachers received was criticism. Again, another lost day in paradise.

I used to be a teacher at Leverette until I got fed up and tired ot the abuse from some of the administrators and a few negative teachers. Mr. Harry would often come to my classroom and ask for several male and female students a day. And, I would ask why? Why do you need them or who needs to seem them? I would often get told "mind your own business!" Why did he have that much authority? But, what I really don't understand is why do the same children go with him on a consistent basis? One thing that I can say is that there are several students who wouldn't speak up for themselves and they would blame teachers, staff, etc. Thus, colecting money for a law suits for years of improper choices. This is clearly a building where the teachers lose if they seek advice, guidance, or have questions. The system doesn't protect teachers and neither does the federation. And, if Harry's "regulars" made the decision to follow him to the pop machines, etc, then why didn't they pull back and say, 'no thanks?" All of this drama, pain, abuse or a small salary? Meanwhile, some teachers pay the price of injuries, sexual harassment, and broken bones. So glad to no longer be there! This life is too short for this bad movie that is on part 10. Good luck!



Leverette Teacher. This teacher or whoever it is can not reveal who they are because of threats etc. that come along with being a whistleblower. Mr. Riddle, the principal is also one of the people listed on the new ODE website that deals with misconduct by teachers. I believe that the misconduct occurred when he was a teacher.

Many of the students at Leverette are what is referred to as "at risk." So these students are very vulnerable especially when they may feel that they are not in a position to protect themselves. What is going on at Leverette needs to be investigated by the Justice Department, Children Services and the Toledo Police.

It took the sexual assault of a young girl to tip this iceberg and I am angry at myself for not doing more last year when the issue was brought to AAPA. This is also the school that had another teacher Charles Poznanski, who is also on the misconduct list and had his lisense revoked for also sexually assaulting two thirteen year olds. The day of the hearing we were there to support the students and parents and the accelerator cable to my car was cut while parked on board property. So these people are playing hardball.

Leverette teacher needs to remain anonymous for her/his own safety. I applaud them for speaking out against injustice to children.



I am another (admin edit) teacher who will remain anonymous, and because of that, I am NOT afraid to name drop! Yes, it is true that (admin edit) has had (admin edit) with a couple of different teachers in the building. He's also hit on a few that have too much self-esteem and pride in themselves to resort to sleeping with a slime ball like him. That is what our "fearless leader" is - a low-life slime ball. He reminds me of a kid who got picked on growing up and is now looking for all the back-respect he feels he is owed. WRONG! (admin edit) does not deserve respect; he deserves a dose of reality. So, here it is: Most of us are repulsed by you, (admin edit). At least you have (admin edit) though. She'll probably continue to sleep with you on school grounds during school hours, because she is repulsive and has low self-esteem just like you! I am so glad to have happened upon this site, because I feel so liberated right now. To finally be able to get all of this off of my chest is truly a wonderful feeling. I hope that the Board of Education will open their eyes to this very serious situation, and make (admin edit) working and learning environment more suitable for our staff and students. If not, then we will have to take this problem to the State level; and from what I've read from "Leverette Teacher", it won't be long before this happens.

To the Leverette teachers - you say you reported it to the Board of Education. I know from my interactions with many TPS personnel that when they use the Board they frequently mean the administration.

So how did you report this situation?
Who did you report the matter to?
How long ago?
How often?
Why did you stop?

What have you done? If you do mean it, you should be able to post the responses here.

It is just suspicious that you come here to vent. Where is your union? Sounds to me that there are many routes you could pursue to take action, instead of potsing anonymously.

If it is true that is one thing, if it is not, then it seems to be an open and shut slander case. Good luck. Just be aware, you are responsible for what you say.

Chris, you sound like an old mother hen (or worse, Paul Hem). This is at least twice you've warned her, as every authority figure or cop should, that she's going to get into trouble if she keeps this up. She seems to know what she's doing. Or are you trying to squelch her? I thought you weren't responsible for what is posted on this forum.

Sounds like a few sour grapes at Leverette as a 25 year retired employee I have worked with Herry a few times over the years and I DO not think that any of this is true. first of all the new leverette was not open three mounths ago.These new and the old buildings as well heve camers all over did anyone see anything?The jr.high and high schools have toledo police in there building did any one make a report? well thats all for now. just rember you could be not only taking a job from a man who is sitting in jail away from his family on this thanks giving if none of this gone on. Have a good day !!

I haven't done a thing, nor will I. That's not my responsibility. My job is to teach and be a role model to my students, and that is all I concern myself with. People inevitably get what is coming to them. Whether it is sooner or later, our principal will be dealt with. And as for me being responsible for what I say - this is a-n-o-n-y-m-o-u-s. I don't care if you do think it's suspicious that I am posting anonymously or venting in a forum that relates to the exact issues that are concerning me. I think it's ignorant that you can't understand that this is a perfectly legitimate outlet, and that you think that I should put my name out there!

Children...or a child.

I admit one is hellish enough and if true this should NEVER be ignored or even remotely looked past. But let's not use the term "children" quite yet.

Seriously sit back and think about it.

