Wading into to the waters filled with alligators

Gay couples would be allowed to register their "domestic partnership" with the clerk of Toledo City Council under an ordinance to be introduced tomorrow.

Councilman Joe McNamara, a Democrat, said the ordinance does not create same-sex marriage and won't cost the city a penny, but would bring economic development benefits to Toledo.

Businesses increasingly are extending benefits to employees' domestic partners, and a registry would give employers some assurance that people seeking benefits under that heading have a legitimate relationship, he said.

"This is a creative-class-driven issue. Studies have shown a community that's accepting is more attractive to the creative class," Mr. McNamara said. "Something like this helps Toledo's reputation, whether or not it's used."


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... the government anything to do this (according to the article), they're still going to charge $25 for it...

For 25 cents worth of paper and 10 minutes of time.

The system was devised to track health concerns way back when.

Do we still need the certs?


a marriage certifate yet. But, it certainly paves the way. This is just the quite, under the radar, incremental strategy the pro-gay agenda uses to reach their ultimate goal. Which is legalized gay marriage.

Kooz is correct. Maybe if a provision had been attached to it stating that Toledo, Ohio will not recognize gay marriages as being legitimate Kooz would feel a little more comfortable about this thing.

Of course, the gays would be upset.

Mad Jack
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This is just the first step...if this happens, next thing you know they will try to legalize gay-marriages here.

There are those who like to say that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality. Various verses are cited (out of context) and the verses that people use to show that homosexuality is wrong are explained away. The world wants to change God

MadJack...but your view (and mine) is not only becoming more unpopular...but will most likely be illegal some day.

And what of the non-believers? Or infidels if you please?

Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Is it freedom of speech as an issue is it the lands that gave birth to America are mature enough to know that we are all different and have learned to accept it?

"And no, I won't compromise my beliefs to spare someone's feelings. I will not give approval of a lifestyle that I believe is wrong."

Sure, as a individual your opinion matters mostly to you.

As it is a social issue the government should not be concerned with it either, as I see it, but because people, in groups, people seek to deny other their right to be who they are and what they are.


Even as a Catholic I have no major problems with gay marriage. They have their lives to live I have mine and we will both end up reckoning our sins with our maker in the end anyway. However I think civil unions are a much better way to go. Please allow me to explain.

Civil unions can benefit many other people. For instance, two divorced women who struggle to raise their children on fixed incomes choose to move into a home and raise their children together even though they are not romantically linked.

A son moves in with his widowed mother who's health is ailing. His mother relies upon social security to make ends meet and the son cannot save money due to her rising medical bills.

Two male bachelors in their 70's choose to not move into a nursing home but instead to move into a small retired trailer park community together in order to better cope with rising costs of living.

Now I would say each of these cases shows people who have a partnership that enables one to rely on the other for a standard of living. If something happens to one it will affect the life of the other negatively. Now these people rely upon another just as a married couple would. Yet they are not afforded the same benefits as a married couple.

Gay couples look at married couples and say "Why not us too?" I look at the gay couples and say "Why not everyone else?" If the cases I mention are allowed under this domestic partnership then I am all for it. However if it's only afforded to homosexuals then it's just as benign and restrictive as our current policy.



We can't presume the entire country believes the Bible - I for one, am not religious at all. I think that religion is the biggest hoax in history - makes huge money & uses it's power to control the masses. (I suggest everybody watch Part One of Zeitgeist, then argue this with me after you've done it - otherwise,save your breath.) Religion (especially organized religion) has caused more deaths & misery in the world than anything. I've heard the argument that allowing gay marriage will demean hetero marriages - I fail to see how that's possible. Especially when so many hetero marriages are in such bad shape, or border on prostitution, and there are so many long term gay relationships that would put many hetero marriages to shame. I wonder if bishop would consider Michaelangelo to be an "obomination"? I mean, the Cistine Chapel for criminy's sake - painted by a gay man?????? And he did it for the church.

A marriage license costs $45 and requires no blood tests or residency requirements. So comparably, it's a bargain.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

It's not a marriage certificate...it's just a registry filed with the Clerk of Council - not even with a court...

Why would we object to gay marraige?

As a heterosexual and on marraige duo, is my marraige at risk?



And what of the non-believers? Or infidels if you please?


It may already be so in Europe. It's getting to the point where politically correct (PC) speech is obfuscating the message. People won't dare criticize a group or an individual for fear of legal retaliation. And no, I won't compromise my beliefs to spare someone's feelings. I will not give approval of a lifestyle that I believe is wrong.

Mad Jack
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"Religion (especially organized religion) has caused more deaths & misery in the world than anything."

I disagree with you on this point Starling and let me tell you why.

In the 20th Century it was athiestists who killed more people than any other group.

Stalin and Hitler combined killed more people than any other group in the 20th Century and neither were religious. I think this would prove my point that POLITICS has killed more people than anything. Because religion is so important to many people it's politics that uses a religious message to it's advantage and it's politics that causes wars.

The last century has done much to show the difference between politics and religion but it's politics that has kept on killing at tremendous rates.



Quite aware of that and the question I posed was not about the registry.

Do we still need the certs?


I based my opinion according to my christian values and beliefs...and I can only speak for myself, and be accountable for what I say.

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