The Toledo Journal's Editorial Endorsement of Catlin and Myers is a Must Read.

For a rebirth of Toledo and it's values, needed change must take place at the school board level. Now. We can not afford to wait. It is imperative that Toledo voters make an informed choice for the two seats that will be vacant on December 31, 2007. While the Toledo Journal is just one view, it should be required reading before Toledoans mark that ballot on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 for their choice of Toledo Public School's board participant. Toledo is on the edge of becoming an extinct city. It is time to turn the ship around. Keeping jobs other than police and fireman is imperative, if we are to survive as a city. Livability is a state of being not something on paper and awarded. The revivability of Toledo must begin now. We can‚ not wait, our children can not wait nor can our communities. Good schools equal good jobs, good jobs equal good neighborhoods, good neighborhoods equal higher home values and lower crime rates. We can not afford to get it wrong, as boarded up houses in all parts of the city is a sign of decay. "For sale" signs in all parts of the city is a sign that people, jobs and resources are leaving the city and crime is staying around to keep us company. The Lucas County Public Library gets it right. On the side of it's building downtown is the quote,‚"Education has freed more people than all of the wars in history.‚" Read the editorial then elect the two education reform candidates that are described very insightfully in the Toledo Journal's Editorial for TPS school board candidates.

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This is a well-written editorial. What I find particularly interesting is to compare the content and reasoning of the Journal with the Blade editorial on the same race...

from the blade's endorsement of Jack Ford:

And he knows a whole lot of people.

Im real tired of hearing that. How about listing some of his accomplishments instead?

Rhetorical question - he doesnt have any.

Kudos to the Toledo Journal on their editorial with regard to the candidates running for the two seats on the TPS Board. Everyone who gets a paper or can go on line should read it. This piece says it all. If we want change, then lets make a change. I said a long time ago that Cheryl Catlin and Chris Meyers should join Darlene Fisher.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

Kudos to you too, purnhrt. You are so on top of things. I hope everyone who reads this site, will get the message your comments impart.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

and after I read the endorsement on Lisa's blog I felt the need to give the editorial my own special flavor.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with Steve's post or even Chris Myers for that matter.

I feel that everybody that is going to cast a vote on Tuesday should read the editorial. If you really want change and the Toledo Journal laid it out perfectly, then you will take their recommendations. Now if you say that things need to change and you keep electing the same people to do the same thing you get the same results, but you know that already.

The Blade's endorsement of Mr. Ford and Ms. Sobecki was really quite a shock. I naively thought that the Blade would do the right thing. Excluding Myers and Catlin, I could see Mr. Ford but Lisa Sobecki? We might as well have kept Deborah Barnett.

this Sunday? That is always a good way to get the inner city vote, especially if she goes with Jack. She is probably going to have to get a lot of the inner city vote to make it.

I felt the need to give the editorial my own special flavor.

Smells like rotten tuna fish to me.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Lisa Sobecki go to the inner city churches? Or anywhere else in the inner city, for that matter? And she should try to get Sandy to stop cheerleading for her -- that in itself gives her a bad name. It's about time that the children of Toledo have something good on their side. There are only two people among the Board candidates that have done their homework well, and have given of their time, intelligence, talents to develop plans that will work toward possible solutions. I think there are another two who have hidden agendas, and don't mind stepping on the backs of the children to attain them. Purnhrt's flavor smells like Thanksgiving dinner to me.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

hmm...looks like the Blade reprinted Ford and Sobecki campaign points. Unlike the toledo journal article which actually made a good case...didn't Ford get booted out of office by a large margin? He may know a lot of people...but a lot of people voted against him...wasn't Sobecki directly a part of the fighting? Didn't she publicly criticize Darlene Fisher at a meeting last year? Maybe if the blade actually did some research...instead of printing talking points they would realize how hypocritical they were.

It must be hard being in a system that you have to always put out fires for. First it was the noose thing, then the sexual assault, now it is the Steve Steel thing. You always are defending TPS.

You will continue having to defend them until two people are elected who have the conviction, the knowledge of the issues and the fortitude to make the deep, needed systemic changes.

Then you can take a rest. Even the Blade got that part right when it stated, "TPS faces a mountain of problems and we do not expect miracles." We the public do expect miracles when it comes to our community's children. We can't wait.

One of the Blade

was also a part of the Larry Sykes fiasco when she instigated a confrontation between Sykes and Claudia Cooper last year at Grove Patterson at the Three for Children press conference. Cooper was charged with assault on Sykes. Besides the security officer, Sobecki was the only other person who testified for Larry Sykes. Obviously the Judge did not believe her because the charges against Claudia Cooper were dismissed. There will be just more of the same if Sobecki is elected with any of the other six. More discord, more dissension, more not getting done. No progress.

Can we really afford that?

I don't care what you think Ford stated. He is in the Nathan Hale, Robinson, Scott district, not Start. What he will do is get an out of district like you have and Cheryl Catlin has and have his daughter go to Start next year if elected. If not elected she will probably go back to a school in Bowling Green.

People want what is best for their children as far as education goes. You chose for your children, Steel chose for his child/children, Ford chose for his child and Catlin chose for her son. The only difference in Ford and Catlin and the schools their children would be in is the elementary school. Ford's would have gone to Nathan Hale and Cheryl's would have gone to Fulton, like Steel's child/children. Then they would have been classmates at Robinson and Scott.

They all opted for out of districts just like you. So the Blades argument about having your child in public school is out in left field.

Who do you know that has another option would send their child to Scott? They have one foreign language Spanish, no AP courses, fires and fights on a semi daily basis, no principal, no facilities coordinator, a child molester for a school leader and the beat goes on.

Cheryl is a graduate of Scott and genuinely loves her alma mater, but she does not feel that she would be justified in destroying her son's future by playing around with his education. I bet not one employee on the editorial staff at the Blade would send their child to Fulton, Robinson and Scott, cause the next stop would be prison.