Thank you for coming forth if just anonymously. We have received information concerning Leverette's educational environment. I raised issues on Leverette's principal last March concerning Mr. Harry. Some members of different groups went to the forum at Leverette last week to show a presence to the principal to let him know that we were indeed watching.

So I believe everything that you are saying about the principal and the complaints you have filed with the board. We have done the same thing and were rebuffed as usual. I also have a request in for the student roster for Leverette students. We were going to have a phone bank to make calls to parents to verify the information we have been receiving, along with the information that I have concerning the incident and Mr. Harry.

I am very angry at myself for not pushing for a hearing for the record on Mr. Harry back in March 2006 but I was just ignored, you know old racist troublemaker Twila Page just trying to make TPS look bad. I know the victim of the sexual assault that we now know about would not have been victimized by CPO Mr. Harry if our complaint had been taken seriously. One reason that we dropped the issue is because the parent called me and told me to drop it. When I asked why she would not give me an answer. So at the parents request we dropped it.

How do you think this has been allowed to go on for so long? By this I mean the victimization of the students and of the staff that were also victimized. Because people who victimize children, especially people in power over children, know instinctively which ones they can hurt and think that the children won't tell. But when adults such as myself report obscene behavior to the people in power (superintendent etc.) and nothing is done about the complaint, the Mr. Harrys and the (admin edit) gain more power. And the victimization continues. In this case, with the arrest of Mr. Harry and with Leverette staff coming forward, be it at this type of forum or by anonymous letters or phone calls I believe everything will be brought out.

If the police do their job the way we expect them to, the fallout from the collateral damage will bring about changes in the way Leverette has operated for years,(as a secret society of child abusers, sexually and physically.)


I must be honest I agreed with almost everything you said. I do not think a charge like this should have ever been ignored and anyone who intentionally did such should be professionally questioned.

But you close by calling Leverette a secret society of child abusers. To me that goes a little too far. AbuserS, plural? I have only read about a alleged pedophile CPR and a (admin edit) who likes to mess around in his office. While each issue is clearly wrong either criminally and morally - I see only one abuser. And I have heard of only one child. The teachers allegedly messing around with this (admin edit) are grown adults, likely who need some help themselves. Maybe it is a dickhead on a power trip, but I dont think abuser is the correct coinage. As for this CPO, if this is true (and I use 'if' because I do not know as much about this as you) then he belongs in jail...simple.

Seriously sit back and think about it.

Steve, your questions, let me answer about the complaint that I filed.

So how did you report this situation?
Who did you report the matter to?
How long ago?
How often?
Why did you stop?

This was an incident involving two 13 year old girls.
I first called the school and talked to the principal, Mr. Riddle.
I then e-mailed the superintendent of Junior High schools, Dr. Cecelia Adams.
Dr. Adams e-mailed me back with a "we are taking care of it" e-mail.
This happened March 23, 2006
I stopped because after I talked to Dan Burns the parent called me back to tell me to drop it. I tried to convince the parent to pursue it but she was afraid and again told me to drop it.
I then called the principal back and asked him what he told the parent to make her so afraid.
I then called Mr. Dan Burns and talked to him again, he assured me that it would be looked in to.
The parent called me again, so I backed off at the request of the parent.

When the fall out is over, if the investigation is done appropriately by the Police, and Children Services, we will find that there is a little more going on.

I hope that there are counselors at the school on Monday for the students. These students have clearly been traumatized.



Wow sounds like a sexually charged atmosphere over there. how do they get any work done?



""""""I think that we all need to be mindful, diligent, and remind our employees regularly if there are any signs of inappropriate behavior to report it," Mr. Foley said.

written statement from Mr. Foley said: "Toledo Public Schools has a zero-tolerance policy in place when it comes to the unprofessional behavior of an employee."
It also said "If it is found that an employee has acted inappropriately toward a student, swift and immediate action is taken, including the necessary and appropriate disciplinary action."""""""

I guess we know now that this was just trash talk from the superintendent. I know what happened in the case I was directly involved in , I know I reported it, had proof and I know that nothing was done.

Leverette teacher -

Do you have copies of the formal complaints?
Can you give me dates and times including how the complaint was made, i.e., letter, union form, etc.?
Were any board members contacted?

If you have copies and/or can give me additional information, please contact me - you can do so through my profile and contact information. If not, I'm in the phone directory.

Also, for everyone please note that those contacted were not Board members but Administration. For some reason, employees of TPS refer to the administration as the Board which is obviously not correct.



Apparently you don't know who I am even though my screen name is a giveaway and all the regulars here certainly know me. I'm Steven Flagg associated with the Urban Coalition.. If you discuss my name with TPS administration, I am sure you will find out that they don't consider me as a "friend". I have never done anything egregious or inappropriate but only challenge the district to be accountable. But when you take it public, as that seems the only way some will act, you quickly wear out any welcome you have.

You don't need to identify yourself to me. Even if you did, there are plenty that will tell you I don't betray confidences regardless of the heat I get. If there have been reports, I too wonder where these reports went and what if any investigation has been done.

It goes to the heart of accountability and the willingness to deal with issues that can be delicate and embarrassing but must be appropriately addressed in keeping with the school's mission and public trust. This is where we send the children of our community to realize the potential that we need right here in River City!

