TPS students are dropping out of school at an alarming rate

TPS students are dropping out of school at an alarming rate. That is according to a study from the Ohio Department of Education. These schools are being called "dropout factories" because at least forty percent of students at these schools don't make it to their senior year.
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TPS reports graduation rate is 90%.

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If the so-called educators at Manhattan and Elm spent as much time actually educating or arranging education, than they do massaging numbers to make federal, state and local goals, would we be farther ahead as a public school system?

Perhaps that's even a moot question, since what Strickland is starting, "Clintobama" would finish, by ending charter schools and forcing students to return to the legacy public system. I sense a great social experiment about to die ... and that's a shame, since it's not an experiment at all, since we'd just be returning to the school choice available to early Americans more attuned to the principles of the Republic. "Experiment" implies we don't know the outcome. But we DO know the outcome of school choice -- improved performance for some, little change for most, and bankruptcy for those who are truly incompetent.

I speak to many young people about their future and many times the discussion is the same. Their world is mostly about Toledo. They haven't been to a lot of other places, so Toledo is all they know. Because they don't have a lot of hope about Toledo they are not encouraged to properly educate themselves. Most of the young people I talk to are young Black males. They talk as if their life will be over before they turn 25. This is a sad commentary. We all need to ask ourselves, how do we restore hope? I was raised in a very humble environment, but what kept me going was the encouragement from my parents, neighbors and mentors. I kept hoping and doing things to make that hope turn into reality and opportunity. Even with my enthusiasm there were people who tried to destroy that hope and it hurt. But I got over the hurt and decided to keep working at it until the doors that I should be able to go through became open. I have a version of Winston Churchill's message he gave to the British people during WWII.

I will challenge anyone who tries to discount, minimize or deny me my rights.

I will comply with the law of the land,but I will be an insatiable pest to obtain what rightly belongs to me.

I will share my good fortune with those who I can help without hurting myself.

I will claw for every bit of knowledge and experience I can get to be the best that I can be.

I will be a positive influence on everything and every person I come into contact with.

I will never lose hope and I will never surrender.

This is not the way Sir Winston said it, but its my passion.

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