Mychal Bell of 'Jena 6' ordered to juvenile facilityStory Highlights
Source: Judge rules Mychal Bell violated probation for earlier juvenile convictions

Bell, 17, was freed after adult conviction for beating a classmate was overturned

Source: Bell now must spend 18 months in a juvenile facility

The teen, who is black, is accused of beating a white classmate last December

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...I'm sure the kid will got off. His case was thrown out of adult court. He only had four prior juvenile offenses. After all, boys will be boys. I'm sure his lawyers will prevail, and he will become an upstanding citizen. He just needs understanding, and a nudge in the right direction.

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What racial strife could be happening in the Bahamas?

I swear, so many racial venues, Rainbow Coalition, NAACP etc, would go broke if there wasn't a reference to race involved.

Take for instance the issue with the police officer here in Florida that is being investigated for "brutaly beating a black child" while trying to handcuff her. Al Sharpton has made this instance, which happened three months ago, a "racial incident".

Fact: The City of Fort Pierce has, and aggressively pursues, a curfew because of gang violence. From 12 midnight to 6 AM, no child under 18 is permitted out without parental supervision or work issue. This punkette was walking down a street at 1 AM.

Fact: This officer, after interviewing this child with a garbage bag full of clothes, chose for his safety, to restrain this punkette while continuing his interview, for probable cause.

Fact: this officer, patiently, tries to handcuff this punkette and in a civil manner excersizes gentle politeness while trying to restrain her. After making the command to calm down and offer her arm, twelve times, to be exact, this child choses to bite this officer. This punkette refuses to follow a police order, which now becomes a justifyable arrest.

Fact: The area which the police officer works is one of the largest HIV/Aids infected population in America. This child took it upon herself to bear down and bite this officer while he was trying to restrain her, not knowing if this punkette had Aids or not. It now becomes a felony assault of an officer.

Fact: Now that the punkette institutes physical harm towards the officer, and after excersizing GREAT restrain from bashing her head into his hood, the officer punches the punk in the head and then commits to hose her down with pepper spray. All the while trying not to break this punkettes arm.

Fact: It was a family member, after three months of this event, which procured this video and released it to the media in hopes of garnering sympathy for this punkette. It fails miserably.

Fact: Al Sharpton gets a call while he vacations in the Bahamas and delegates a local reverened to establish a march and to call for the removal of this officer for racially beating this punk kid only because the officer is white and the punk is black.

Yep, racism at it's financial best. Now Al's airfare is covered.

If he's broken the terms of his probabtion then he should go back to juvie. It's not rocket science. It's also not racist to impose the consequences of breaking his probation. His getting busted on a probation violation doesn't have a damn thing to do with those nooses.

As for that other post about the girl breaking curfew. It seems to be that any time there is a white police officer and a black suspect there will always been accusations of racism. The only way to avoid it is to only allow black officers to interact with black suspects.
Of course I'll be accused of being a rasict just for saying that but, seriously what else can they do?

In the stated case you have a teenager clearly breaking curfew. The officer does his job, the teen resists and even attacks/bites the officer. He arrests her and now he's accused of being a racist.
The only way to avoid situations like this is to always have two officers at a call, with at least one of them being black.
Thats just my opinion of course, if you have a better idea I'd love to hear it.

Mychal Bell was already in juvie, what are you talking about? The probation violation was the fight in 2006. He did not violate his probation since he was let out on bond last week.

Here we go again, folks. See how charged everyone gets when racial issues are discussed. The issues do need discussion, however. I imagine it is very difficult for African Americans to trust Whites because there has been such a long history of inequality for African Americans in this country and still continues today. For Whites its difficult for them to think of themselves as racists. For a small number being a racist is a badge of honor and they are members or are sympathetic with hate groups. For the majority of Whites, they don't think of themselves as racists and are offended when the label is automatically placed on every White person when an unpleasant incident or interaction occurs that involves an African American. Just recently an African American friend told me of a situation that broke his heart. He had been best friends with a White male since they were in grade school, about twenty years. The White male announced that he was getting married and informed the African American best friend that he could not have him participate in the wedding or come to the reception because he wasn't sure how his new in-laws were going to react. In response, the African American told the so-called White male best friend that he always understood, if the day ever came that a Fascist form of government took over the United States, and that government decided to put African Americans in concentration camps, he expected him to do nothing more than wave to him as the trucks pulled away on the way to the camps. Needless to say, this twenty year friendship is over and each party feels that the other is a racist. So what's my point? We have been manipulated by the powers, whoever they are, to stay divided so they can continue their control. Its simple, divide and conquer. If each one of us created a list of the ten things that are important to us, I bet the list would look very similar. Probably seven or eight of the items would be exactly the same and the two or three remaining items would pertain to race, religion and sex. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us could focus on the issues that we have in common instead of the issues we don't have in common?