The court thing is not my opinion I was there at the beginning at Grove Patterson and at the end in Municipal Court.

No, Sandy, my cheerleading for my picks for TPS Board seats does not make them look bad, because I do not talk about people's social status, and make other stupid remarks that smells of some kind of "ism." It is just a common factor to judge people by the company they keep. Lisa Sobecki hasn't picked her affiliations too well, and I would hate to see her go on the Board so she can carry out her predecessor's agenda. I don't have a child in any school system, but I care deeply about children. What has and is happening in Toledo is so very sad. Larry Sykes should be thoroughly ashamed of himself, but I doubt that he is.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

Yes, Sandy, I am very serious.
By the way, I was at the debate held at Kent Library this morning. Where were all the Sobecki t-shirts? Not the right location?

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

From SFlagg:So did he get a special privilege because of his connection to the system?

Yes, he gets a special privilege. What do you expect? The real surprise would be if he didn't take advantage of his position to benefit his children.

From SFlagg:How do explain that both Ford and Steel "won the lottery".

Just lucky, I guess. What do you think?

From Lee:Lisa Sobecki go to the inner city churches? Or anywhere else in the inner city, for that matter?

If she never went into the inner city I wouldn't blame her. There's places in the inner city I wouldn't visit without a machine-gun and eyes in the back of my head.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I don't flip-flop, which is the main reason most people can't get to where I stand on issues. People usually say that I am just stubborn and stuck in my ways. You are the first to call me a flip-flopper.
On the issue of school choice everyone has the right to choose for their children.

I do not openly rail against teachers and administrators who do not send their children to TPS schools. I am a staunch proponent of neighborhood schools. Because most of the schools are not performing well, I would encourage people to apply for out of districts, school vouchers, charter schools and homeschooling. Until TPS improves in it's delivery of services (teaching) it's customer service delivery (be nice to the people who pay you), and the equitable hiring of all kinds of people (diversity in it's ranks), I think you have a right to go elsewhere. BUT don't disparage someone (Cheryl Catlin) else for sending their child to a charter, private or home school.

Over 60% of teachers don't even live in Toledo so how could they send their child to a TPS school? It would be nice if your child went to the school that you teach in but I have never stated that administrators and teachers should send their children to TPS.

On the child molester issue, what I stated is that there is a school leader at Scott who is a child molester . She has been reported to Lucas County Children Services but the person who reported the matter was told that unless a student came forward there was nothing that they can do. This persons actions at Scott, for years is widely known. A lot of the students that she has preyed upon are now adults.

As far as opening myself up to litigation, I know the rules. The person who slandered my minor child child was a liar and I just gave them the opportunity to retract their remarks in a certain amount of time. I even gave them enough time to talk to whoever gave them the lies and then retract. It did not take them long to retract the statements.

Chance are very good that if your child attends Robinson and then Scott they have already been arrested or handcuffed in the school. There is a definite "Cradle to the Prison Pipeline" operating in the TPS system. Of course not all children attending Robinson and then Scott are going to prison but the likelihood of students not being educated winding up homeless, suffering from mental illnesses and becoming prison inmates is well documented.

Scott was once a powerhouse in academics, music, band and sports, sadly that is no longer true. I don't know when you attended the schools that you say you did but I do know that in the past it was possible to attend a good school in the central city.

I remember when Roy Hodge was principal of Fulton and it was one of the best schools in the city, even his children went there, when they did not have to. I remember when Richard Jackson was a principal at Robinson and you couldn't find a finer school. But you know and I know that that has all changed and to say that is has not is just absurd.

I know that Roy Hodge and Mr. Flute Rice who are no longer with us would be appalled at what their schools have become in 2007.

I really do not require defending (I thank those who have done so)as I can stand on my own but any thinking person who knows me, knows that my advocacy for parents and children does not stop at my house. I made a promise to stand for children and that promise I will keep.

Well written.

I don't flip-flop, which is the main reason most people can't get to where I stand on issues.

No, the reason most people can't get to where you stand is that they are incapable of Olympic class gymnastics, metaphorically speaking.

People usually say that I am just stubborn and stuck in my ways. You are the first to call me a flip-flopper.

No, actually I've heard people call you a racially prejudiced human hate machine.

Ok, I'm curious. Who is the Jobe you're talking about and why would anyone want to steal his signs?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Jobe appears to be a fine man. But like another candidate, Mosley, is basically single issue people. Jobe - improve the relationship between teacher and parent. Mosley - school safety/security.

Sobecki also appears limited in her scope and knowledge. Not to mention all those TV ads "Paid for by the Toledo Federation of Teachers" which many have been paid for illegally as there were campaign finance laws passed that limit the contributions of those who benefit from contracts approved by the elected official. If this is not illegal it means there is a loophole in the law.

Do you want a board member that will owe her election to the TFT?

Ford is basically running on his name. He also borrowed his entire platform from the Coalition. Come to think of it every candidate has borrowed some or all of the agenda that was presented in the 3 for Change 2005 campaign.

Compare the web sites of Myers, Catlin and Sobecki - you can't the others as they did not take time to lay out their agenda in this format. Sobecki's web site is sadly lacking any of her positions.

You can see all the materials and access the web sites by going here -

would be my first clue NOT to vote for them! HAHAHA When have their endorsements ever made sense?

Has anyone gone to Sobecki's school and asked how Sobecki dealt with problems within the PTO? Has she alienated parents on that level? I heard she is hard to work with, but not directly from a parent who worked with her. I'd love to hear if anyone has done some digging in that regard. How she worked with parents on that level will be indicative of how she will treat parents and other community members who dare ask the board to help them solve a problem in their school.

Also, when the candidates put their signs in ILLEGAL locations, (like Lisa did on my street, for example) they can expect them to be removed. That is not sign stealing. It's likely the city removed those (I've seen a few jeeps going around collecting them from illegal spots). I have been concerned for years about legal signs being stolen. Those are two different issues though.

