Total War Costs to be $2.5 Trillion over next Ten Years


This is enough to make you cry: the Congressional Budget Office estimates the total cost of Iraq and Afghanistan will run as much as $2.5 trillion over the next decade. That estimate is a far cry from the administration's original claim of a $50 billion price that the Iraqis could pay themselves. It is criminal that we have and will continue to piss away so much money into that desert.

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That's $8,000 man, woman and child in the US. This doesn't include interest... Remember China is loaning us the money to fight in Iraq.

Remember when the Bush adminstration hack Paul Wolfowitz said the war would pay for itself?

The National Debt in 2003 stood at $6.7 trillion. Today, the National Debt is $9.061 trillion. That's $2.3 trillion in the last 4 years! Pretty soon we'll start talking real money!!


Looking at the total National Debt of $9 trillion, and given that our population stands at 300 million, every time a baby is born, and takes his first breath, his share of the National Debt is $30K! (What's wrong with this picture?).


a question - because I don't know...

Is there some place to go to get a breakdown of the make-up of the debt? I was looking for some kind of listing that identified the various programs/expenditures that created the debt (kind of like companies and individuals keep), but really didn't find anything like that. So many people say that social security and medicare/medicaid make up more of the debt than anything else, but without finding any type of listing, how can we know for sure?

Your help is appreciated.

Came across this blurb...

"Enter presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama, Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. Mike Gravel, Rep. Dennis Kucinch and John Cox. Each has embraced the concept of "Google government," by signing the Oath of Presidential Transparency to help taxpayers see where their money is spent.

By signing the oath, the candidates are promising, should they win the presidency in 2008, that they will issue an executive order instructing the entire executive branch to put into practice the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.

That act includes a Google-like search tool that will allow taxpayers to go online and see exactly how their tax dollars are being spent on federal contracts, grants and earmarks."

kudos to these five...what about the others????

This link,, makes accusations that the Federal Government uses HUD to launder money for the CIA. It may or may not be true, but we do know that much of the monies going to the intelligence services are "hidden", and what better place to hide them than in the "overblown" human services sector of the budget. It fits in with what is becoming the political vision of the present.

Old South End Broadway

All of our roads and bridges are now in great shape and our public school systems are the best in the world again.

It was money well spent...

Just makes me want to beat my head against the wall.

Well, those babies just need to pull themselves up by their baby-bootie straps.

many thanks...

It looks, from this one ( that the departments, in declining order are:

Health & Human Services, Social Security, Defense and Treasury (because they pay the interest) ...

very curious... I would have guessed Social Security as #1, so now I wonder what makes HHS so much larger ... research!

the assumption is if there was no war we would have spent the money on our roads and public schools.

C'mon Sensor you and I both know you're not dumb enough to believe that.



So if we weren't going to spend it on roads and schools anyway, pissing it away in Iraq is ok?

We simple wouldn't have gotten out our Bank of Communist China Credit cards and racked up the additional debt. We


"So if we weren't going to spend it on roads and schools anyway, pissing it away in Iraq is ok?"

You know damn well it wouldn't have been spent on roads or schools. Were we spending 2.4 Trillion more on schools and roads prior to the war?

No we weren't. Please stop trying to spin it as if the war is causing more potholes and taking pencils out of children's hands because it's not.



I know damn well no Republican President or Republican Congress is going to spend that much money on American infrastructure and schools.

It just pisses me off that Bush added another $24K to my family

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