What Is Your Opinion? Does Toledo Have a "Gang Problem"?

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"There was also a theory that uniforms would eliminate the gang problem (that we don't have) but last week I saw about ten boys walking to Scott and all had on nice red shirts with a collar!" got me wondering about this. I remember the riot from a couple of years ago. But that was a couple of years ago. That is "recent history" but still history.

When my father's car was fire-bombed in front of our house about six years ago the police postulated that it was an initiation by gangs of a new member. I decided to install security cameras on my front porch when I saw some young men on my porch and acrss the street at 2:00 AM just looking at stuff. This was on April 1, 2005. But other than this I can't attest to recent activity of gangs (or even if these were gangs, in a classic sense).

We've read reports of the "fight" on Arlington and Detroit at the BP gas station there. What is happening with that?

I am sure there are gangs, but our troubles can come from individuals, too. When we see a group of young men noisily coming our way down the street we may worry, but is that "gang" activity? We might be happier if they didn't "club" together, but this is America and they might be as worried about getting singled out by other gangs as we are worried about them. Like the deer and the antelope, there's safety in numbers.

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There is a gang element in Toledo, contrary to what the mayor, the police or anyone else says.

You can't have a "gang problem" in your city and seek awards, names and titles for your city.

... but not a "gang problem (that we don't have)". I'm a little confused by the distinction. Is it smaller than what we are led to believe so it is a "gang element", and not a "gang problem"? Or is it so wide-spread thoughout the city that it is "elemental" to the body politic? And if we have gangs then is the city right to have a "dress code" to break through the various "colors" of the gangs? It would seem to me that anything that destroys the cohesion of a gang bent on violence is a good thing. Even a "pain in the ass" dress code is better than gang cohesion.

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IMO one gang constitutes a gang problem.

A small problem is a problem nonetheless. I'm not trying to discredit purnhrt's opinion but I don't want the issue to be devalued by giving it another name (I don't believe this is what purnhrt was doing either but rather could be a consequence of it).



Of every last vacant building, house, fence and sign within the blighted neighborhoods...I's say there is a gang problem. A fairly substantial one at that! The ole' standby's, the Crips, the Bloods, the 1-blood's and the list is very, very long........ You get the picture. For anyone with any question..feel free to drive through this or any other innercity neighborhood, E

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Sure we can.

The administration knows there is and chooses to handle it, if at all, off the radar screen.

Now, if the administration, would fess up and come clean and confront the issues that give way to gangs, then maybe there would be changed.

But the denial does not nothing and serves further to dissuade people from talking about it and working towards a solution, except those that know the problem exists and want change.

But dare not complain to much as the Mayor may label you!

"Yes- you're exactly the type of constant complainer I refer to!

What have you done to make Toledo better?

Yours from Toledo- an All-America City!

Carty Finkbeiner Mayor"

He gave me a medal!