Share if you like.



Contact me through swampbubbles - just click on my screen name, click on the tab that says contact and you can send me an email. I'll respond to you with options for delivery, if you can't scan and send via email. As I said, I'm also in the phone book. Call me or you can send to the address listed. It is still valid.

sides with the District, this investigation needs to be in the hands of a different authority. This should be a criminal investigation. Lucas County Children Services, Internal Affairs and the US Justice Department all need to do an independent investigation.

LCCS needs to investigate if any children have been abused by the principal and if any others have been abused by the CPO Mr. Harry. Internal Affairs needs to investigate the police officer in the building to see if he performed his duties to protect and serve the students at Leverette, and the Justice Department needs to investigate to see if the student's civil rights have been violated, especially a certain segment of the population.

The Ohio Department of Education is a part of the problem.

Leverette Junior High School is a crime scene and should have yellow tape around the school and it should be treated as such.

If the school is allowed to be open on Monday there should be counselors available to all of the students on an ongoing basis. These children have suffered enough.

of the B.S. I'm glad a friend told me about this crap. I've only been there for a few years and I can tell you he ain't that bad. Terrible administrator huh? Lowering the arrest rate, increasing enrollment, increasing parental involvement. You also failed to mention the grant for camp, Title I, Gear Up, after school tutoring. I've heard about the people that have been yelled at, 4 minnutes late, this wasn't the first time either. Late is Late. You also forgot to mention the teacher that got in trouble for leaving before the end of the day and not signing out, repeatedly. What about the ridiculous, ineffective subs that he has gotten rid of. I've heard the stories, would you rather have the previous principal? I heard she was a real peach of a principal. Go ahead and rip me and call me a cheerleading sycophant, but it sounds like more than two people have grudges. Just remember those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Lowering the arrest rate make for a good principal? Remember this is a school. How many arrests were made with the old principal and how many with the new principal, so that a comparison can be made? Those statistics are a big secret and are not available. The old principal was not very effective either and we had many run ins with her. But this is an entirely different situation. She was not directly involved with anyone in an abusive or sexual manner, she was just ineffective.

She also tried to cover for Charles Poznanski the teacher at Leverette who had his license revoked by the state for molesting two 13 year old female students. He should have been fired long before he was. He was taking female students to lunch, giving them money, showing students pornography on school computers and other atrocities perpetrated on young girls.

Leverette students have suffered enough. Every year a new crop of students comes to Leverette because it is a junior high school.

Your post sounds very uneducated, and I am positive that everyone that reads it, outside of the extremely small and insignificant pro-Riddle clique at school, will agree. Therefore, I am not going to call you a cheerleading sycophant. I am just going to call you ignorant.

you sound like someone that has an axe to grind. Were you one of those teachers called onto the carpet for not doing your job? Please address the situation, address the improvements made at the school, improved learning atmosphere etc. Why not stand up and be one of the ones counted? Make your voice heard in the school, lead the revolution of change, gather others on your side by stating your case clearly and concisely, rather than hide behind some internet moniker where you can vent anonymously. Are you afraid that other teachers like me will not support you? To improve the school,old ways needed to done away with and new ways needed to be implemented.

purnhrt is not ignorant - not by a long shot, and I believe everything he says about this. I am wondering though, if yet another leverette teacher is one of the principals amusements.

I was referring to "Yet Another Leverette Teacher". And I would put money on your idea that she is one of "(admin edit) amusements". I know that she would love to portray that my posts are some form of retaliation, but in reality, they are simply a means to make the public aware. To Yet Another, you mentioned something about hiding behind anonymity. I will be the first one to say, "You're damn right!" What idiot would reveal their real identity in a situation like this??? Obviously, not you either. Maybe you aren't ignorant after all. And as far as my proverbial axe, you will be disappointed to know that I have none. I don't have to have gotten into trouble for anything in order to want to bring inappropriate behavior to the public's attention. No, I am not going to highlight the positive aspects of our building. It's an educational institution - good things are SUPPOSED to happen. So, I don't think we should be patting ourselves or any of our fellow colleagues on the back when they do. Misconduct, however, needs to be addressed. We are supposed to be modeling good behavior for our students, and many of the things that are occurring are are far from that and not things that need to be happening in a place designated for the enrichment of our kids.

I knew that I was not being called ignorant by ALT as I have been on other posts. The Leverette teachers and staff fall into two categories. 1.For children or 2.against children. They know who they are. We all need to get behind the ones that are for the students. This building needs to be cleared out of all misconduct.

Monday will be a terrible day for anyone who enters the building without some intervention by some outside agency to protect the for children staff and the students. The toxic environment may get worse before it gets better, but this community must get behind the right people to ease the transition into an educational environment. We can no longer allow the destruction of children for the "amusement" of the against children staff.

Also Starling02, I am a female as you well know.



Oh, come on. A baseball bat, a ski mask, and a iron-clad alibi aren't THAT hard to obtain.

What the hell is wrong with you women? Learn to defend yourselves. Any man pressuring you into sex should live in fear for his life.

