Musharraf Consolidates His Control With Arrests

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, Nov. 4,

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Neighborhood, PLEEEZZZE. Make a comment or something on these newspaper articles you cut and paste. Do SOMETHING besides just cut out a newspaper clipping and post it. I hope you're not lazy. I hope you're not lacking in ideas. I hope you're not witless. If you are going to do this, SAY SOMETHING about it. We all read the newspapers. You are just mindlessly reposting what's already been written unless you have something to say about it. Don't be a doofus. If you post something, have an opinion about it and let us know what it is.
Thank you,

Pete, I shall and continue to do as I please with regards to posting as I am not violating anything, I am not forcing people to read the posts and so on.

Actually I am sure that there are few that understand the purpose.

Maybe you could take a deep breath when reading posts and not get into your own doofus mode?

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