Update: School board election results still reverberate around the community

Update: lots more opinions - add your opinion below.

In today's Toledo Journal - TFT victorious in board election

Now that the Toledo Federation of Teachers has strengthened its control of the local school system, it

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Those that want to read the complete piece written by Jack that don't want to visit Glass City Jungle then have to from there to Sojourner's Truth can go here:



We don't remember days only moments...

3 of every 4 registered Toledo voters didn't even care to vote. No wonder the sensible options lost by a wide margin. A baseless school levy is going to be put on a Spring vote for certain ... along with another COSI gambit after some December (engineered) drama. Why not? We're living in a Monty Python skit, where the Silly Party is winning the by-election in Luton. All Ford needs now is a red rubber ball nose just to make it obvious.

So much has been said about Democratic Party unity but yet the facts belie the true situation.

From the Journal story:

Ms. Sobecki, who lives in Point Place, said she and Mr. Ford exchanged favors during the campaign.
''He offered to put some [signs] up and I put some up for him in different areas,'' she said. ''I appreciated it and I think he did, too.''

So we have another endorsed Democrat supporting an unendorsed Democrat. The unity issue is becoming a rather tired old joke.

The real team Sobecki and Ford were on was the TFT team.

I posted to your site because you highlighted the education part. Thanks for posting the whole link.

Sandy assures the community that Lisa is the "mom on a mission" and has the child's welfare at heart.

Well, Sandy DID say that and I belieeeeeeeeeeeeeve her.

Don't go far, Sandy.

I did say that and I meant it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch out Brian---we have more than "a mom on a mission".

I also say you are a moron, do you want to believe me on that too? LOL

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