I cannot believe that this misconduct would go without punishment. I know if these issues were brought to any higher power, they would investigate. How do we (the posters) know that you are not creating these accusations out of dislike for the principal? As a public domain, TPS would investigate any of these issues brought forth. If dismissed, they are either not true or blown out of context. So which are they?

You are soooooooooooo naive... Could I please borrow your rose colored glasses for a day? To Leverette Teacher, "Amen, sister!"



the more APPALLED I become. I don't know how Leverette will open tomorrow and the students and the "for the kids staff" will be safe. However, these abuses of the students will not be covered up as has been done in the past.

There are many violations that have occurred at this school and tomorrow will be a difficult day but know that we are all watching and proceeding to resolution. A resolution that will benefit the Leverette community. The first thing I am looking for is that the principal be relieved of his duties at Leverette until it has been established that he has been a good steward of the Leverette children. He can be placed in an assignment at the Board across the street until his credibility as a good steward of children is established. Not one more child needs to be harmed at this school.

Is that you SW-S? Or is it the Mom on a Mission?

My feeling is if none of what Leverette teacher is saying is true, TPS posters in disguise would be all over this thread, talking all kinds of trash.

Dr. Adams, Dan Burns, Bill Weyandt, Mr. Harry and Mr. Riddle should all be fired. I guess Dan Burns can't be fired since he left and went to Cleveland a month after I filed the complaint with him, but he sure should be held accountable for not disciplining Mr. Harry in March of 2006 for inappropriate behavior with 13 year old girls, maybe just maybe he would not have had the opportunity to assault any little girls.

I hope that when it has been established that it is safe to do so all students who have been damaged by this school come forward and put these people where they belong, on the street if not in jail for contributing and child endangering.

There are major problems with the(admin edit).
Here are some actions at Leverette that has been known but for this posting we shall use the term "alleged."

He pushed the envelope on some teachers when he was at Chase Elementary.
While many praise him there, one will also find many that will not praise him there.

While the allegations seem far fetched to some they are far from the need to being ingnored.

Please note the use of the term "allegations" here of the "possible" actions:

Sexual behavior at school of (admin edit) with (admin edit) has already been mentioned by one poster here. This is common knowdegle among Leverette faculty and staff and some "administrators/employees" at the Thurgood Marhsall Building across the street from Leverette. (admin edit) has often admitted to several TPS employees that she is "(admin edit) " including at a birthday party for a certain Leverette employee. She has admitted to the "girls click" that she has had sexual encounters with him at school.

Others have come into question of having a sexual affiar with the(admin edit) , if so they are keeping on the "down low."

There are others in the rumors but have no evidence to that effect. There is only witnesses and of course hearsay since nobody seems to have anything on paper yet

More action.
However his relationships with some like (admin edit) has come into question among staff members many times because of certain happenings and things that they have been allowed to do that others can not. This includes things like arrive late, leave early, get days off, classes covered by other teachers when they should be teaching, giving them TPS equipment and supplies to keep, giving them longer lunch times, giving them TPS monies including stuff from the building fund raisers, giving them luch paid for out of building funds, and so much more, to much to even type here. Having Basham do the master schedule instead of the principal do the master schedule. Not getting subs on purpose so that classes can be sent to the gym and thus give Dickerson free days to not teach and read the paper and get him extra pay. Green sheeting employess for leaving a door open, arriving only minutes late, leaving at the first bell at the end of the day, staying late to get some work done, leaving the building for lunch and being on time, not decorating the hallways with paper and paint, not decorating the doors with paper and paint,

This are just a few of the actions that again shall be referred to as "alleged" for the purposes of this website, although the term "alledged for some" should be used with a grain of salt because much of the above has taken place and is taken place at Leverette.

I understand the frustration the staff may feel at Leverette, but these are ADULT issues and do not seem to be effecting the students directly. Any work forse is going to have ADULT issues, TPS is no different.

However, I do believe the sexual conduct at school is completely inappropriate and I am sure will be dealt with accordingly. I am sure our administration or BOE members do not accept this kind of behavior at our schools. With reasonable proof, the issues will be handled. However, one cannot "jump the gun" and believe every accusation or they would be on a "wild goose chase"........

Twila: is it SW-S? one will never know if she has a twin? Or is that "mom on a mission" who has a twin? could be a number of community members that assist TPS schools.

at any school or any workplace, especially one that deals with children. Do you think the children don't know what is going on?

The proper people have been notified and if even one of them performs their duty to the public it will be a victory for the students and the egregious sexual environment that Leverette has become will cease to exist.

I was really surprised that Mr. Harry is out on bond and has not been indicted on any charges, I hope he does not attempt to intimidate any of the students, while he is out.

with the state? Is it any wonder why the students are doing so poorly? This is the fourth year of Academic Emergency. Mr. Riddle has been there three of those four years. Did anyone ever question their attendence rate? It is 86.5 %.

Is anybody paying attention to this school? Surely parents were contacting the administration about problems and issues. They were not being heard.

Check this out:

Thanks Purnhrt for bring this too everyones attention. I hope this will get the ball rolling.

I apologize I did not read all of the comments and the principal that I was referring to is not the principal at Leverette but is at a different middle school. So I edited out my comment. But I still believe the teachers who have came and posted about what this principal is doing.

the pleasures of adults.

