Catlin's website hacked?

I was checking out the websites today and I noticed Catlin's website was hacked..who did that?

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Maybe it's Paul Hem. I remember he did that once several years ago.

I have been informed that Mr. Hem did not hack a site. He took it over. My apologies.

I have never visited the site and it appears normal now or is it?

It's back..........

to disparage Mr. Rust. He is one of the most upstanding citizens that Toledo has and he should be commended for being out here trying to preserve the Constitution at the age of 91.

I say go Bulldog Go!! Hope I can be doing what you are doing when I am 91!!

Cheerleaders are supposed to cheer people on, that is why I said what I said. JBDR is a man everybody should be proud of.

Why would you say what you did. Because the Blade and City Paper (Hildo/Steel) pull your strings. Thats a puppet not a cheerleader.

Damn, another secret out of the bag...........I am a puppet.

Ofcourse I respect my elders. It was a method to lighten things up. I "tip my hat" to Bulldog and all his accomplishments. It was a joke Twila..........

was it ever a secret?

Why would you say what you did. Because the Blade and City Paper (Hildo/Steel) pull your strings

Again with Steel??????

I bet it was "BullDog". LOL That does suck. It is too stressful for all the canidates to deal with any extra BS right now. Whoever is acting like a chump, should stop. I wish Cheryl the best.

Dear Lord Twila, lighten up.

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