Jim Bishop loses twice in a week

First off I need to tip my hat to Jim Bishop. It takes a special blend of incompetence and politcial savvy to come in third behind two Republicans in a 70% Democrat town.

But, as we know he suffered a crippling loss last Tuesday to his own in-law and another candidate who was basically in a coma for the last six months.

Not only did Jim Bishop lose his judicial race, he also lost one of his top campaign aides when he hit his milestone 16th DUI (for those keeping score at home, that's a Baker's Dozen + 3) and is facing 60 days to 2.5 years of plotting Bishop's next electoral defeat.

Mama always said you're known by the company you keep. Whether you're living with your parents until you're 38 or trying to deceive the electorate you're fit to be a judge, people can always smell a rat.

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It appears that "Mama" was right. I thought that only political junkies knew of the dynamic duo, Double G, and Domenic "The Gentleman" Montalto, running Bishop's campaign this fall. However, that stench you speak of must have been strong enough for only 30% of the Toledo electorate to go for the Endorsed Democratic candidate in a three way race.
That being said, perhaps there is a silver lining after all in this. By not having the duties of Municipal Court to worry about, he can go back to what he does best: Taking money from little old ladies. Lourdes College better be on the lookout!

I have never had the opportunity to meet Mr. Bishop, but was able to become mutual acquaintences recently with Judge Goulding and was really put off by his brother-in-law choosing to run against him.

Additionally, despite their recent attempt to unify, I've got a couple of buddies that are currently on the LCDP Central Committee and they were none too impressed by the nature of this campaign. They, like myself, were turned off by the fact that he was running against his own brother-in-law (in-law, whatever), and that he chose to have two guys, one-standing trial for repeated DUI offenses, and the other, just kicked out of his position with the LCDP, heading up Mr. Bishop's campaign. Whatever the case, I am confident that the best man won and its time to lay that whole circus of a race to bed.



16 DUI's!

That case alone should prove we don't need a lower BAC level. What we need is stricter enforcement of the laws we currently have.



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