Because of the seriousness of the charges against the CPO and knowing the complaint that I filed last school year, I felt an urgency and a failure on my part for not pushing harder to get Mr. Harry brought up on charges, AAPA has contacted the Toledo Police, Lucas County Children Services and the U.S. Department of Justice. Because of the culture of denial at TPS and the incestuous relationships of people in high places in Toledo I felt that bringing in the Department of Justice was justified. I am glad that I did because the DOJ immediately called me back and the person that I talked to was APPALLED. It is safer when the DOJ is aware of the entire situation at Leverette and will keep an eye on developments.

We will be issuing a news release within the next day or two once we meet with LCCS. I am not making these statements to inflame the situation but I don’t want it to be a 24 hour news story and then it goes away. That is the way things generally go down in Toledo. If anyone wants to provide any more information, please use this venue or if you feel comfortable enough use the information that Steve Flagg has provided.

We will also be asking that the principal be relieved of his duties at Leverette until an investigation is completed. He can work at the Board until it has been determined that he did nothing wrong and violated no child in any way.

If you are reading these posts, please, if you value Toledo's children call the Board of Education 419-729-8200 ask to speak to John Foley the superintendent and tell him that you want immediate relief for the students at Leverette. These students have a right to a stress free learning environment.

Are you serious? This issue reminds me of the "Noose" crap at Rogers.............It is all crap.

So you're ready to admit that the noose incident was all bullshit? Damn Twila, welcome to the real world!

the noose incident which I had nothing to do with other than commenting about it on this blog.

Don't muddy the water!

You supported the poster on this blog about the noose, just as you support the poster(supposively a teacher) on this crap issue. you will support any negative comment and feed into it regarding TPS. Do you have a hobbie? Perhaps that is what is needed in your life............

This whole post was about the security arrest, not about the principal and you just run with what you can, as always. Perhaps this is why no one listens to you anymore.........


The FBI.....................come on. We have much more serious issues in this world then for them to spend time investigating a noose rumor...............rumor by an angry parent as yourself.

Wow talk about Slander.... You have so many things figured out, NOT! A few questions for ya.... Having done many news stories... If I dont recall... didn't you have some history with Children's Services?? DID SOMETHING HAPPEN in YOUR OWN HOME? I dont want to spread false rumors so please clearify for all of us. I also no that doing many stories in toledo, The Toldeo Journal has highlighted what a great job that Principal at Leverette has done. Never heard you complain before. I also no that he has done so many things for North Toledo, setting up elementary basketball league, supplies food for many families, volunteered countless hours to help North Toledo Families. I also saw your Link to ODE about scores, Did you notice the perforance index has gone up almost 10pts over the last 3 years and raised every subject area. You and your group have a excellent way of changing data and conversations to mislead. I to could also go on for pages about all the great things I have covered that involved The Leverette Principal and Staff. You and the other 5 people that are having a slanderious conversation should use you energy for something useful. By the way have you read the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf?" If not, you should as you remind me of the wolf always crying about something! When something really happens, I wonder if anyone will listen to you? I doubt it. Get a life.

Especially with you TPS Cheerleader and Yet Another Leverette Teacher. Since neither one of you are offering any solutions to the problem you must be part of the problem. Why is everyone on Purnhrt's case? All she wants is justice for kids, shouldn't you? Are either one of you those teachers at Leverette allowing children to be abused? If you are really Leverette teachers as you say you are then you know that the 14 yr. old girl isn't the only one allegedly being abused or are your heads so far up (admin edit) ass that you have failed to see the truth? Can't wait for the lights to get flipped on all the cock roaches at (admin edit)!!!! Maybe we can exterminate a few rats too!!!!

Leverette Teacher, Another Leverette Teacher and TPS Teacher everything you have said is true but adult can take care of themselves. Why hasn't anyone mentioned (the other alleged) tragedies that that go on at school? Children have been manhandled, wrestled to the ground, punched in the deans office, kicked in the principals office, come on you know it is supposed to be all in the name of fun and play but it isn't. Kids have been picked up by Mr. Harry and Mr. Riddle and pushed against the wall. We should be worried about these things not who gives who freak nest love fest's in offices and so on. If they the cconsenting adults want to swap nasties (yuk) then let them give each other diseases. What about (admin edit) throwing that certain child in the garbage like he was trash? Isn't reason enough to be concerned. Purnhrt isn't chasing dreams or some mad hatter. Hey Purnhrt they persecuted Jesus so I wouldn't waste my time on the nay sayers.

Test scores up 10%, The Toledo Journal highlighting the good Mr. Riddle has done, creating an atmosphere that allows education to take place. If you look closely at the allegations they are all speculation and years old and they point to a single person's incidents and that person definitely has a grudge. In any workplace not everyone will like the leader. As for congratulating Another Leverette teacher here is a QUOTE from this thread. "I haven't done a thing, nor will I. That's not my responsibility." Not my responsibility huh? Real caring teacher about the kids. Won't do anything, what about a legal duty as a teacher to do something? If I had kids I certainly would not want that teacher for them. As for others I have looked at past posts of thiers and they cannot see through their own agenda and hatred (Follow Billy's call, read teh noose thread, I did and even when presented with logic, reason and facts certain people refused to admit .) Capp are you a Leverette teacher as well or are you getting fed facts like others seem to be?