if he was truly on probation, and violated the probation, then yes it's fair to have to pay the consequences for that. Are you asking if it's fair that those consequences are that long of a period of time (18 mos)? Or are you comparing that part of the story to the white kids not facing charges at all? There are two different stories here.

purnhrt, why do you say he didn't violate his probation since he was let out on bond last week? Are you saying because they gave him bond that cancels out any probation violations? I'm just trying to understand that statement.

He was on probation until age 18. Any kid with previous convictions on probation in Toledo would have to answer for violating probation as well.

"Six against one isn't a schoolyard fight. I've been in more than my fair share of schoolyard fights, so I know. Fights are one on one. Six on one is attempted murder. Kicking someone after they've passed out is attempted murder. Nothing Barker said, no matter how foul, can justify such a vicious assault by bullying jocks. This is the stuff of Columbine."

Seems like Ted is on to something. Go ahead, treat Mychal Bell as a civil rights hero if you want. But don't shed crocodile tears the next time some bullied kid shoots up his high school.

"When I say your dumb name, please stand up briefly, but then quickly drop to your knees and forsake all others before me." -Ignignokt

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

"""He did not violate his probation since he was let out on bond last week."""

What I meant, was since his bond was reinstated on September 27, 2007 and he was released on $45,000 bond he did not violate his probation. The violation of the probation came from an earlier period before the fight. All I was making clear is the fact that he did not do another crime since he was released. That is all and I don't see where anyone could take that as a racist statement but if they do so be it.

Oh, you got the racism thing, you don't fool me.

and you are a fool.

There is a tremendous amount of bigotry in Toledo. When I moved NORTH from the Columbus area it never crossed my mind that I would find this - but the fact of the matter is I have.

My folks were trying to sell their house and move to this area to be closer to their children. The house didn't sell - big surprise in this market and they called to say that, given the real estate market, they weren't relisting it. I was sad - but glad in another way. I don't want them to come to the area and think that the work that their generation did to try to make sure that all people were judged on the quality of their character rather than the color of their skin didn't seem to take in a large part of Toledo.

Kind of looks like my generation has dropped the ball. And I suppose that we have.

The Bell case is odd because if he was violating his probation - you would not think he would have been released in the first place. He should have been held over for a probation violation hearing. You can't have the police out picking people up over and over again. It's a waste of their time and a probation violator need not just be turned out like that. The whole thing is odd.

If you're here to tell me it's my fault - you're right. I meant to do it. It was alot of fun. That's why I have this happy smile on my face.

"The inequality of dark skinned folks has been over 40 more years..............get over it"

Just what does that mean?

I am taking it to mean that according to you, black people, Hispanics and Native Americans have had equality for 40 years. Huh? Where are you learning your history, in a back room at Rogers with a social studies teacher playing with nooses?

I am really shocked that you have this type of mentality. If someone would have told me that Sandy the TPS cheerleader would say some of the things you have said I would not have believed it. You seemed to be such a rational, thinking person but somehow you have either flipped your thinking or beneath the surface was a closeted uneducated person all of the time.

Might I suggest you start reading some pertinent material. An excellent book to start with would be "The Debt" by Randall Robinson. It is a pretty easy read.

Those statements are a little harsh.........

than what you have said about me and incited other people to add their two cents.

I am only speaking what I feel is the truth and honestly I am shocked at what you have said.

Purnhrt, I really value your opinions even though your opinions greatly differ from my own. I ask you to change your approach so that we all can read what you have to say without feeling we are being attacked all the time. Like I said I've met you on several occasions and I have heard you speak and I listened. During those times I didn't feel that anyone was feeling they were being attacked and they seriously listened to every word you said.

A lot of this bunk is fed by the media or people who make money promoting racism, i.e. Jackson and Sharpton. Sometimes I believe the U.S. would be better if the people on both sides of the civil rights movement were to retire to the quiet life and let the kids of today be kids without trying to carry the anger for days gone by.

