US Economy is Slowing; Toledo's moribund

As reported on the AP wire, "Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Thursday that a host of economic problems, including the severe housing slump, will cause business growth to slow noticeably in coming months." Will Slow? It already done did slow down here in Tiddlydo, Ohio. If it gets any slower, we won't need to plow the streets this winter since there won't be anybody on them.

While Ohio is a sliver of the national economy, let's be honest, we haven't helped ourselves, either. We hurt businesses by banning smoking, banning gambling, banning strippers, all for reasons of perceived morality and with no recompense to Ohio. Every Friday night, you can see the traffic of limos heading north across the border to smoke, drink, and play. Many millions of dollars are lost to Michigan every weekend.

What Toledo should do is model itself on what it USED to be, not what it wants to be. This city used to be a wide-open town, vice city. Those were prosperous days, back in the 1930s and '40s. We need some honest graft, vice, and corruption here to turn Toledo back into a vibrant place where people want to go, even if it's only overnight. Toledo -Las Vegas of the north! Get drunk, smoke yourself green, and get laid in Toledo, all in one evening!

Let's chuck all the bans and bring back the hootchie-cootchie girls, cigar parlors, gambling dens, and stop enforcing all the laws that detract from our goal as becoming America's Fun City.

Anybody got a better idea?

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With all the prudes around this town? You must be crazy. You're as nuts as a guy making a little noise at a bar in the downtown "entertainment district". Mercy me, some nearby resident might take offense!

Sex sells. So far, Toledo ain't selling nuttin but home foreclosures and bankruptcies. Let's try another path.

Pete is absolutely right on target on this one. Toledo (and Ohio) was doing pretty well, until the last 10 - 20 years - with the worst damage being accomplished in the last couple of years. I have vivid memories of downtown Toledo being packed with people shopping (I am 55). The streets were jammed packed with people, with a lot of stores to shop in. It was a main event for xmas shopping, and had a lot of nightclubs - even Burlesque. Ohioans (and Toledoans) need to WAKE UP, and connect the damned dots. Get rid of the smoking ban in Ohio, bring in gambling - and you'll see this state & city turn itself around & be prosperous again. Fact is, as soon as you ban something or make it illegal, it creates a black market (the mob). I just read an article about how they collected cigarette butts outside high schools in Canada, and discovered (by brand or filter) that most were black market cigs. Black market cigs are huge business, and it'll get worse. Those Stand-Up brats & Move-On were upset to learn that the outcome of all those ads to prevent teens from smoking, had quite the reverse affect - more teens were smoking than ever before. Tell a teen something is banned or illegal, make it dangerous - and by golly, that's what they're going to want to try. Ohio has lost all our dining dollars since the ban - just us two, but eating out once or twice a week (equivalent of Outback or better) with 20 percent tipping - and multiply all the other smokers who go to Michigan now - do the math, it adds up.

But sadly, the masses have swallowed the shs propaganda whole, and it'll take some time (if ever) to turn this around again. Personally, I think the battle's lost already. My son told me that Prohibition was passed via an Amendment of the Constitution - a vote by the people (the whole country). It was overturned (vote by the people) after about a decade. The mob made huge money on prohibition, the rich got richer. As for Toledo & Ohio, I doubt we'll survive a decade of foreclosures & bankrupsies & brain drain. Toledo will be another Flint, Michigan - as will Ohio. Carty's whining about COSI, and is all happy that empty downtown store fronts are decorated (to take away the sting of being empty, to make downtown 'pretty') - priorities are so skewed. Oregon, Ohio plans to do this Coke plant that will spew horrific pollutants - and yet, they worry about shs. Such hypocrites. A drive down Telegraph Rd. gets you porn in any variety you want - but by God, you can't smoke.

Talking about making a little noise, I ran into the guy who lives across the street from the now-closed Dyrty Bird the other day and asked him how he liked things now that that bar was closed. He gave me a thumbs-up and smiled broadly. What does that say about the so-called "entertainment district"?

Your postings are good and occasionally you crank out a true gem, like this one.

You've taken quite a few hits over months about the smoking issue (i.e. New Prohibition), and you stood firm. That's admirable by any sensible metric.

To return to the topic: Yes, the hypocrisy is rampant. The politicans and yuppies only want CERTAIN businesses to be open, and the rest can just effin' die off ... and if they don't die on schedule, then a law can be passed that helps that along. I'm sure that in all their derangement, there would be an Applebee's on each corner, ready to serve the Internet start-up on the opposite corner. The reality has resulted in the exact opposite, where we're getting payday loan shops proliferating from the terrible economics that the yuppie viewpoint causes.

... and stick it where the sun doesn't shine. What a dumbass Toledoan. He's as poster child for everything that's wrong with how government power is misapplied.

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