YALT - I have not and will not say or do anything, because it's already been said and done. Any improper behavior that has occurred that I am aware of has already been made abundantly clear to the proper authorities.. And no, it is not my responsibility to keep the morality and/or professionalism of my co-workers in check. What I would like to do, however, is to withdraw my previous statement that you may not be ignorant.

I did not start either post about the “noose” incident at Rogers nor did I start this post. While this post was not started about the principal, the first person to post a comment posted about the principal. It was not I.

This post was started about the TPS CPO who raped a little girl at Leverette. I did not notify the FBI about the noose incident but I take full responsibility for notifying the US Department of Justice concerning the horrific conditions at Leverette. I am a mandated reporter of child abuse and I have reason to believe that the abuse of children is taking place at Leverette. It is my responsibility as a human being to report what I know. I did.

I know and knew nothing about the (admin edit) activities at the school. I don’t know any of the posters who may or may not be Leverette teachers. I don’t know anyone at Leverette. I do know two 13 year old girls from last school year who were inappropriately approached by the now accused CPO. I reported the behavior to the proper people at TPS (Dr. Cecelia Adams, Dan Burns and Mr. Riddle) and the parent after being intimidated by the principal asked me to drop my complaint. I did. I was assured by Dan Burns that the investigation would continue. Obviously they found no wrongdoing by the CPO and he was allowed to continue his grooming of little girls. Last week he was arrested for taking a little girl out of her classroom (I believe that has been established), taking her to his “Office” and raping her.

I do believe this whole post is about more than a negative comment, as stated by TPS Cheerleader. Any right thinking person can see that.

What a shame, as when I have done stories in Leverette and Yes I have been in Leverette, the kids seem ok to me. Wasn't the principal just on TV a few weeks ago about School Safety. The principal cant control what people do, if what is alleged (CPO thing) really happened. The students all were coming up and talking with the principal and giving him high fives and dap (Fist to Fist). If you call that abuse then ok. Once again changing or misleading......................... Why dont you try and help the schools instead of trying to break them down. Go volunteer at Leverette.................... I saw numerious other parents there helping also. I suppose everyones part of the cover up. Maybe This RIddle has friends at the Justice Department.............. Lets notify the President.... How do you no that that teacher wasn't disciplined about that trash can thing???? Or was he ,and your just misleading everyone again......

that its not so much misleading facts as it is selective editing of facts to fit teh agenda. Famous political figures have done this throughout history. See: Bush, Clinton etc.

I have a great "history" with Children Services for almost 36 years. I have adopted children from their agency starting in 1972. As far as coming clean to you, why don't you check out if "SOMETHING HAPPENED IN MY OWN HOME?" If you are a reporter I am sure that you can do an investigation. Report what you will about my personal life just make sure it is correct before you post it :)

Oh, and who did I slander?

the whole thing about Rogers you still refuse to accept the fact that this did not happen. While this thread is about teh CPO you certainly joined in the pile on riddle crowd, and you never steered the thread back to the original topic. Why is that? You as well refuse to take ALT to task on their quote. You say all teachers have a responsibility to protect the children and that you are a mandated child abuse reporter, would'nt that also include teachers? By thier own admission ALT would fall into the "against the children" category since it aint thier job. You also refuse to address the facts presented, rather you shift the topic to continue the rant. See shifting example "I did not start either post about the “noose” incident at Rogers" You refused to respond to Billy on the same topic.

"If the police do their job the way we expect them to, the fallout from the collateral damage will bring about changes in the way Leverette has operated for years,(as a secret society of child abusers, sexually and physically.)"
(by purnhrt)

Wow cut and paste from previous stuff does work.... If you look back isnt this your writing? Besides slandering the entire staff, also the Principal.......... But I am sure you will mislead and call it something else.......... Or do you want to change the quote (that you wrote) and reword it to fit your personel needs?????

Yes, I can read. I read all the great wonderful things that Mr. Riddle has done for the community. Sure it all looks good on paper and even better for someone who has his own agenda. If I wanted to climb up the ladder of success I would want to look good on paper too. But it is what he does behind closed doors to children that concerns me and I don't think it is any one person's agenda to just make the man look bad. He does it all on his own. It's true he isn't very well liked and it is because he treats human beings like dirt and only likes them when they serve him and his agenda.
We all have friends outside of work; no one is upset because he won't be their friend.
Listen, the truth always comes out, too many things have been revealed...........therehave been many incidences of children being violated at Leverette by staff memebers. I stand corrected......Another Leverette Teacher it is your respnsibility to report even if annonymously any abuses that just goes hand in hand as part of being a teacher.

