Secrecy shrouds disciplined teachers


Secrecy shrouds disciplined teachers
Parents face high hurdles in finding information about educators punished for misconduct. Education Department officials insist many records are private.

By Jill Riepenhoff and Jennifer Smith Richards
The Columbus Dispatch

Parents can learn more about the misconduct of hairdressers, doctors and landscape architects than about the adults entrusted to teach, coach and care for their children.

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The Hot Issue: Should the public have access to files that include allegations of misconduct by school teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators?
Tuesday, October 16, 2007 6:04 AM

49% Yes
40% No
10% Not sure

My question would be does the public want to know? Because of the recent allegations on this site about cover ups at Rogers High School and the response from the virtual public I wonder do parents and the community really want to know of the criminal activity taking place in the school system.

We know how long the Catholic Church covered up atrocities committed against children. Were there people who tried to expose the situation and then others saying no, no that is not happening it's just insane people causing trouble?

I'm more interested in learning truths rather then allegations. Anyone, as evidenced from the Rogers High School thread, can accuse a teacher (or anyone) of something and we all know false allegations have serverely damaged if not out right ruined people.

Can you imagine the damage that could have been done to the teacher at Rogers if the allegation had been made public before it was investigated? After it was and no one doing was found there is no reason to humiliate the teacher for something that didn't happen because there are people out there that would always associate that person with the allegation, ignoring the fact that it wasn't true.

If a teacher is proved to have done something wrong then yes I think parents and the public have the right to know, but until charges are filed I don't think that its anyones business except for the ones intimately involved.

I am not so sure that parents want to really know what is happening with their sons. If an underage son is being molested or is taken advantage of by a female teacher no one really tells and especially if the boy is in high school.

Sometime the teacher just gets older doing the same old things to boys in highschool. Most people know about it but no one really tells because the boys change every 3-4 years. Most of these boys don't have much so it is exciting when you get to drive the teachers car.

There is a female teacher leader at Scott who has had her way with young boys for years. These boys don't go home and tell their parents. She lets the boys use her car and they get other perks along with the normal things that happen during a molestation. Other teachers know and the students know but no body tells.

If it would've been a male teacher and a girl it would have been exposed by now but no one cares because it is a lady teacher and boys. You know what they say boys will be boys.

Please contact me as I have some information concerning this issue.

about any kids who are not safe at school. Mine or anybody else's. Have big mouth - not scared of anyone. Will travel.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

Just because some teachers allegedly cover it up don't try to say that parents don't want to know whats going on with their sons.
Maybe there are some people who would blow it off but trust me I know many more, myself included who wouldn't. You have to be careful of blanket statements.

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