What would you do if convicted and sentenced to death for a crime that you did not commit?

The Jena Six. The Lucasville Five. The murder of Stan "Tookie" Williams.
The near execution of Kenneth Foster for driving a car. Our prison system is out of control. What would you do if sentenced to death or life in prison for a crime you didn't commit? It's time for some solutions!

SUNDAY OCTOBER 21st, 2007 @ 5:00pm
Univ. of Toledo, Scott Park Auditorium (2225 Nebraska Ave.)


Yusef Salaam: Lost seven years of his life in prison before exoneration in Central Park jogger case.
Saadiqah Amatullah Hasan: Director of "Free Hasan!" Campaign; her husband, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, is a political prisoner on Ohio's death row.
Harold Wilson: The 122nd person exonerated from death row. Spent 16 years in a cage on Pennsylvania' s death row before exoneration in 2005.

Admission is free, but seating is limited to 275 seats. Seating will be available on first-come/first- served basis. Doors open at 4pm, event begins at 5pm.

Sponsored by:
Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP); International Socialist Organization (ISO); UT Black Student Union; CURE-Ohio; UT NAACP; Muhammad's Mosque # 91 of Toledo, OH; Millions More Movement Local Organizing Committee of Toledo, OH; and St. Rose Peace & Justice.
For more info email Saadiqah@freehasan.org or toledocedp@yahoo. com

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The murder of Tookie Williams? You mean the founder of the crips who had overwhelming evidence against him for murdering three people? Even if he didn't kill those people...his starting of one of the biggest gangs in America has led to the deaths of thousands of young african-americans...so, there blood is still on his hands.

The death penalty is necessary...period.


I'd learn to live in prison while my attorney worked on the appeal, that's what I'd do.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

I've been wrongfully accused!

Why are you using Tookie Williams as an example of people being jailed or executed for something they didn't do? Tookie Williams was the leader of one of the most violent and murderous organizations in the history of the United States. If anyone deserved the death penalty, he was it.

I think the KKK deserves that honor, "most violent and murderous organizations in the history of the United States."

Prnhate, you love to selectively copy/paste.

HeyHey said ONE OF america's most violent groups...

Nobody said the KKK wasnt violent and murderous, but you ignore the premise of the factual statement that HeyHey and Kooz make -

Tookie was by no means innocent, remorseful, or repentant for his crimes.

as Hillbilly or rockabilly, you would say I was spewing racial hatred, why would you bastardize my name, Billy?

As I have said before I don't hate anyone but I do love my people.

"I have said before I don't hate anyone but I do love my people.

Maybe you should love ALL people, considering were all human beings, your the one who seperates us by bringing up race ALL the time.

you learn to spell?


Regardless of ones opinion of Tookie's remorse and/or guilt, this nation incarcerates more of its citizens then any other country in the world.

Tookie was an isolated incident. The injustice of the Jena 6? The exoneration of Yusef Salaam and Harold Wilson? The fact that African Americans make up less then 13% of the population, but more then half of the prison population? There's significant racial and economical disparity in this nations courtrooms.

The original question was not about "Tookie". The original question was for you to ask yourself="What would you do if sentenced to death for a crime which you did not commit" The judicial system is deaf and unforgiving to wrongfully accused individuals.

Attend our forum to learn more on how you can educate yourself on the facts and be apart of the solution...Peace!

Free Siddique Abdullah Hasan Coalition

Free Siddique Abdullah Hasan Coalition

after all the drama you've conjured up?

You'll always be Grandma Racist to me.

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