I had a friend who was from a Brahmin (upper caste) household in India. He said that this country was rather confusing. When he was growing up it was considered to be a good thing to be "discriminating" but in this country it is not. Here, you are guilty of "discrimination"; there, if you use "discrimination" you are considered high-class. I "discriminate" against rap (except in a few exceptions). I consider it low-class, and disgusting. But that is just my personal view. A fellow who sings about all his female adquaintances as "ho's" must have something of value to listen to, and relate to. That's entertainment.

Old South End Broadway

""""I'm confused. Wasn't it just determined on this thread that the "noose" issue at Rogers was false?
Why are you still alleging this incident occured?""""

1.Yes, you are confused and confusing. It was not determined on any thread that the

I have not attacked anyone, even though being attacked whenever I post. I would not ask you to change your approach so why should you ask me to change mine. Everyone comes from a place that is different from everyone elses. That is why we are all different and why we all approach subjects from a different view. How I am perceived by some is not important to me, what is important to me is that everyone is allowed an equal chance and opportunities, however that comes about.

It is highly unfair for you to ask me to change my approach when you have asked no one else to change theirs, which I feel have been highly inappropriate. One poster has changed my name from Purnhrt to either Purehate or Purnhate, I have not seen you ask that person to change their approach. Since you have so much influence over the posters here and everyone seems to like your approach, why not be fair and ask them to change their approach. Just to be fair.

Can you tell me on what occasions that we have met? I would certainly like to acknowledge who you are to myself, so that I can have a point of reference. So where and on what occasion did we meet? Was it a school board meeting, a community meeting or a community celebration?

Purnhrt, You have so much good information and an opinion that's worth listening to. I just don't want your messages to get lost in negative perception. You ask why I did not ask others to change their approach? I have met you. I haven't met any of the others except for Maggie Thurber and Sflagg. To answer your question where we met. We have met at community meetings and community celebrations. As matter of fact I was at the fund raiser for Dwayne Morehead and heard your comments to the persons attending. By the way, I loved your speech.


Again, I draw to an experence back in 1980 when, as a freshman at Macomber in Mr Middleton's Auto Mechanic's class, a fellow student nicknames Chico had left his AM book home. Since he was within walking distance, Mr Middleton allowed him to go retrieve the book as long as a student, me, went along to keep him company.

As we walked, Chico turned to me and told me of a rumor that Ronald Reagan was going to reinstitute slavery or something like that, and asked me if it were to happen, could his family come work for mine. I recall being taken aback, only because i didn't understand what he was implying, so he told me that he wanted to be with me because I treated him equally and wanted to keep living like that. 12 years old.

Even to this day I've never "got" that racism thing. People like Twila and that NSM group and Al Sharpton would be nothing without racism. There's so much money to be had, and people like NAACP, Jessie and Al, amongst the notable ones, are raking in cash just showing up and threatening people and groups just by pitching out the word "racist incident".

Just drives me nuts.

be this?,,-6990532,00.html
Apparently there was an outstanding drug charge.

I am a bigot of racism and you are a racist.

Big Diff.

What about the inequality of the disabled? The inequality of dark skinned folks has been over 40 more years..............get over it. Until 1975, students with disablities were isolated from the general population. Even today, in 2007, the disabled students are in their own labled classrooms, group homes, etc. Lets work together to resolve issues rather than work against each other.

Since he's on probabtion theres a good chance that he's done time in juvie for the previous convictions. I never said anything about what he did or did not do this last week.

I'm emotionally traumatized by yet another empty label you attempt to hang from my neck.

I'm afraid it's crystal clear who the psycho is, Twila.

Good luck embracing it.

"Where are you learning your history, in a back room at Rogers with a social studies teacher playing with nooses?"

I'm confused. Wasn't it just determined on this thread that the "noose" issue at Rogers was false?

Why are you still alleging this incident occured?

I'd be interested in your proof, seeing no one else has come forward with any.

"I am only speaking what I feel is the truth and honestly I am shocked at what you have said."

What you "feel" is the truth and the facts presenting themselves clearly show how inept you are carrying the "Racial Unity" banner.

Call me a fool? Hide from your mirrors.

what you meant. Makes sense. I don't know that anybody would make the conclusion that he violated his current probation, since the article speaks of past probation being violated.

I didn't take it as a racist statement, but I don't think you're talking to me in that last sentence.


a prejudiced person who is intolerant of any opinions differing from his own


1. based on racial intolerance; "racist remarks"
2. discriminatory especially on the basis of race or religion

1. a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

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