A new look and feel for the City web site

The city web site has been revamped and there is much to explore.

What do we think of it?


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It seems to have some real potential and it is a step up. The calendar is good as well as some audience based navigation pages as well as City Services and Quick Business Links.

The fit and finish is a little disappointing. It almost looks professional, but there is still a sense that a high school student put it together or that it could be a gamer site. The overall design and location of options on the screen could be improved. Even though it is a template on a content management system, it could be improved. It seemed code took precedence over design, but spending some more time on the design would help.

The drop down menus on the audience based links on the top act funky in Firefox, but since it is an Windows based ASP site, it probably does this, but it should be looked into and fixed. The choices are hard to click and the menu disappears.

These are my initial thoughts. Overall, it is a step in the right direction.

I'm glad to see Crestline Excavating & Paving is STILL the prefered vendor of choice for the City of Toledo.

Go to places that are not correct.

The City Charter links head off in some direction but it is not the city charter.

Most of the content is the same content wrapped in a new wrapper.


I noticed that the City web site used javascript for many items. I turned it off and I noticed that many menu items and the main news box did not even show up or work. Maybe they could use CSS to implement the menu items. I tried using IE 7 on a PC and the menus still acted funny. Maybe it would be good to ditch the Javascript menus altogether to eliminate the "funkyness" and to ensure the menus show up for everyone.

Here is a "how to" on how to develop CSS menus:

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Someone failed to check the site as the mayoral e-mail address is also listed as mayor and that works.


On the New News Section on the city web site.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007
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Toledo, Ohio -- The City of Toledo

Wonderful comment.

The package is this http://www.dotnetnuke.com/ for the content management


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