You are a liar. We have other things to do besides take signs. That is really juvenile behavior and Cheryl Catlin has no juvenile acting supporters.

Regardless of who is elected the feet are going to be held to the fire now that the issues are out, transparency, good school v bad school, where is the money and the disparity of services.

Jobe, Lisa, Ford, Moseley are not a threat to the Cheryl Catlin movement. It is a movement not only a campaign. So signs were never an issue with us, nor are commercials. The message is out and the messengers will continue to push the message (not steal signs) that Tps NEEDS change. We will not rest until there is a quality education provided for every student, every school, every day.

That is what will make Toledo GREAT!!

Not signs!

The message is not only coming from the mouths of Cheryl and Chris, but it is now coming from the mouths of Jobe, Moseley, Sobecki and Ford.

Catlin supporter, I say you are a liar.

But if it pans out that it is a Catlin supporter, I will buy you dinner as an apology and I don't see that happening.

You and s.weso have implied that the sign stealer was me. I ain't a liar and I ain't a thief!!!

If any candidate has a sign in a public right of way, the sign is illegally placed and can be removed by ANYONE. It's not stealing to remove an illegally placed campaign sign.

Now, the nice thing to do would be to call the particular campaign and let them know you have their signs, but - like litter - they can also be thrown away.

To take a sign from private property is stealing.

So - if signs 'disappear' from the public right away, it's not stealing. If they 'disappear' from private property, it is, and the thief should be prosecuted.

Now - the question is - where were the Sobecki signs mentioned above? public right-away or private property?

while exercising our rights as citizens. About 6 of us Catlin supporters were out with signs on the corner of Dorr and Detroit. We were waving to the people who drove by and were passing out literature to cars who wanted the literature.

A Toledo policeman in a police car got on his bullhorn and yelled, "GET OUT OF THE STREET WITH THOSE FLYERS!

When did we become a police state? Or was that a message from Mr. Moseley?

First, I never accused purnhrt of stealing Jobe's signs. So purnhrt is now angry, hypocritical, and paranoid.

Second, I brought up the sign "stealing" issue out of humor (Please, read my comments closer). I never expected all you political nuts would take this comment this seriously. You guys are too insecure.

I feel sorry for all of you.

Boys stopped going into the street when one of their people was killed by a car.

I didn't know that it was illegal. Can you name the code?

Thanks Maggie

I felt I had to say something on the last few comments.

S.Weso -- self diversity is what just about all of us can claim. So what?

S.Flagg -- As usual, doing your good job. Your comments are about information, not hearsay. After I read them I feel like I learned something. Thank you for the info on the ads. The other candidates don't have that kind of money because they don't have TFT.

Purnhrt -- Chalk it up to jealousy over your knowledge as to conditions and needs, your wealth of information, and your dedication to do something about it. You write it as you see and feel it, and that's your right. It seems people are hacking at the Coalition, more so than you, out of fear of what it will accomplish -- CHANGE! It is almost unbelieveable that anyone can support the status quo.

Sandy -- You should stop. "I had heard" -- what a flimsy reason to post a vicious accusation. About Flagg -- you said "now I see that you too are capable of spreading the propaganda espoused by others." Then you come back and try to turn it around, and put it all on Twila. What's up with you?
You did not realize that accusing Cheryl's supporters
"without concrete proof" would be taken so personally? The more I read your "stuff," the more I don't believe you. Your apology is accepted by me, a Cheryl Catlin supporter, but kind of tongue-in-cheek. Sandy, you should hope that all of the candidates have the integrity that Cheryl does. She does not deserve these kinds of lies. First she is attacked because she loves and cares about her child. When that scenario started growing thin, the accusation of supporters doing undermining things surfaced which, of course, is supposed to reflect back on Cheryl's character. I know you believe in your candidate, and that's good. But don't lie on any of the other candidates because that reflects back on Lisa. You should stop throwing bricks at Twila. People in glass houses shouldn't throw bricks. I know I don't have to take up for her -- she is capable of doing that for herself. But I hate to see someone who practices classism and such, try to tar and feather another person. Purnhrt happens to be committed to her convictions, just as you are to yours. I haven't seen the candidates bashing one another --I guess they just sit back and let us do it.

S.Weso -- "No, actually I heard people call you a racially prejudiced human hate machine." I don't believe you have "heard" anything; that is your cowardly way of saying what you want to say. "Angry, hypocritical, and paranoid." Your "humor" is sick.

About Cheryl Catlin -- Cheryl has been dedicated and committed to educationally uplifting children for many years. She started collecting information, statistics, and models before she was a member of the Coalition. She has given of her time, her resources and the benefits of her education to help others. She tried to get the appropriate people and organizations to listen, but was turned away. She had this devastatingly sad information on the condition of the Toledo school system long before it was made public. This could have been worked on a long time ago, but because of the wrong leadership it was ignored. No, not ignored -- pushed under the rug. To do something about it would have burst too many people's bubble. Cheryl has no hidden agenda -- only a true and sincere desire to bring QUALITY EDUCATION IN EVERY SCHOOL FOR EVERY CHILD.

We are down to the line. For those who have firmly made up their minds --Good Luck! For those who are still weighing the facts -- do your homework and think hard about it.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

ask anyone who was planning to vote on Tuesday, November 6, 2007 for a TPS school board candidate to read the Toledo Journal's endorsement editorial.

It is a thorough,encompassing and insightful critique of the school board candidates and a recommendation that the people elect Chery Catlin and Chris Myers.

The Toledo Journal is a newspaper that has covered the TPS school board wars and the good the bad and the ugly at TPS for at least ten years. It is a newspaper that is read not only in the black community but in the whole of Toledo.

Instead the posters have turned this thread into a personal attack on my character. While this is neither here nor there, personally, I fear that the point I was trying to make has been lost in the rhetoric so here is the editorial again.


While that may have been the initial thought and ideal behind this post ... this is swampbubbles. I doubt many people here are undecided. I know who I support, as does Weso, Sandy, Flagg and others. This is an area of debate. I don't think there is much persuasion going on. For example, I have decided I support Ted Jobe. Others like Myers, some here are in love with Sobecki... and nothing here is going to change people's minds.

