And to every moron that voted for you!! There was NEVER any doubt in my mind, and if there was in anyone else's, you're either totally nuts or a newcomer to toledo.

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Heaven help us...:-(

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

from the start i admit i supported ted jobe and find it sad with the results. having said that, it is sad how some people can be elected solely based on name recognition.

ford will be a failure. anyone disagree?

Seriously sit back and think about it.

Darkside: "And to every moron that voted for you!"

Well it looks like Toledo is full of morons! I am a proud moron!

Congratulations to Lisa & Jack!

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Once again, I have to ask, how does a man that lives in Wood County (BG) get elected to our school board? Just because he has a house here that he does not live in? Or did he move back here? I am disappointed. I feel that I really knew who I was voting for and why. I liked the "technical" bent of these two, but perhaps there is something to be said for politics. The question now becomes: how do we make the best of this situation? Do we support these two in their efforts, or throw road-blocks at every turn? I don't have any children in TPS so for me it is largely academic. So it will be interesting to see what the next few years bring.

Old South End Broadway

I don't have any children in TPS and even though I live in Toledo, any children I would have would be going to Maumee Schools because of where I live. I can't run for the Toledo School Board, so I also wonder how someone who lives in Wood County can run for the Toledo School Board. Just the allegation by itself says that even the so-called city fathers don't want to live in Toledo.

nor there at this point. When he really didn't live in Toledo, it wasn't an issue with the powers that be, now that he may be back living in Toledo it is not an issue. The issue for me was, is he the right person for the job? I said no but the people overwhelmingly said yes.

Toledo voters and non voters need to get their priorities straight IMHO, cause it shore ain't kids.

The skills a politician needs to be successful as a CEO aren't the same skills needed to be successful as a legislator/coucilman/board member.

Maybe Jack will do right by the tens-of-thousands that voted for him.

I've never hidden the fact that, unlike most of you, I don't hate Carty. I obviously supported Carty in the race against Ford. And I didn't vote for Ford yesterday.

But.. maybe he'll surprise us.

And, really, could he possibly be any worse?

What is wrong with the people in Toledo? Are they blind, or do they just not care? Lisa Sobecki is so transparent; didn't know enough to have something really worth listening to at the debates; and now she owes a debt to TFT. By the time Jack came out with a platform, it had already been spelled out by others. He looks tired, and I kind of feel sorry for him that he won the seat. Well, I have faith in the Urban Coalition, the African American Parents' Association, and other groups that have been working together to solve the school problem. They will keep working.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

I was pulling for Jobe too. Ford is not very personable, but has the experience and a name. Lisa was my number #1 and she did it!

"Well it looks like Toledo is full of morons!"

Wow Sandy you've got one thing right. The Brain Drain just means the people still in the city are the ones not smart enough to leave.

At TPS failure is not an option... it is now mandatory.



", but has the experience and a name. "

He has the experience of running the city into the ground so I think we should all expect him to do the same with TPS.



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