Toledo budget may share costs of jail; mayor could shift $1.9M in tax burden to Lucas County

Hoping to ease the burden of a nearly $14 million annual criminal-justice bill on Toledo taxpayers, Mayor Carty Finkbeiner is expected today to propose shifting some of that burden to Lucas County taxpayers.

He'll do that by ordering city police to charge some criminals under state laws rather than city ordinances, city and county officials have told The Blade. The initiative could save the city about $1.9 million a year.

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...that if Toledo actually does this, all other jurisdictions in the county who can will follow suit - and the county can't cover these additional costs without either slashing other areas or increasing taxes...

... it's legal. Other cities in Ohio are doing it, so what is wrong with trying to save costs in city government? It will be interesting to see the county commissioners try to get out of this one. I'm all for it (unless someone can give me a reason in my self-interest not to be). Go Carty!

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The fallout will be judges dismissing the cases and more criminals on the streets in Toledo.

This is what happens when you put politics in front of government's duty to the people to serve and protect them.



... a "service" has been cut. I'm all for it. We could have more revenue to build a bigger jail, hire more judges, and other things. But the middle-class cries "poverty". Well, the city is now going to save some money. Go Carty!

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Yes it will just shift the burden. Taxes don't go down. The city budget is balanced by transferring the costs to the county. Now there is room to keep other items in the budget. So with the increased costs to the county, they either have to cut items from their budget or raise taxes.

This is not saving money - most likely it will lead to higher taxes. The county commissioners can now claim they were saddled with these costs and the only way to deal with an already stretched budget is to raise taxes.

It is a shell game! This is just a clever trick to save your skin by skinning someone else.

...dumb after all.

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I shouldn't be so cynical.

...Toledo only saves a bit because the Commissioners will probably have to increase taxes in some way to cover this shift of costs. So the only savings will be by spreading the costs of our law enforcement across the entire county rather than just among our city...and I see huge conflicts over that one...

...What if this is all being planned so that the commissioners can have a 'good' reason to raise taxes and then use the 'raised portion' to pay for the increased costs of the arena? It's now being estimated at about $20 million more than they had funding for...and they made a pledge not to use 'any more' taxpayer dollars for it...but if they just happen to have more tax dollars being collected, who would ever know???

conspiracy theory over...

What does this say about the community's level of trust regarding our elected leaders when every action is scrutinized as an effort to get into our pockets?

You have just cause to believe there is a conspiracy!

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