Best new sport team names?

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Sounds like Bowfins are a much more feared fish than Walleyes.

"They also naturally consume copious numbers of live crayfishes in many rivers. When hooked, Bowfin battle powerfully, offering a tremendous fight to the angler. Bowfin should be handled carefully. They are an ill-tempered, pugnacious fish, and consider themselves a match for anything - including a human being. Once in the boat, they will make every attempt they can at biting the fisherman - and they have a mouthful of very sharp teeth."

Although what is more fearful than the toxic green algae?

Are they serious about peckerheads? I saw this mentioned in the Blade. The terms pecker and peckerhead are slang for some certain things I don't think you would wanna call a team.

The Mighty Swamp Rats!

They ugly, mean and nothing to mess with! Great name for a Hockety Team - and in keeping with the 'animal' theme as well as our swampy heritage.

Better than peckerheads, no matter how you slice it!

With our Black Swamp heritage, why even think of anything else?

We used to have frogs downtown--They attracted many tourists---lots of kids would try to kiss them to see if they would turn into princes or princesses---we had a good thing going---that's why we eliminated them--(but there are a few left here and there) Time to ressurect them?


I like Maggie's idea for the Mighty Swamp Rats!

The spiney water fleas? They can't be seriously considering that one can they?

The Mighty Bullfrogs might have a nice ring to it.

Peckerheads is just Carty's lame attempt at getting something named after himself

Hey, they need a membership drive.

How about we name our next team the Toledo Maffia. That way if we offend anyone they'll take it out on Carty and solve some more of our problems.



How about the Toledo Toads? Kind of swampy and in keeping with our economy.