Kaptur votes against party on trade wither Peru

Too bad her [Pelosi's] words carried so little clout with her fellow Democrats, who opposed the deal, 116-109. Among the Democrats who represent Northeast Ohio, only Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Cleveland supported this sensible accord. Dennis Kucinich of Cleveland, Marcy Kaptur of Toledo, Betty Sutton of Copley Township, Tim Ryan of Niles and Zack Space of Dover all voted no; so did a Republican who ought to know better, Steve LaTourette of Bainbridge Township. Retiring GOP Rep. Ralph Regula of Navarre joined Jones in voting yes.


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On the surface, trade with Peru may sound like a good idea. For too many years corporate America has illegaly manipulated third world economies. Peru is no exception. (Read "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins) It is likely that those Representatives who voted no are more concerned with the general public, here ans in Peru than with corporate profit margins.

South America is begining to benefit to it's newfound openness to the world economy.

Chile is quickly becoming one of the biggest trade partners with China and Japan.

The US shouldn't limit itself when everyone else is opening it's doors.



More cheep manufacturing labor!

Kaptur did the right thing. Bravo to her again!

Actually there has been a lot of interest in a number of things from South America.

For instance Argentina is one of the biggest producers of beef. Chile has a wide variety of climates and is becoming a popular tourist destination.

Free trade doesn't always equal manufacturing labor.



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