City to purchase former Dillard’s store at Southwyck


The city of Toledo will buy a portion of Southwyck Shopping Center in hopes of clearing obstacles to a final agreement leading to redevelopment of the mall, under a plan announced today.

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Why does Larry Dillon not buy it directly from Dillards? Why does it have to go through the city? Brian Schwarz, if you are reading this.....

The report says he can not will purchase it.

More promises....


They should put COSI in there, maybe that'll perk Southwyck and COSI up

... is still WELFARE. Welfare encourages dependency and the making of excuses. This won't end well.

Doing it this way, the City can get a finders fee from Dillion which will probably go into the General Fund or whatever other fund in may go in to.

That the city purchases the property and Dillan then changes his mind, what then? There has been no public declaration about a commitment as in writing from Dillan.

Will City Council think this through and not rush to act?

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