There has been things said on this website, moreover this post that just make me laugh more than anything. People sweating signs being "stolen." People thinking everyone that goes to Scott gets arrested. People thinking that a TPD detective launched a campaign to not allow campaign literature to be spread in a busy street. Seriously amusing. Is it that serious? I don't mean who wins or loses and the candidate you support. I speak in regard to some of the criticisms and flat-out lies you know people are stating.

I just wonder what will be talked about Wednesday. I can't wait. No matter who wins people are going to gloat and people are going to bitch. The same people are going to be called geniuses and idiots all at once based on how the voted.

Tuesday is going to be interesting.

Seriously sit back and think about it.

S.Weso -- "No, actually I heard people call you a racially prejudiced human hate machine."
I never said that. That was Mad Jack.

I said that? I never! Well, maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the gutter that day. I'll tell you one thing S. Weso; I told you they were nuts. You thought you were smart, didn't you? You posted a rational, well thought out missive with a conclusion and were immediately branded a traitor to the cause with a sick sense of humor. Or worse.

From Lee:Purnhrt happens to be committed to her convictions

She needs to be committed, all right.

I was seriously thinking of going to the movies tonight, but why bother? All I have to do is check back on this thread every few hours. I have a vivid imagination and I couldn't begin to make some of this stuff up. What we really need now is for GuestZero to weigh in. McCaskey, too.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Sandy -- I said "bricks" and I meant "bricks." Anyone who would say what you said about people on welfare; and spread unfounded, vicious rumors to flaw someone's character, has got to have a flaw in their own character. You need to check it out; look in the mirror and mend your ways.

S.Weso -- I apologize for misquoting you. By the way, I'm pretty smart, too. I am retired now, but I did all of my share and more. I don't have to flaunt my diversity; it's there and I'm just proud of who I am. I don't "hang out" with anyone, but I do respect Twila and what she stands for in this election.

MadJack -- No, Twila doesn't need to be committed; it's Sandy that needs to be committed. Evidently you didn't read her posts on Glass City Jungle with regard to mandatory volunteers. (I'm still trying to relate "mandatory" and "volunteer.") And there's her post on the sign stealing by Cheryl Catlin's supporters, with no kind of qualifying evidence. Yep, it's Sandy that needs to be committed.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

Oops! I made another error. Sandy's remarks about people on welfare was made on Swamp Bubbles among comments under Chris Meyers, "I am not for mandatory parent volunteer hours."

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

I thought you would know off hand. I really don't have time to look it up but thanks for all that you do with providing us with information.


When you are boxed into a corner you have the excuse that we all need to lighten up. Well, Sandy anytime someone disagrees with you does not mean that they don't like you.

I could care less about you, because you stand in the way of progress for TPS. Your family got theirs so to hell with everybody else. Witness the parent trying to get equity for their special education student, a parent not hooked up with John, Larry and Steve.

Evidently you didn't read her posts on Glass City Jungle with regard to mandatory volunteers.

I don't read Glass City Jungle. The only place I've ever heard of that had mandatory volunteers was the US Armed Forces.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Gee, Sandy, did I hurt your feelings? I'm not mad; life's too short for that. But when people down others who are less fortunate; people they don't even know, and call them lazy, propose to take away whatever they have to exist and provide for their children, and yet try to say you advocate for the education and welfare of children; I have to look at that person with a suspicious eye. What is your game -- it certainly is not the welfare of children; I'm talking about ALL children. And please don't say you were joking again.

I have been told that this young abductee's father is a judge. I do not want to use the name, in the event this information is erroneous. However, if this is the case, why has his name not been mentioned? In most news stories, the family is very m

Because some one has the impresssion that someone is being disrespectful is not a reason to not work with them, especially when you are using public money?.

Because you have been so polite is not the reason that John/Larry/Steel/Peter/David/Crystal and Debbie chose to work with you and others like you.

I had a parent call me last night to tell me that one of the teachers at Rogers was assaulted. Is that true? They said that it was on the 6:00 Channel 11 News.

Can you shed some light on that information?

Then why did she post the same link that sflagg did 12 hours after his post?

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at


LISA received the Blade endorsements today!!!!!!

Lets see, The Blade........
The Toledo Journal.............

Lisa has visited entire sections of the city. However, you do not realize how large an area of Toledo covers, until times like this. I know she has made a big attempt to cover all these areas, because she respects all areas of Toledo.

Lisa attended a "prayer circle" at Jones prior to the school year that Mrs King had organized. She and I both meet some real neat folks from neighborhood churches and families in the Jones area. I know she has made several visits to the Scott area as well. I know how hard she has worked to reach all the people in Toledo and I hold a lot of respect for her in that area alone. I am in the Libbey feeder and she has my vote.

Great Job Lisa!

You are cheerleading- does that give your candidates a bad name?

Is that all you got Lee?

"It must be hard being in a system that you have to always put out fires for":

From my stand point, I call the way I see it, as you do.

"You will continue having to defend them until two people are elected who have the conviction, the knowledge of the issues and the fortitude to make the deep, needed systemic changes."

Once again, your opinion. Each candidate has their own strengths and weaknesses, lets keep it real, they are human.

"I would respect the "have your child in a public school thing" if Ford and Steel had their children in their neighborhood school. Everybody can't pick and choose a good school for their child in the TPS system. There is not enough room at Grove Patterson for every child."

If I remeber correctly Lisa Sobecki has her children at their home school. You can not bring her name into this, good for you. Start is Fords school, he has stated that prior. For Steel, at least his child is in a TPS School!

My children do not attend their home schools. Tyler should be at Libbey. Rogers has been a great choice and we are happy. Should we take that away from him?

My other two should be at Newbury, but because of personality conflicts with that Priincipal, I transfered them to Walbridge. Yes, the TPS cheerleader has issues with the district. My students are all honors and sucessful in school. Isnt that what matters?


