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Election day is fast approaching. In order to help voters make an informed choice, we have collected on-line resources to help you sort through the candidates for the Toledo Board of Education. You can view the information at TPSINFO.COM - Check under items of interest at the top of the page. Remember to vote November 6th!

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Why is it Richard Jobe and not Ted Jobe?

That should probably be fixed and get the guy's name right??

Seriously sit back and think about it.

you can go directly to my site at . Have extra time? Play the "Put the TPS budget back together" game.

With another 20 million surplus projected at the end of this year, looks like they needed it.

Sometimes stuff happens. At one time there was a Richard Brown in the list of candidates. I suspect I got the two names scrambled as I put it together.

It has been corrected. Thank you for pointing out the correction.

If anyone has additional items that are online and links could be posted. Please send them to Thank you!

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