Problems with the new I280 Bridge lights?


OK...I drove over the new i280 bridge tonight and I noticed that some of the lights were flickering...not many (5 or so?) but they were noticeable as you got close. I thought one bad light right?...well when I got off at front street I saw the other side had several lights flickering...weren't these lights supposed to last 30 years or something?

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It looks like a flourescent light that is dying, that type of flickering and yes I am referring to the main tower.

Isn't the bridge lit with LED's? Perhaps a bad driver for the LED's in question.

I noticed that too. I think it's a block of LEDs that has a bad connection of some sort since the LEDs are far too small to see indidually. I suspect the LEDs were installed in 4 foot squares (or something like that) and a few of them have a problem. Hopefully they get the company that installed them to fix the problem. The flickering definitely takes away from the intended effect.

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