While doing a story about Leverette, all of the staff members that were around spoke of how high the moral is and its the best enviroment they have worked at. Interesting that one person speaks for everyone. By the way, Mr. RIddle wasnt around and did not no I spoke with some staff mebers. Interesting you all keep speaking about Leverette, yet NONE of you have been there! About the abuse, who always breaks up the fights at Leverette? Mr. Harry or Mr. Riddle??? Lots of Gang Activity, Oh ya so kids do need to be grabbed and "Manhandled" Have you seen how big these students are or wait you havent'! Because you haven't been in Leverette..... Posting "HEAR SAY" can get you in a lot of trouble......................... You all should write a song... Instead of I'm a Survivor... call it I'm A MISLEADER..... Have you seen the Movie "I change things and mislead the facts?" or did you write it..............

rape and sexually assault children in the same school in the space of a few years there is a glaring problem and I would not call them isolated incidents. The environment has been sexualized, which is why the principal crossed the line (if he did) with his behavior as reported on this post.

The facts stand- CPO (campus protection officer) has a duty to protect the campus not rape little girls. Harry Weatherholt arrested and arraigned November 2007.

The role of the teacher is to teach not molest little girls. Charles Poznanski whose teaching license was revoked for these actions in November 2005.

I did not make this up.

And If a child was thrown into a trash can surely you can see this as abuse.

Children should be able to sleep and dream at night. But how can they if they are worried about going to school the next day? Unacceptable to me. and it should be to you!

The CPO is having his day in court. Very unforunate that this has happened and very sick, sad and demeaning. However, Purnhrt, one angry poster gave you a negative issue to debate and you are all over it. You thrive on negative issues in our schools. Have you ever taken a moment to realize all the good in our public schools?

You are lying!!!!!!!! All of the staff members, infact most do not speak of highly they feel about the fearless leader or even hoe wonderful moral is. Infact it is just the opposite.
Besides where were you because I sure did not see you. Are you getting paid or something to be the spokes person for Leverette anad do damage control?
These lies have me so upset I am seeing red and making me goof my prior statement should have been addressed to Yet Another Teacher not to TPS Cheerleader.
Listen, there are alot of children being abused (allegedly). Let's not get off track. Besides I am not worried about anything because the truth will prevail.

I can assure you that even though you may not see it, stuff is getting done. The wonderful thing about the internet and blogs is that stuff can no longer be kept secret. Where the newspapers like the Blade won't print the truth, the information highway is changing lives one child at a time, one school at a time, one government at a time.

Long live the Internet!!!

Do you both have short memory? You keep repeating the same stuff. Also Purnhrt, dont start using words like alledged, you have been slandering the staff and Mr. Riddle all along this posting, so dont try coving up now. By the way Purnhrt, dont you have children to look after, or are you neglecting them by playing on line? Help them with there home work, or plan how you are going to volunteer countless hours at their schools or have you been banned for causing made up drama? You to Capps, get up tomorrow and go volunteer at the very schools you are blasting! Whats the matter scared you will learn the truth, that kids are cared for and learning! Isn't Leverette enrollment the Highest its been in years. While almost all other TPS schools are losing students! Thats a fact!!!! That Principal and Staff must be doing something right. Numbers dont lie, unlike your group.....................

Are you kidding me? I have been there, you know seen it for myself and so have the rest of you Leverette Staffers unlike news -19 who is perpetrating. There goes your hear say theory!!!!!! I wish that the high fives is what I was talking about but it isn't. I just kept reading the posts to see if anyone would mention the children. Let's not make them out to be the bad guys please. the only gang members at Leverette are certain staff members. The kids aren't that big, regardless of their size no one has the right to touch them, That's why paddling was removed from the schools. Oh that's right you don't know because you aren't staff.........

Whatever CAPPS.............who titles you to be a hero teacher? Are you a child psychologist? you must be a child profession of some kind. Please let me know your creditionals?

Staff as a "gang member"? OMG. Conversing with you and Twila would give me a headache......

You are scaring me because you are a little too concerned about my children and what I do in my personal life.

Whats it like to be so negative and hateful????? Just wondering???? Last time I checked all the Kids at Leverette have parents or guardians, so interesting none of them have come forward, or is this your way of fishing for a needle in a hay stack!! Didn't Leverette have over a Thousand Parents at Open house, oh ya they did I was there. Also didnt leverette have the Largest ground breaking and Largest Sixth Grade Open House... Wow those parents seem really upset. ALso in light of all the negative things that took place, How many students withdrew from Leverette?? 1, I no I called........... Interesting, the parents must trust the Staff and Principal. ALso almost 700 students just 7th and 8th grade, couldnt handle 6th grade which the new leverette was built for. Why ,because so many kids want to go to Leverette!!!
But you all or you 3 to 5 people keep misleading or trying to.........

I suppose Twila and I give alot of people headaches. Especially those that are guilty. If my house of cards was about to fall I'd have a migraine. I am no staffer of the year or hero just someone who likes kids. I believe in speaking the truth. I'm not perfect just right in this case. After all I thought that part of our school's motto was "for the chidren". Just a little FYI I say OMG too but when I call out his name I ask for justice I don't use it in VEIN!!!!!! You may need him sooner than you think so be very careful in how you use his name!