I totally agree with you on this one.

Are you serious?

...would send their child to Fulton, Robinson and Scott, cause the next stop would be prison."

So you are saying that everyone that goes to Scott, goes to prison?

ps: come up with your own tag line

--These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will; in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. -Thomas Paine

I agree that it is a parents choice on which school to send their child. So I don't knock Catlin, Steel, or Ford for making a choice to send their child to a school outside their home district. I do not agree with some of your arguments though (I think you know this already). I do believe you flip-flop your arguments when it convienent for you. You openly rail against teachers and administrators for not sending their kids to TPS schools (or living in Toledo), but its okay for Catlin to do the same thing. I know she has a reason, but so do teachers and administrators(Ironically, I live on the same block that Catlin lives on, just two streets over...don't ask why it's important, it's not).

I do agree that AP classes, French and German should be returned to Scott and Libbey. Scott also needs extra security to deal with the problems it's suffering from. It also needs a facilities coordinator and campus director (kinda like a principal). I believe you are right on here.

But I do have a major issue with a couple of your statements. You say that a sexual molester is a school leader. I do not know if this is true, but by making this statement (especially if it is false or unproven) you may open yourself to litigation. If I remember correctly someone did this to you a few months back, and you threatened litigation. Please be careful.

You also state if a child goes to Fulton, Robinson, or Scott they will end up in prison. You have to know that this statement is false. Catlin is not in prison, nor any my cousins that went to Scott. I attended Glenwood (and First Church of God) and Robinson (both in the Scott feeder pattern) and I did not go to prison (I didn't go to Scott, I went Start, because my father coached football there). I understand times have changed, but can really make a logical statement that ALL the students from Fulton, Robinson, and Scott are going to prison?

Some will defend you on this site. That's okay, but they have to think that some of your comments are illogical and damaging to your/their arguments.

But this is just my opinion.

P.S. (How high school, huh) Who is stealing Ted Jobe's signs? Is it you, Jack? Or is it the U.C.? Or is it the TPD? Or is it Sobecki? Personally, I think it's the Bulldog...he's kinda crazy enough do this.

I appreciate you quick reply. Here's my re-reply.

You say TPS needs to improve the teaching. I fully agree. But before you smile think about this, education need the cooperation of five parts. Students, parents, the community, teachers, and administrators. TPS can only control two of those parts. So if the others should not work the system fails. What do you suggest about fixing those other three parts?

You say TPS needs to be nicer to the taxpayers. I fully agree also. I'll try to be nicer to myself and to parents.

You say TPS needs to more diversity in hiring. The hired me and I'm a pretty diverse person (African-Polish-Native-American). But to be honest, many African-American males who have a college degree and some intelligence know they have a lot of opportunities. So why be a teacher, when you can be a doctor or lawyer? At least a lot of the African-American males at the college that I went to could call their shot, because other career paths need diversity too. Hmm...30 grand .vs 65 grand. (Did I make a mistake?)

You said I disparage Catlin. I didn't disparage her...I disparaged YOU. Try to read closer.

The child molester issue. So there's a report (hmm), but no investigation (hmmm) and no first hand information (hmmmm). It's sounds like your reply is full hearsay in this case. You can't just make a flat out statement like this. What if someone said, "Some lady from the U.C. beats her kids," on this website. "And she been doing it for years, but they're adults now." Doesn't that sound like bullcrap!?! Well it is stopping making statements like this unless you have REAL information.

About those 60% of teachers that live outside of TPS. I bet you that other school districts have similar numbers to TPS. Tell me that 90% of teachers in Ottawa Hills or Springfield or wherever, live in the district. I bet you, you can't. Hey but I live in TPS (in the Old West End), so that should raise property values around here:) Oh and you can't tell people they have to live somewhere to work for the district. I'm pretty sure there is an Ohio law against that.

To show my age Richard Jackson was at Robinson and Mr. Arner was the principal at Glenwood. Arner was a real tough guy, and many students left his office with the "old red tail." Whoa, I sound like an old guy. I did notice there was some cynisism in you reply to where I went. With hand on my heart, I pledge the truth.

So what percentage of students at Robinson or Scott have been arrested? 50% or more. I highly doubt it. It's usually the same students that get arrested.

Oh and don't forget there are plenty of St. Francis, Central, and St. John's kids that get arrested. The difference is they get busted in the suburbs away from school (if you get busted at one the private schools they keep you until they're done with you). Oh and don't forget all the charter school kids that get arrested. The real scary thing is this information is not well-known.

I find it ironic that you invoke the names of Rice and Hodges. Aren't you the same one that said Crystal Ellis is too old and out of touch to work for the system. His name is always brought with those guys names when the old-timers talk about good administrators. If he is too old and out of touch shouldn't those guys (God rest their souls) opinion be out of touch. Or is it that they had same opinion as you and it convient for you to use their names. Hmm...I'll say flip-flop, again.

I do think your conclusion was pretentious. But isn't that your style?

PS Still lookin' for those bandits that stole Jobe's signs.

Actually we were supporting the "Bowsher Edu Rama" sponsored by parent congress. Dont worry, there are many of us out there. Actually, I showed my support today at Bowsher with my "red Lisa Sobecki" shirt!

I don't think she's a racist.

I believe she's an angry and irresponsible poster. I think (but I'm not sure) that she has some good points, but some of her comments destroy her credibility.

I know that the prevalent opinion on her is that she is a racist. I cannot tell other people what to think, but my opinion is that she's frustrated and hypocritical.

The Jobe I'm talking about is Ted. He's running for school board. What, you haven't heard of him? That's because he does not have any support of any organization. No TFT, no Urban Coalition, no one. (Let me note: I am a friend of Ted's and his main rival in Galaga.) He mentioned the signs he put around town have disappeared. In the interest of justice, I am opening an investigation:)

Finally, let me give purnhrt props for the Steve Steel issue...although she stumbled into it (I know there's a joke there, right). But if she really was on things she would have known...

