Sexually transmitted diseases on the rise - TPS wants to help

TOLEDO -- Lots of unprotected sex is leading to a record breaking year for sexually transmitted diseases, reports News 11's Jonathan Walsh.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2006 there were 1 million cases of chlamydia -- the most for any sexually transmitted disease in a single year.

TPS sex ed offered at every middle and high school

Toledo public schools is doing something to combat the problem. A letter went out to the parents of middle and high school students across the district. TPS has teamed up with the YWCA to reduce the risk of STD's and teen pregnancies in a major chunk of the community.

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Abstinence Programs or Comprehensive Sex Education?

If it is abstinence programs, then my guess is some youth who don't have solid support at home, do not get all of the information they need to stay safe.

I know this is a very private manner, but clearly some needs are not being addressed.

Here is a good article outlining the debate between Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education

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