I believe that it is very, very likely that News-19 is a fraud, and has never in his life 'done' a story on anything. Observe the terrible grammar and spelling, then try to convince me that this person writes for a living.
For those of you who aren't familiar with her, Purnhrt (Twyla) is consumed by hate, as evidenced by her previous posts and her inability to admit any mistakes she may have made. In her own mind, she can't be wrong about any of the terrible things she writes about, because the admission would invalidate her 'work'. SFlagg says that he has met Purnhrt and that my opinion isn't true, and he may be correct – but it isn't likely.
To Yet Another Leverette Teacher (and anyone else), your best strategy is to ignore Purnhrt. If you try and support her position, she'll find fault with you. If you oppose her, she'll play the race card and continue with personal attacks. She's wasted bandwidth and noise, and no more than that.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

You are right about one thing, """"""the things I write about are terrible"""""

I have only done once before. This thread has been doing nothing but exchanging the same old allegations back and forth and the conversations here are not productive. Some of the allegations here are some of the worst I have seen and since they seem to be more of a smear campaign than news, I don't see a reason to allow it to continue.

Whether or not they are true, you went about it the wrong way. Plus you could have had them addressed in a more professional manner, such as being more general and asking for help. Being you immediately fingered someone and continued to do so seems to me that it is more personal than practical and you will need to deal with that. I also wish the people who made the allegations good luck, you may get a rude awakening about being responsible.

If nothing improves soon, I will close it down and no longer allow comments or new posts on the topic.

This is the warning.

This is one of the best arguements I have heard from you Chris...............

Good call.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

........okay Chris what do you suggest? We could agree to disagree, but then that really wouldn't solve anything. Surely you can see that just about everyone who posted is treating this personal and not practical because everyone's emotions are involved. Each poster believes in his/her side and truly believes it. Of coarse it is personal. I do agree with you........nothing is getting accomplished here. I will just have to continue to take my knowlege of events to the powers that be. If anyone has any productive ideas; then please do share.

I don't think much more can be accomplished here. If you have evidence you can e-mail it to me at admin at . Other than that what else can be done? Plus, there is a right way and wrong way to highlight these issues. Saying a specific someone at a school sleeps with staff is not the right way. Twila gave good advice on where to report incidents, but one does not need to make things personal.

Some posters started attacking individuals regarding issues not germane to the topic but attempted to discredit individuals based upon ridicule and personal information. This is a time tested tactic to distract from the discussion and a "sick" way of debating!

From Wikipedia:personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when examining another person's claims or comments. It is considered a personal attack when a person starts referencing a supposed flaw or weakness in an individual's personality, beliefs, lifestyle, convictions or principles, and use it as a debate tactic or as a means of avoiding discussion of the relevance or truthfulness the person's statement. It works on the reasoning that, by discrediting the source of a logical argument, namely the person making it, the argument itself can be weakened.

This line of "reasoning" is fallacious because the attack is directed at the person making the claim and not the claim itself. The truth value of a claim is independent of the person making the claim. No matter how morally repugnant a person might be, he or she can still make true claims. For example, a defense attorney may claim that a witness' testimony cannot be trusted because he is a convicted felon. On the other hand, illuminating real character flaws and inconsistencies in the position of an opponent are a vital part of the public political process and of the adversarial judicial process. Use of a personal attack in a logical argument constitutes a formal fallacy called ad hominem, a term that comes from a Latin phrase meaning "toward the man".

This behavior is inappropriate in any venue! If anyone has evidence, send it to me - see posts above or do as Chris suggested and send it to him. Someone will follow up.

Nobody is going to follow up on the sick behavior of the staff, parents, and students who like "sick" environments. This is the worst environment to place a child for learning. The teachers who have remained at Leverette are dedicated and have dealt with some powerless leaders who treat their staff horribly! This school district has too much corruption. The board knows but it's easier for them to turn their backs, isn't it? And, it seems to be a place where women are treated with discrimination. That's the worst part...discrimination!

No more trying to reason with those who can't be reasoned with. Since some people can't seem to hear maybe they will be able to see. By the way whatever happened to Freedom of Speech? It is my opinion that there is an attempt here to sensor those comments that speak volumes about the wrongs of certian Leverette personnel.

it would be so much easier if parents knew how to find out what there rights are when trying to work with the schools. I'm not saying who is right and who is wrong but kids should be able to learn in schools and not have to bother with there teacher or principal making eyes at each other. It is just to much. How does it get this way? Don't kids have rights to?

if you believe this crap, then you are in trouble in the real world. Public school systems cannot stop what people choose to do outside the work force. Furthermore, if these accusations were true, dont you think it would have come out by now in the media? With all the public attention Leverette has received over the last several weeks with the CPO, the media would love a story as this. However, when it is not true, they can not give the public a story. Think about it......................

alone, I must comment because of your statements Cheerleader. Because the media does not get involved, is no indication that the issues are not true. It simply means that the media won't rock the boat at this time. For whatever reason.

Remember the Catholic Church and the issues they had involving children............for years. Do you think that the media did not know that priests were molesting children? Do you think it took 50 years for the media to realize that there was a story?

oooooooooocome on. You know how they thrive on negative issues. Ofcourse they would report it, especially since they were in the spot light and there has been "other accusations". However, they cannot report if nothing illegal is happening.

HOW did this complaint situation end up, now that the events have changed publically?

I believe the complaint from Riddle was withdrawn.

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