It's not illegal to run a commercial on behalf of a candidate, should it be is a whole different topic of discussion.

We don't remember days only moments...

Lisa did by her surprise have one commercial by TFT. However, she has worked effortlessly to raise funds to pay for her own. Do not make accusations. That is unlike you Mr. Flagg.

I did not personally accuse you Twila. I said, it was said "that the plate number was traced and followed to a known supporter". You cannot be held accountable for all involved in your "MOVEMENT". Nor can you speak for all persons. Therefore, do not call me a liar. You do not know me to know what I am or not.

I believe all those involved in education including advocates want a quality education for our youth. Whatever skills they bring to the table, each has strenghths and weaknesses. Each has ideas and knowledge to provide a positive change. Therefore, I do not think Catlin and Myers have a special "movement", I think we all want what is best.

Lisa has been the Chair Parent for TPS Parent Congress for a year now. I can personally say she has been a delight to work with and has shared many ideas to increase parent involvement in our schools. Prior to Lisa, I was giving up. She makes each of us feel worthy, not an "outcast" to the group. Lisa has been a great leader and asset to the Congress. She will advocate for needs, without worry of conflict.

Lisa owes nothing to anyone and continues to want what is best for all students in TPS.

It is my understanding that the signs that "disappeared" were in the public right of way in East Toledo. In my discussion with Ted Jobe at the DeVeaux debate, most of those he said were stolen were in the public right of way. I had a long conversation with him about public/private and that city crews pick them up. In fact, I witnessed a city jeep stop and the driver take a number of signs out of the right of way in South Toledo.

Both Catlin and Jobe have had signs stolen from private property. I don't know about the other campaigns.

It's funny to me how the only candidate with any real experience in the school system isn't endorsed. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Jobe is NOT a politician. The schools do not need anymore politicians.

Some others (who, to be frank, when Sandy says Jobe shows personality, he seems to me to be the only one involved in these debates with a pulse, his shining personality aside) know so little about the system, they actually think getting themselves elected to the board will forward their personal agendas with Fran Lawrence (pro or con). Anyone involved (and experienced) in the day to day policies of the school system knows this is an impossibility.

I heard Jobe use this analogy, of an educational airplane taking off, with your kids on board. Who do you want to pilot it? Someone who designs web sites that gather data on air travel trends? A passenger with tens of thousands of frequent flier miles (first class, no less)? A stewardess? A security guard? Sure, any of these people could fly the plane as long as it's steady winds, and there aren't many turns. But who do you want there when the theories fail, when the computer goes down, when you lose radio communication?


So now Moseley is out to get you guys? That guy doesn't have that much juice in this town.

You're comments are becoming funny. Get some help.

And yet at the corner of Detroit and Bancroft there are gentlemen passing out papers to motorists on a near daily basis.

... being in the street and going car to car is not allowed in Toledo - it's the same reason why the Old Newsboys don't do it anymore...

Has nothing to do with WHY you were in the street...

Everyone is out to get Twila, didn't you know? Now Mosley has street patrol, perhaps he is removing the signs.....LOL

Wow Lee, I guess you did feel you had to say something. Make sure you take your own advise at times,

"people in glass houses shoudn't throw stones"...............

S.Weso -- "No, actually I heard people call you a racially prejudiced human hate machine."

I never said that. That was Mad Jack. I said, I didn't believe she's a racist. I think she is hypocritical, paranoid, and angry. Please, quote me correctly.

"Your "humor" is sick."

If my humor is sick, then what is purnhrt's humor? Oh, she's being serious. That's scary.

I think I have more than my diversity. I'm pretty smart and pretty hard working. What do you have? You can't be to smart, since you hang out (metaphorically) with someone who makes baseless comments and is hypocritical. But that is only my opinion.

To be honest, I think Sandy and purnhrt are opposite sides of the same coin. What do you think about that?

I agree thinkthink. It is amusing and many are serious. A person here can say something with little thought and it becomes twisted and your character is titled. I laugh on this site more than anything. I post respectfully on Glass city. Which I notice Purnhrt does not post there. Why is that?



The Blade's endorsements are no shock to me. They want to continue the status quo much established by Sanders and extended by Sykes. That status quo involves pretending there's no serious problem in the TPS, and that every levy proposal imaginable should leave the Board like a shot out of a gun, to be rubber stamped by the voters. Money will increasing flow into the pockets of the Dual Mafias of construction companies and school unions.

Meanwhile, more and more schools will enter academic emergency or some such silly status that generally means the children within them are not prepared to take responsible jobs in the private sector that would allow them to afford the property taxes that would pay for a fucking COSI that they didn't benefit from whatsoever. The wiser ones of those masses of dull students will either move away where there's real prosperity, or will land a few government jobs. The rest will have to just suck eggs or something.

The time for fiscal transparency and responsibility should have occurred long ago. But there's no excuse for avoiding it for yet another election. "Smilin' Jack" long ago demonstrated that he has no idea or motivation for fixing such a politically mired system, since he's a big piece of political mud all by himself. (And the Blade had the nerve to think that that was some sort of ASSET for Ford.) Sobecki showed her hand in the Cooper-Sykes case as being aligned with the forces of corruption and secrecy.

I find myself thinking that only Chris Myers has the singular, mental wherewithal to break this system up into more manageable and public sets, and along with his alignment with Ms Fisher, he can woo Mr Torres back into the fold of being a reformist faction. Ford will probably make it onto the Board by name recognition alone, but with the actual Three For Change finally emplaced, he can ribbit like a frog in his chair all he wants, and his similarly froglike smile won't do him any good. The rubber stamping of contracts will be OVER. The abuse of Darlene Fisher will be OVER. The hidden agenda of Foley will be OVER. And for better or for worse, even the Blade's Messina can't paper over the cracks that will be exposed.

