It was Steel

I saw on the WTOL 6PM news it is the board president Steel in the diciplined teacher data base...doesn't this set a bad example?

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I know all of have a past, present and future. I am sure all of us have made choices in our past we are not proud of and learn from these mistakes and experiences. This is what shapes us into the people we are today, our past. Steel is an awesome public education advocate. He should not be judged for his past mistakes, but for what he is doing today.

He is doing a great job in keeping the board on track and trying to get tasks accomplished. It is not always easy to work with a team and have situations resolved overnight, as one person of the team.

If anyone out there does not have anything they regret, then you must notify someone, because perfection is not a characteristic of mankind!

Personally, I think there is getting to be a bit too much available online. His sin had nothing to do with his job. If it did, I'd feel differently. He got drunk one night five years ago with some folks, got stupid, and got in trouble for it. I'm sure he woke up the next day kicking himself as a lot of us have.

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is one of the tenets of being an American in a democracy. There can never be too much public information. That is one of the things that keep politicians from becoming corrupt. It also keeps public officials from being corrupt and having their own agenda instead of the public's agenda.

Whether or not someone should be judged by their past mistakes depends entirely on what their past mistake is. If it is a mistake that involved the safety of a child then there must be an accounting of that mistake and the accounting must be public.

The Catholic Church withheld information of the "mistakes" of priests for decades. This withholding of information of these mistakes have had far reaching effects on adults who were once children who were victims of these horrific mistakes.

If a child (o-18) was involved in this mistake of Steve Steel then there should be a public accounting of this mistake. I can't imagine Steve Steel being a teacher and just getting drunk or being disorderly would be grounds to have the state remove his license to teach.

I know of people who have applied for teaching jobs who have been hired with disorderly conduct on their record. However the disorderly conduct did not involve a child.

Whatever he did and how he did it and who protected him after he did it will all eventually come out in the wash. What's done in the night always comes out in the light of the day. That's for sure.

--"He is doing a great job in keeping the board on track and trying to get tasks accomplished."--

What exactly has Steve Steel done that qualifies as a great job? What one thing can you say he has accomplished?

Were you aware of Steve Steel's indiscretion before it was reported? Since you are on the inside so to speak, how many other people knew about this?

"He is doing a great job in keeping the board on track and trying to get tasks accomplished. It is not always easy to work with a team and have situations resolved overnight, as one person of the team"

Are you crazy? That man came into my house and told us all the wonderful things he was going to do. I voted for someone else; my husband voted for Steel. To this day he regrets that.

Tell me what Steel has done besides align himself with Sykes and Barnett and add fuel to the fire when it comes to very important issues?

You're doing nothing for your buddy Lisa's cause. What we don't need is more fist weilding "this is how it's going to be" from the board. We need people who WANT to work together, not immature idiots who flip one another off during meetings. Really. It's going to stop, Lord willing, with the election of two people who want to work TOGETHER to get things done for our kids. As I see Steel right now, he's more interested in burying the things that we're not supposed to know about, and treating the community (and parents) who come to the meetings like second class citizens.

Steve is not disrespectful?

I checked out that website, i was more disturbed by the teachers at the catholic schools.

Steve is friendly and easy to work with, thats important.

I tried for over 4 months to get a meeting with Steel to discuss issues and to get him to a Coalition meeting after he was elected. At first he said sure, let me find a date. Then it was I am really busy over the holidays. Then it was don't return phone calls or respond to email messages. Somehow he never found time to meet with people who know the issues and have a good understanding of what is going on in our community.

Steel is friendly and easy to work with if you agree with him. If you don't agree with him, he does his best to marginalize you.

And this is but the tip of the iceberg!

Damn, my secret is out.....its crack!!!!!!!!!! LOL

It is a point of view, gotoledogo. I have never had an issue with any BOE member but Skyes, I do not like the way he treats people and is disrespectful to the public. Steve is friendly and easy to work with, thats important.

I like Darlene and Robert as people as well. They seem to genuinely care about the issues you bring forth. Those two are always supporting school events, by appearance, and I respect them for that too. Jack is not very personable, but has a lot of resourses and experience in a large budget. Ted Jobe has a long educational history. He also seems to have a great personality. I wish them all good luck.

I understand how difficult it can be Mr. Flagg. I personally have not had that experience with him. So from your experience, you do not care for him. I understand. However, I have not had that experience. Does that make me or you right or wrong?

It would make you wrong as Steel is supposed to be a representative for all those living in the TPS distict. And that includes Catholic voters who send their children to Catholic schools of which he disparaged in a Toledo Journal story earlier in the year.

About 6 years ago we did a large survey of TPS families. 78% of families (plus or minus 5%) did not have children in a TPS school. So a large majority of those he represents don't even have children attending TPS. Does that mean he should ignore them when he represents them?

There really is a long list of issues with Steel and the way he works with and treats people.

His job is not to work with just those that agree with him. In fact, how does he resolve the issues before the district if he can't or won't talk with all in the community.

A person's character is never challenged and revealed except through adversity.

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