Toledo Budget Questions

Just some things that stick out-not a comprehensive review.

Police are expecting to bring in 4 million in revenue in 08 a major jump of 3 million (better not speed and don't run those red lights). Notice how it has jumped since 04.

04-895,038.36 05-760,412.03 06-1,525,983.04 07-1,303,998.00 08-4,481,576.75

Fire expected 1 mil jump in revenue
04-3,445,452.80 05-3,721,250.13 06-3,987,244.48 07-4,938,167.00 08-5,824,643.67

1150 - SEVERANCE 04-730,379.72 05-748,521.38 06-1,594,270.24 07-2,033,549.13 08-2,622,369.57
Odd that severance pay is jumping.

Special assessment expenditures are jumping- does this mean we will get assessed more?
50-SPECIAL ASSESSMENT SERVICES Total 21,596,213.56 24,020,675.01 25,649,056.60 27,706,489.59 08-48,738,574.69

Stop flushing your toilets! Sewer operating expenditures are expected to jump:
70-SEWER OPERATING Total 04-49,784,102.94 46,627,193.97 58,829,037.50 60,439,122.67 08-71,501,046.12

An ICT Technology Position:
MAYOR'S ASSISTANT 2 1.00 36,189.31

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...are planning for increased severance pays as the population ages. Especially in government, this is anticipated because of the number of people who tend to stay in such employment. I think both police and fire were expecting significant numbers of people eligible to retire...

The Rag

"We cordially invite you to come and savour and if possible live with us in our unique and interesting culture.

Join us in achieving the dream of making Toledo City an economic and tourism haven that will gather interesting people to appreciate the rich and promising resources with the scenic and panoramic terrain needed for a progressive governance.

Toledo City is proud of its endowments. It offers various privileges to clients who are willing to come and invest to help propel the city's economy. Diverse and abundant resources are found such as highly skilled workers, in placed infrastructure, friendly business climate, attractive rest and recreation places with remarkable peace and order situation."

The 'garbage tax' continues, but the so-called "Cadillac" garbage service that this tax allegedly is going to support decreases.

He just wont frigging give up on the ESM!! Now the city is to pay the $25000 payroll that the manager earns. A couple thoughts on that - first one being that 25K for a mangerial salary is pretty piss-poor. The old saying goes, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys... Should we then pay MORE for valued help?? NO!! We should get the EFF out of there and sell the pig!!

Anybody seeing any freeze in the 5 mile per year bike path plans?

Some of us live blocks from Detroit and we are not crack zombies....:-) Just zombies dedicated to a cleaner and better neighborhoods despite this administration and others.

1. Highly skilled workers: Actually, no more or less per capita than any other US city. You may as well just say "we have drinking water".

2. Friendly business climate: This is such a blatant lie that I can't say anything further on the topic.

3. Attractive rest and recreation places: More blatant lies. Toledo is run-down and looks every bit of it.

4. ... with remarkable peace and order situation: Citizens hiding in their homes while criminals run free on the streets and the police dispatcher comes up with more reasons not to respond, is NOT "peace and order".

Noted and credited. I'm sure you'll be correct.

The ESM should be renamed to the ISM, since it's an "-ism" all right: Communism.

I've noted that all those brown signs on I75 with COSI on them also tend to have the ESM on the same sign. That's good planning, since you don't have to alter the sign -- you just have to take the thing down, since the ESM should be dying in sync with COSI.

All the Livable City judges would need to do is travel from the intersection of Washington and Dorr to Parkside and Dorr, then, travel from Detroit Avenue from the southern most end to the Michigan state line and they will understand that Toledo may be the most livable City for the thousands of crack zombies roaming aimlessly through the day and night. Except those people who are naturally addictive personalities, other people turn to drugs because they have lost hope. A lot of hope has been lost in Toledo and our so-called leaders can't see what the issues are. As long as I can remember the City of Toledo has been very prudent about maintaining an underclass. Until ten years ago that underclass included mostly minorities. Welcome to the underclass, all fellow Toledoens. Equal opportunity works.

The guys and girls from Animal Farm greet you and embrace you into the bosom of depair.

So saying they have clean drinking water would actually be impressive.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Sh*t, you're right. I was ready to believe Carty was issuing such statements. I mean, yes, he does, but not so boldly.

Back to Reading Comprehension 101 for me!

We also have to remember that famous people, who all live somewhere else, will admit they grew up in Toledo. H mm? Take that back. I heard a few say they grew up in Detroit.

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