P.S. For anyone who's interested, I'm giving my vote to Mr Myers and Ms Catlin. I'd literally rather pour Drano

WOW, I am sorry you don't like me Lee. Please don't give my husband any ideas about committing........LOL

Lighten up will you? Life is too short to be so angry Lee.

... any search of the TMC would probably yeild all the specific code issues. I recall one having to do with pedestrians in streets only at crosswalks ...

"I did not get mine". I am advocating for two issues for our special needs students now. I have spoke of this on a previous post. I am actually awaiting a call from ODE. I do not get anything. However, I have found it is easier to work with folks when you show respect.

I do not care who likes me. I have a wonderful husband, a loving family and three very special boys. I am very content and happy with myself and my life. However, there is always room for improvement. I was simply saying to lighten up and not be so serious. Your going to give yourself a heart attack!

Whatever Lee, you take it the way you want........ Good luck tomorrow with your candidates. I do not think Lisa will have a problem.....

PS. she is my candidate of choice



I do not know. I pray not.

This from an earlier post I made here on swampbubbles:

Last year Jack Ford sent his daughter to Bowling Green schools. After appointment to the board and apparently his decision to run for election, he enrolled his daughter at Grove Patterson Academy. Board President Steven Steel also has a daughter enrolled at GP. I believe her enrollment coincided with his election to the board. For some time now it has been speculated that TPS administrators, teachers and influential Toledo residents get preference.

Both GP and Old West End are to hold lotteries. There are some exceptions given such as preference to those with a child already enrolled at the school. But there are not published rules giving preference to those in TPS or friends of TPS.

So how did Ford and Steel win this lottery? How could they criticize those who enroll in charter or private schools? They have apparently taken advantage of their position to benefit their family - their child. As a parent, I understand their desire to get the best for their child! But to say they have their child in public schools for political reasons while taking advantage of the system is inappropriate.

Now this is not an attack on either the Steel or Ford family. As I said, I understand the parent component of this equation. However, it does speak to their behavior and willingness to "compromise" a system that they are supposed to "uphold" the policies they enact!

This issue deserves much more scrutiny!!

TFT was putting out signs for Lisa Sobecki on Sunday evening and caught people stealing the Sobecki signs. They reported the licence plate number and they came back, to what I was told, supporters of Cheryl Catlin. Not her, but known supporters.

Let me guess who took Jobe signs? I think they are getting nervous. Well they cannot take out the two commercials on the media..........LOL

I have not known Ted Jobe in the past, but I like his history and his personality. He has made some great remarks during the debate, which made him shine. I enjoy personality in people, I believe it shows their true spirit. This may be why Purnhrt and I do not see eye to eye. She does seem angry and life is too short to hold all that hate.

What good does it do to put in restrictions if you can get around it by just spending the money on behalf of the candidate? Another good idea by our legislature that they probably knew had a loophole when they voted on the statute.

Lisa yes it should be! What is your source and are you sure? I have not had time to research it but would not be surprised if you are right.

I still have a problem with being able to finance a candidate, directly or indirectly, that will eventually vote on your contract.

You are right. I don't make unfounded accusations. I have a personal code of conduct that considers such behavior to be unethical!

But what accusations did I make? I personally saw an ad "paid for by the Toledo Federation of Teachers". And I have seen it many times which can be quite costly. So, there were commercials paid for by TFT - how is this some unfounded accusation?

I never said Sobecki did not raise funds to pay for advertisements. I lamented that the TFT ads may have been illegal. (Although I can see how the meaning may have been misconstrued as I put many instead of may - my bad.) Now I find out through Lisa Renee that there may be a loophole - big surprise. If they were illegal, then the responsibility lies with the TFT not Sobecki.

BTW - TV time when some of these ads have ran is very expensive. So somebody has deep pockets and my bet is that most of the funds come from those who wish to maintain the status quo.It should be quite illuminating looking at the campaign finance reports when this is over!

"Sandy and purnhrt are opposite sides of the same coin"

Well this is a new one for me. Please explain, because I can take this two ways.

In Steve Steels defense (not that he needs it), my son and his daughter attended TPS preschool together at Washington two years ago. If I remember correctly, that is off Collingwood by 75. This is not a great location. He could have choosen Glendale Feilbach off Cass Rd.

For you that do not know, it is a "mainstream" preschool, which they include 6 disabled students with 6 nondisabled students. There are many great preschools out their, in which if he thought he was of a different class, he could enroll his daughter. However, he did not.

I see a bunch of jobe and sobecki signs in the right-of-way which are anyone's signs and no one will prosecute that...don't complain if people take them...taking signs off of private property is illegal...I don't see many sobecki or jobe signs in yards so you should not complain.

Sandy - Shame on you for spreading false rumors!

It was not Catlin or any of her supporters. Check with the Democratic Party HQ - they got the license plate number. It might surprise you!

Sobecki and Catlin are both endorsed by the Democratic Party and are therefore on the same ticket.

But I would expect you to blame Cheryl. She has regularly had signs stolen and not from public areas, but right out of people's yards.

Lisa's signs were in the public right of way and are placed illegally.

As to Jobe, I talked with him about his issue at the DeVeaux school board debate and found out most of his signs were placed in the public right of way. City crews have instructions to remove signs.

There is a city ordinance in Toledo prohibiting signs in public right of ways! They can be removed and are removed by the city.

Sandy - shame on you for spreading these kinds of rumors! Coalition members do not and have never stolen signs - we are usually the victims.

Cheryl had signs come up missing long before Jobe put any out!

Produce the evidence and not the rumors. Where is the license plate numbers, etc.?

Sandy, I had originally thought you just an uninformed TPS cheerleader - now I see that you too are capable of spreading the propaganda espoused by others without presenting the proof! Just because we are not Sobecki supporters does not mean we resort to this kind of childish behavior.

Lisa Sobecki, Ted Jobe, Lindsay Webb as well as other candidates have had signs stolen, from yards which are legal locations and some from illegal locations. This is something that happens every election and happens in other parts of the country, why? Who knows, it's silly to steel campaign signs.

