Toledo 20th worst large city in U.S. in foreclosure activity

Toledo ranks 20th worst among the nation

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That's the sound of GuestZero saying "I ^#*$*@# TOLD YOU SO" from a long, LONG distance away.

Don't buy housing that costs over 2.5 times your income. PERIOD. Keep it affordable and even in our industrial decline you can make it OK to keeping your home when you retire.

And when I say "your income", I DON'T mean "your income, your overtime, your husband's income, all his overtime, and his second job, and all the dollars in your Christmas cards".

Man, the way you've been talking these last few years, you'd think we would have made it in the Top 10!!! He He He

So how long will it take for the Property Assessments to go down to match falling home values? Interesting to see how Lucas County will react to widespread challenges / falling tax revenues.

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