From what I understand people were caught taking Sobecki signs, I don't think it would be fair, if the information I was told as to who was involved is accurate, to call them Catlin supporters. Since no charges were filed since the signs were placed where they weren't supposed to be it's one of those two wrongs makes a "don't do it again" scenario. I don't think people should play vigilante sign patrol, especially when they are involved politically as it could reflect badly on a candidate without that candidate having anything to do with it. Which is why I'm not writing here what candidate it is assumed this group that was caught supported, except to point out they are not openly Catlin supporters. However, volunteers placing signs need to remember where signs can and cannot be placed. There are quite a few candidate signs and issue signs in illegal places, and just as I don't think you can blame a candidate unless you have proof they have personally taken or ordered other signs to be taken? You can't blame a candidate for improper sign locations unless you have proof they have personally place or ordered signs to be placed there.

We don't remember days only moments...

Don't take this the wrong way.

Both of you are cheerleaders for your canidates (that's the coin).

Yet your canidates "supposedly" represent absolutely different opinions on this race (that's the opposite side).

Both of you fight so hard that you step on a lot of toes here (there's that coin again).

Yet you two have different ways of presenting your points (there's that opposite side again).

As scary as this sounds, and I have said this, I agree with some of purnhrt's statements. What I will always disagree with is her tendency to make baseless comments (like someone is a child molester, but it's not proven). I never commented on this thread until she made comments attacking students (at Scott, Robinson, and Fulton) and accusing people of things that they never said (like me accusing her of stealing signs) or did (the comment about Moseley sending the patrol to harass her).

There's your answer, and some other insight.

It looks like he is "gaming" the system for the benefit of his family. A system in which he is involved in the development of the rules and their enforcement. So did he get a special privilege because of his connection to the system? How do explain that both Ford and Steel "won the lottery". I'll have more to say about Steel, but I'll do so in another thread regarding his conduct/behavior. When you add up what he has done to negatively impact the system and create the turmoil of the last year, not to mention his conflict of interest, we would definitely have been better off without him!

Board members should play by the same rules they set for others!

I knew it was you Vader. How could I have missed it. Your dark penetrating eyes, baritone voice, and ability to use the darkside of the Force. I'm sure you didn't even have to lift a finger to remove those signs. We shall bring you in for questioning. Chief Navarre do your job.

BLUH, Bluh, bluh...........

Mr. Flagg: "now I see that you too are capable of spreading the propaganda espoused by others without presenting the proof!"

Kinda like Twila supported the noose at Rogers?

I simply stated what I had heard and not from any particular political group or persons. I was told it was a supporter. I did not say that I said it, or did anyone I know personally. People talk and say things that are not true all the time. I completely agree that there is no proof and thats why I did not say "it is a fact"!

I do not care about the signs, I care about the election. Weso asked and I told him what I "had heard". I do not blame Cheryl. She has no control over her supporters as none of the candidates have.

A person who sees nothing wrong with spreading false rumors probably sees nothing wrong with hacking or assisting in the hack of an opponent's website.

Until the lion writes his own story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter (African proverb)

I have never been compared to with Twila. I am an advocate, like Twila. We just approach issues differently. I do not believe in her "inequality" crap, but I am not here to change her or what she believes in.
I respect everyone for their abilities. I know being an advocate can be time consuming. I have a friendly relationship with Darlene Fisher, who is a Coalition member. I also respect the facts Mr. Flagg provides. I just dont always agree. For example, the teachers receiving a pay increase. Not only will Tuesday be interesting, so will March 2008.

Tell John I said "Hi" when you are in his office again.

I have ascertained that Lisa Sobecki is Larry Sykes ****plug, in my humble opinion.

And her TFT endorsement just shows how pathetic some people rely on politics instead of children.

It's amusing to see that birds of a feather...are clearly ill-informed.

Sandy - I would never have said a word if you had not started gossip that I knew from two sources to be inaccurate! I simply called you on it. I never mentioned who I believe was responsible and won't! But you said Catlin supporters and that is not accurate!

This whole sign business is childish behavior. I don't condone it. The Coalition does not condone it. I view these signs sort of like protected free speech. I may not like the message, but I have no right to exorcise it.

Your logic in suggesting I spread propaganda espoused by others eludes me. I never mentioned any names now did I! But you did!

I know you are all LOL at this post........... as I was. Never fear, I know who Weso is and he will be paid pack for this one!
( just kidding, dont make this a mountain out of a mole hill)

I said kinda like Twila did with the noose, not you.

You are right that it is like childish behavior. I also should not have mentioned "Cheryl's supporters" without concete proof. I did not realize it would be taken so personally when I said "I have heard it was Cheryl supporters". Gossip does travel, right or wrong and it is gossip until facts support it. I realize this. I was stating what I had "heard", to Weso on the Ted Jobe signs. I am big enough to appologize when I offend folks, as I obviously did here.

From that, I am offended that you called me a "liar" when I simply stated what I had "heard". Lying is a value I do not accept. Therefore, I take it personally.........

Where did I call you a liar? I said you were spreading gossip. I don't remember nor do I see such a statement being made.

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Thank you for your correction.

Submitted by purnhrt on Sun, 2007-11-04 12:25.
You are a liar.

So it was Purnhrt, not mr. Flagg. They refered to the same topic, just wrong person, same group....

Sandy, Sandy - Let's see: If person A calls you a liar, and person A is also a member of the group that person B belongs to, it therefore follows that person B is calling you a liar. It doesn't compute - you can't make that conclusion from the facts you have presented. You can't even say the group is calling you a liar unless that person is speaking for the group.

Using your logic, if you called me a liar then the parent congress is calling me a liar as you are a member of the parent congress.

I can't speak for the Coalition on a subject we have not discussed and agreed upon. Neither can anyone else in the Coalition. Obviously our group has not met to discuss the spreading of gossip, etc. as it relates to the discussion on this thread.

Should I be offended?

Point taken.

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